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CSLA .NET adopting MIT license

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Starting from version 4.6.300 CSLA .NET is under the MIT license. People may continue to use older versions of CSLA .NET under the previous license. Upgrading to version 4.6.300 or higher means users accept the terms of the MIT license.             

Some JavaScript Book Recommendations

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There’s no shortage of JavaScript books available, these days. Nearly every tech publisher has a book covering just about every aspect of the language, the latest frameworks and the tools that you need to be looking at for the future. But this massive list of books can be quite overwhelming to sift through and find […]

What’s new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-02-01

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Here we go again! The Office team keep a steady pace of updates coming to the Office Roadmap. This time it’s a bit weird, but we have a lot of things being rolled back!? Also I noticed that the site was down today for maintenance. So, is this just a DR solution and they lost data or have they just messed things up? I smell that someone actually MANUALLY updates this list, but hey, they can’t be that crazy, can they? Anyhow - this is NOT how a roadmap/changelog should work. Microsoft, you customers tries to listen to what you
do, but this is just not acceptable. Last week I told a customer it was launched, and now it’s not….FIX THIS. Scrap this Roadmap site and make proper changelog - if you don’t know how, go ask your colleagues in the Microsoft Graph team and ask them how they do it. Changes 2016-02-01 Launched Nothing new launched this time around. Rolling out Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support: Rolled back from Launched! Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online: Rolled back from Launched! DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management: Rolled back from Launched! Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365: Rolled...(Read whole news on source site)

McKinsey Digital Practice | Digital Quotient | McKinsey & Company

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What it takes to build your Digital Quotient | McKinsey & Company

Raising your Digital Quotient | McKinsey & Company

Our examination of the digital performance of major corporations points to four lessons in which we have increasing confidence:

First, incumbents must think carefully about the strategy
available to them. The number of companies that can operate as pure-play
disrupters at global scale—such as Spotify, Square, and Uber—are few in
number. Rarer still are the ecosystem shapers that set de facto
standards and gain command of
the universal control points created by
hyperscaling digital platforms. Ninety-five to 99 percent of incumbent
companies must choose a different path, not by “doing digital” on the
margin of their established businesses but by wholeheartedly committing
themselves to a clear strategy.Second, success depends on the ability to invest in relevant
digital capabilities that are well aligned with strategy—and to do so at
scale. The right capabilities help you keep pace with your customers as
digitization transforms the way they research and consider products and
services, interact, and make purchases on the digital...(Read whole news on source site)

What is Azure Stack? | Build Azure

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What is Azure Stack? | Build Azure

when Azure Stack hits General Availability (GA) release is fairly large for an initial release.

Here’s a list of the Azure Stack features coming in GA:

Compute – Virtual Machine (including extensions & availability sets), Service FabricData & Storage – Blobs, Tables, QueuesNetworking – Virtual Network, Load Balancer, VPN GatewayMgmt. & Security – Microsoft Azure Portal, Key VaultWeb & Mobile – App Service (Web Apps, Logic Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps)Developer Services – Azure SDK

Securing Web Applications Against Man In The Middle Attacks

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Robin Sillem, William Ferguson This blog post explores performing man in the middle (MITM) attacks on your own machine, on some pre-made sample web apps. The focus of this post is on securing web apps, rather than the attacks themselves. An important note before starting: This blog post shows how to perform an attack on a sandboxed sample website. Attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the reader’s responsibility to obey all applicable laws. The writers of this blog post and Scott Logic assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused from the use
of this tutorial. Session Hijack A session hijack is where you have a session - an ongoing HTTP conversation - with a website, and an attacker gains access to this session, communicating with the site as if they were you. You may or may not be aware that the attacker is using your session. The session may or may not be authenticated, but it is likely that it is if any sensitive information is involved. This means that the attacker can do what ever you can on the site in question at the time of the hijack - change your password, read...(Read whole news on source site)

Trends for 2016

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Our world is changing faster than ever before.  It can be tough to keep up.  And what you don’t know, can sometimes hurt you. Especially if you get disrupted. If you want to be a better disruptor vs. be the disrupted, it helps to know what’s going on around the world.  There are amazing people, amazing companies, and amazing discoveries changing the world every day.  Or at least giving it their best shot. You know the Mega-Trends: Cloud, Mobile, Social, and Big Data. You know the Nexus-Of-Forces, where the Mega-Trends (Cloud,
Mobile, Social, Big Data) converge around business scenarios. You know the Mega-Trend of Mega-Trends:  Internet-Of-Things (IoT) But do you know how Virtual Reality is changing the game? … Disruption is Everywhere Are you aware of how the breadth and depth of diversity is changing our interactions with the world?  Do you know how “bi-modal” or “dual-speed IT” are really taking shape in the 3rd Era of IT or the 4th Industrial Revolution? Do you know what you can print now with 3D printers? (and have you seen the 3D printed car that...(Read whole news on source site)