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In Retrospect: About the Sprint Planning

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This is the second of several posts in which I’d like to share some of the things we learned throughout more than 14 sprints of Agile development using Scrum. Some of them might appear as open doors, but I wish I knew or thought about those before I started that project. Just by looking back at the mistakes a team of 10 made in a period of 12 months, they apparently aren’t that obvious. So after having discussed requirements management, let’s talk about the sprint planning. Don’t ignore holidays and days off throughout a sprint When
calculating the velocity for a sprint, it’s quite common to determine the number of working days and multiply these with the estimated focus factor for that sprint. So if somebody’s holiday ends somewhere throughout the sprint, it seems you’ve everything covered. But don’t forget that people need time to get up to speed on what’s going on in that sprint. Many aspects are not written down, especially doing sprint planning meetings. Somebody else has to spend time to update that person. So either remove an extra day from the available working days or adjust the focus factor. Account for the...(Read whole news on source site)

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