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MVC3–The Beginning

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OOook, those who know me, or have read my blog probably have a pretty good idea that I’m a silverlight, wpf, wcf, c#, xamly kinda guy. I’ve never really done anything webby, the closest I’ve gotten is doing a bit of backend stuff, well, times change, and quite frankly I wanted to do something new… soooo I’ve opted to go down the MVC route, for two main reasons – 1, I figured I may as well learn a good framework, 2, Matt Abbott told me that MVC lets you get dirty with HTML, and that’s one of the things
I want to learn! It’s important to note..   I have no experience in HTML / CSS / JavaScript, so this is a windows developer going into the world of web.   I’ve actually been looking at this for a bit now, and I don’t really want to go too far back over what I’ve done, but, to get up to speed I have watched the PluralSight MVC course on and gone through the Music Store example project on CodePlex. As it stands, architecturally, I think I’m in an ok stead, the...(Read whole news on source site)

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