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WebMatrix 2 Beta

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Soon after starting work on WebMatrix engineering, I got an opportunity to launch WebMatrix 2 Beta at //build.  For those who are not familiar with WebMatrix it is all in one web development tool which is inspirational as well as functional at the same time.  It is lightweight enough that you get a web development tool, framework, db, web server and more under 50MB and based on our testing it installs in around 2 mins on a 2GB RAM, Windows 7 machine with .NET Framework pre-installed.  Typically such tools cost $50-100 but WebMatrix is yours for free
I was involved with WebMatrix 1 project which we launched on Jan 13th 2011 and it has only been few months since release of WebMatrix 1 that we have WebMatrix 2 Beta out. If you have not installed WebMatrix 2, you should install it now: There are bunch of NEW features in WebMatrix 2 Beta on top of WebMatrix 1, but I wanted to just call out few top items: Even more seamless and awesome integration with Application Gallery where now you will not have to...(Read whole news on source site)

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