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Studio for Wijmo MVC Review

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I was recently asked to review Studio for Wijmo MVC by Component One and, overall, I am impressed. There are 2 major components of this. The first is Wijmo Complete which is a collection of over 30 UI widgets (very similar to jQuery UI). The second is Wijmo Scaffolding for MVC which builds upon the scaffolding that was released as part of the MVC 3 Tools Update (note: is does *not* build on top of powershell-based MVC Scaffolding which Microsoft released earlier this year). Some of the Wijmo widgets have corresponding
widgets in jQuery UI – the idea is for them to *extend* jQuery UI. For example: Wijmo Accordion is similar to jQuery UI Accordion Wijmo Calendar is similar to jQuery UI Datepicker in inline and icon trigger mode Wijmo ComboBox is similar to jQuery UI Autocomplete in Combobox mode Wijmo Dialog is similar to jQuery Dialog Wijmo Progress Bar is similar to...(Read whole news on source site)

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