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WCF Web API with Web Activator package

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In these days, I had read some blogs and a lot of post in internet about WCF Web API. And I also have curious about it.  It is not new technology. And after I watched some postcast. I recognize it is a good one that I must to researching. RESTfull is a hot topic and have a lot of argues these days. WCF Web API is built on top of WCF service. How does it good? I don't know we just follow and analyze it later. Do you agree with me? As you know, if you host WCF service to a
IIS host, and you want to use IoC inside it. You must to customize some classes in WCF factory to do it, or you can add Global.asax file and try to override the start method for register all things you need. When .NET 4 came to us, it brought with a new technology for start application, that mean you don't need to customize WCF factory or add Global.asax file. As me, we only need to customize WCF when we have a special case on it, for example we need to filter action, AOP on WCF for logging, exception management. So...(Read whole news on source site)

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