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Re-Starting a Blog for the Very Third Time

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The better part of year has passed since I bothered to blog. Shameful. Writing is important for so many reasons; the most important to me is that you don't really know something until you've tried to explain or teach it to someone else. In the case of my blog, that might be a conversation to myself, but that is beside the point. I need a fresh start.

Starting a new blog requires a lot of decisions to be made. First, I'm a coder, a programmer, a writer of
software. Do I roll my own blog engine? It's easy. The first Rails cast I ever saw shows DHH spitting out one in 15 minutes. It'd be easy and relatively fun. I could use Rails. I could use Nancy. I could use Microsoft ASP.NET MVC. The options are limitless, when you have the source code.

The downside to that is that Blogger is a really nice platform. I also have a small number of posts tied to the Blogspot url. Some of them don't completely suck. I was even mentioned by Phil Haack once. It'd...(Read whole news on source site)


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