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Post-Build C++ Skill Rebuild

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·        For the last decade, the majority of my dev work has leveraged the .NET Framework for construction of information systems. However, my interest has lain in numerical computing. ·        Is it possible to have an increasingly higher level of abstraction and at the same time achieve underlying high performance computing? The prevailing winds say no: C# is aimed at productivity, and C++ is for performance. Garbage collection was great, but do we still need it with the availability of smart pointers? Would you like to leverage GPGPU from .NET ? Yes, there is 3rd party Brahma.NET (LINQ to GPU - ) ,  but not much from MS
– Accelerator ( never made it out of MS Research, and the company is pushing C++ AMP for GPGPU. That’s C++ AMP, not C# AMP. The Win 8 status of XNA is in doubt (via ominous silence), so the only way to program a sufficiently advanced UI for a metro app (i.e. something dazzling that gives competitive advantage by having high barriers of entry, not a XAML LOB form!) so far will be via DirectX, which is only supported in C++. ·        Aside from interop, I hadn’t done much in C++ since the 1990s (ATL and DirectX). I spent the last couple of weeks revising. This post describes...(Read whole news on source site)

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