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Dxt Conversion Content Pipeline Extension Sample

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I’ve been slowly creating a new WP7 game over these past few months. In the process, I began experimenting with Dxt compression. It’s a very nice feature, especially on the phone where high DPIs make Dxt’s artifacts less visible. One thing I didn’t like, though, was the way that XNA’s default Texture Processor handles resizing to power of two. When using Dxt compression with the Reach graphics profile, you need to use textures that are power of two sized (e.g. 32x64). Dxt itself requires that the dimensions be divisible by four (it breaks up your image into 4x4 chunks
of data in order to compress it), but it’s easier for graphics cards with limited power (such as on netbooks and mobile devices) to process them when the dimensions are restricted to being a power of two as well. XNA’s built-in Texture Processor has an option to resize your images to power of two dimensions. Unfortunately, the way it does so is by scaling your image. This can produce both odd stretching effects and also a blurry look to the result even when you compensate for the stretching. So I’ve created a quick Content Pipeline extension that resizes the...(Read whole news on source site)

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