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The DateTime structure in .NET includes custom operators for Date comparisons such as less than, greater than, equal and not equal; but did you know it also includes addition and subtraction operators ?  There’s two subtraction operators and one addition operator defined inside DateTime: date = date – timespan timespan = date – date date = date + timespan Those three cases should all seem relatively obvious, such as adding or subtracting an hour from a date, or calculating how many minutes between two dates etc... BUT,
did you know VB also defines another case where you can add two dates, eg:      Dim result = Date1 + Date2 Now if you guessed that the type of result is String, then congratulations !! Note: this operator resolution is only valid with Option Strict Off Obviously adding two dates can’t give a valid date or timespan, so the only real options are to return a string concatenation of the date or throw an error. There are a couple of fringe cases where, depending on your system locale, the resultant string can indeed be parsed back...(Read whole news on source site)



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