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Fluent Assertions is finally gaining some momentum

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Indeed it is, in particular within the part of the .NET community that believes test-first development is non-negotiable. We receive more and more suggestions, contributions and questions, and we’ve started to notice some blog posts here and there. It’s not that it is being downloaded thousands of times per month, but since its first release in February 2010 it has been downloaded 1738 times through CodePlex. The biggest increase was caused by NuGet though. Since we’ve uploaded our first NuGet package in January this year, it counted 2863 downloads. That’s more than enough to make us happy.
Anyway, after having tested several intermediate versions in one of our major projects, we’ve finally released version 1.6.0. And yes, we’re doing semantic versioning, so this version should only add new functionality, bug fixes and no breaking changes compared to 1.5.0. All credits for this release go to my fellow colleague and close friend Martin Opdam. He spend more actual development time than me, and I’m very happy with that because it allows me to keep my focus on the Silverlight Cookbook for a while more. We are also happy to see that the contributions are coming as...(Read whole news on source site)

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