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Unintended Api Changes - .NET 4.0 Breaking Changes

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The nice thing about unintended changes is that you never think it could happen until you get bitten by a nasty change. Microsoft did publish a complete list of breaking changes here which is complete to my knowledge. But although the intentional changes are listed there are side effects which can cause you to search for hours your (non) fault. One change was to create a new GAC for .NET 4 assemblies to prevent breaking applications which rely on the structure of the GAC introduced with .NET 2.0. Feature: Global assembly cache
location change Differences from 3.5 SP1: For .NET Framework 4 assemblies, the global assembly cache has been moved from the Windows directory (%WINDIR%) to the Microsoft.Net subdirectory (%WINDIR%\Microsoft.Net). Assemblies from earlier versions remain in the older directory. The unmanaged ASM_CACHE_FLAGS enumeration contains the new ASM_CACHE_ROOT_EX flag. This flag gets the cache location for .NET Framework 4 assemblies, which can be obtained by the GetCachePath function. Recommended changes: None, assuming that applications do not use explicit paths to assemblies, which is not a recommended practice. Ok MS...(Read whole news on source site)

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