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#1,180 – By Default, FrameworkElement Doesn’t Have Desired Size

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If you create a custom control that derives from FrameworkElement, the control won’t by default have any particular desired size.  You can see this by setting alignment properties on a simple custom control without also setting explicit Width and Height. You can see in the designer that the first instance of MyFrameworkElement is not visible, because it has no size. A […]

Release preps, and my mobile cluster

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I just took this picture on my desk. This is a set of machines running a whole set of tests for RavenDB 3.0. On the bottom right, you can see one of our new toys (more below). This new toy is a NUC (i5, 16 GB, 180 GB SSD). We have a couple of those (and will likely purchase more). They have a very small form factor, and they are pretty cool machines. We got a few of them so we can have easier time testing distributed systems that are really distributed. It also has a very
nice effect of actually being able to carry around a full cluster and “deploy” it in a few minutes....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1716

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Information .NET Foundation: Forums and Advisory Council – Miguel de Icaza shares news on how you can get involved in the .NET foundation via forums and a newly formed advisory council. NuGet: In the Platform – Jeff Handley continues discussion of how NuGet got to where it is, and what is planned for the future, […]

Fixing the "Authentication failed" Message When Accessing a TFS-Git Repository

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Recently I've been working with a TFS Project using Git as the source control provider and something locally has gone wrong and I just couldn't remedy in VS.NET directly. The buzz and consensus already seems to be that managing your Git repository with one of the following tools is easier and more powerful than VS.NET IDE integration:
Git BashGit for WindowsTortoiseGitSourceTreeGit Gui
I have used Subversion in the past so TortoiseGit was familiar already to me, but the others were not too hard to test out as well. The main goal of what I needed to do was a simple Git
Pull to update my local repository to the most current version. I'm using a Windows LiveID to authenticate to the TFS Online Project just fine in VS2013 and made the original clone successfully.

VS2013 initially had no issue doing a Pull, but once things got messed up I decided to use an external tool to fix the problem. The issue is all the tools kept failing authentication with the following error in some flavor below. It didn't make sense because the credentials I was providing worked previously.

"Authentication failed"

Note - it's know that the VS IDE integration with Git does not...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft exam 70-499 preparation guide (Part 1 of 3)

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Accelerate your exam preparation for 70-499 using this three part series over the next two weeks. Our help study links will help you pass Microsoft Exam 70-499, the recertification exam for the MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management certification. Before we begin If you are looking for a brain dump of this exam you’re in the wrong […] The post Microsoft exam 70-499 preparation guide (Part 1 of 3) appeared first on My ALM Blog.

New Pluralsight Course: Kendo UI and AngularJS

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Incredibly pleased to announce the release of my latest Pluralsight course: Kendo UI and AngularJS From Scratch This course is targeted at Kendo UI programmers who wish to integrate Kendo UI into AngularJS programs (e.g., rather than jQuery).  In only … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

Hardware Prototyping with Arduino: Sensors

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I was recently tasked with determining an effective method of detecting the removal of a small product from an enclosed space. This was an excellent opportunity to break out the breadboard and multi-meter to construct three quick sensor prototypes and explore their potential benefits and drawbacks. Here is a summary of the sensors that I […]

NoVA Code Camp 2014–Getting Started with ASP.NET Web API

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As promised, here's my deck from this past Saturday's Northern Virginia Code Camp, from my session on Getting Started with ASP.NET Web API.
My thanks to everyone who attended the talk, particularly those who humored me and moved up from the back row. I enjoyed the interaction and questions, and even managed to learn something new myself (for those who didn't attend, I discovered in the middle of a demo that you can use pinch-to-zoom or mouse wheel zoom to make the text in certain Fiddler views larger or smaller…given how tiny the default text is, that was a