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KnockoutJS Custom Binding for Invoking an Action with Enter Key

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KnockoutJS is an awesome MVVM JavaScript data binding framework for building rich user experiences. As sites get more interactive and more presentation logic gets pushed to the client-side, it’s important to have rich frameworks which enable these scenarios. The next version of MVC is going to include the Knockout NuGet package in the box. Now is a perfect time to start learning Knockout. As I’ve been learning Knockout, I’ve been pleased to discover that, although it comes with a rich set of features built-in, one of the best aspects of Knockout is the extensibility. When there is a behavior
you need that doesn’t match the out of the box capabilities of Knockout it’s easy to customize. Typically this takes the form of building your own custom binding. Let’s take an example. A typical Knockout scenario is when you have a text box which is used to add an item to a list. From the jsFiddle below you the see the JavaScript and HTML for this are very straight-forward. If you click the “Result” tab, you will see that any item you type in the text box will be added to the list when you click the “Add” button:   Direct...(Read whole news on source site)

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