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Leveraging MSBuild for Ruthless Productivity

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(Warning: This is semi-advanced stuff. It’s not hard, per se, but it involves editing important project files manually, which, if done wrong, can render them useless making it so that your code won’t compile (and may not even load into Visual Studio). So back up everything or (better still) commit it to your source control repository before doing anything so that in case you mess something up, you can easily recover! You have been warned.) I’ve been steadily becoming more familiar with MSBuild over the past weeks and months. As my familiarity has grown, so too has my
conviction grown firm that MSBuild is the unsung hero of the programming world. MSBuild, also known as the Microsoft Build Engine, is a program that parses XML files and executes various commands (known as “Tasks” ) contained within them based on the target ( “Targets” ) or targets that are specified. You’ve undoubtedly looked through your project directories over the years and seen files with extensions like .csproj , .vbproj , .vcxproj , .fsproj , and so on. You may even have opened one up in a text editor before and seen a whole large jumble of...(Read whole news on source site)

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