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MVC Scaffolding Course on Pluralsight–Free for the Next 24 Hours!

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I recently had the pleasure of creating a course for Pluralsight on MVC Scaffolding. For the next 24-hours the course will be completely free! Click here to view the course now. I’ve divided the course up into three modules. In the first module, I cover everything you need to know to be quickly productive with MVC Scaffolding. This includes mastering the command line, understanding one-to-many relationships, and scaffolding Actions and Unit Tests. In the second module, I do a deep dive on customizing MVC Scaffolding. In my opinion, this is really the
sweet spot for MVC Scaffolding. I always say, if you don’t like the output Scaffolding produces in some area, change it! The beauty of MVC Scaffolding is that it was built on top of T4Scaffolding with true extensibility in mind. In this module, I show how to customize view and controller templates as well as taking a deeper dive on understanding Scaffolders, how they function, and what they do. In the third module, I deep dive on building your own custom scaffolders. In fact, to emphasize the extensibility, I build a custom scaffolder *outside* the context of MVC. Instead,...(Read whole news on source site)

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