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MVC–Day 2(or 3/4ish, maybe more)

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So, my excursion in the web world continues… One of the issues I have coming from silverlight / wpf is that I’m very used to the XAML, MVVM approach to developing, I can knock up a passable interface in XAML in very little time (note, I didn’t say a good interface), but I really don’t know how to do this in CSS.. OK, not totally true, I have a rough guess, I have played with things like Firebug, and modified existing css in the past, but the problem with that, is that I’m just tinkering. With this
site, I want to learn CSS properly, from scratch, I will use the existing site.css (which is now renamed to SitOrige.css due to a ‘touchpad’ fat thumb incident in my rename attempt) to see how some things are done, but as it stands my site is now the plain html that (I presume) a screen reader should see, and I intend to get to grips with the looks soon. Of course having done that I’m now painfully aware that without content, style is a bit pointless, sooo, on with content… I currently have 6 Controllers, (including the default Account...(Read whole news on source site)

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