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Announcing the new Azure App Service

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In a mobile first, cloud first world, every business needs to deliver great mobile and web experiences that engage and connect with their customers, and which enable their employees to be even more productive.  These apps need to work with any device, and to be able to consume and integrate with data anywhere. I'm excited to announce the release of our new Azure App Service today - which provides a powerful new offering to deliver these solutions.  Azure App Service is an integrated service that enables you to create web and mobile apps for any platform or device, easily
integrate with SaaS solutions (Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Twilio, etc), easily connect with on-premises applications (SAP, Oracle, Siebel, etc), and easily automate businesses processes while meeting stringent security, reliability, and scalability needs. Azure App Service Azure App Service includes the Web App + Mobile App capabilities that we previously delivered separately (as Azure Websites + Azure Mobile Services).  It also includes powerful new Logic/Workflow App and API App capabilities that we are introducing today for the very first time - along with built-in connectors that make it super easy to build logic workflows that integrate with dozens of...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1826

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Software Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview & Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Preview – S.Somasegar & Unni Ravindranathan highlight the release of the first preview of the Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10, bringing the tooling to build applications from Windows Phone to Desktop and tablet store apps, and everything between […]

I'm Speaking at Orlando Code Camp 2015

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Orlando Code Camp 2015 is almost here! This Saturday, March 28th I'll be down at Code Camp presenting on my session titled, "Single Page Applications for the ASP.NET Developer using AngularJS, TypeScript, and WebAPI" If you are interested in web development, or just curious about what SPAs entail this should be a great session to attend. 

The best part about Code Camp is it is FREE to attend and draws some fantastic speakers and attendees from all around. In all the years I have attended, I really think it's on par
with some of the major software conferences and has many of the same speakers too. It's well worth attending to get some great information and have a chance to network with area peers. 

Check out the site to register, and hope to see you there!

...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #06

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Are you waiting for the Tuesday post? Here I am with the 6th post of the “Microsoft Tuesday” series in this channel with few top links on Microsoft platform. Above the fold you will find posts on Office, Windows, IoT and Azure. Follow the links mentioned below to know more about those posts. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback on “Microsoft Tuesday” that I share weekly in this channel. Office Delve - discover exactly what you need, when you need it In his keynote today at the Convergence conference, Microsoft
CEO Satya Nadella showed Office Delve as a prime example of how Microsoft is reimagining productivity to help people work in new and more connected ways. Delve is an experience within Office 365 that surfaces relevant content and insights tailored to each person. It is powered by the Office Graph, an intelligent fabric that applies machine learning to map the connections between people, content and interactions that occur across Office 365.  Developing for the Windows 10 Device Platform This week at WinHEC, we were able to talk to silicon, hardware, and device partners about the...(Read whole news on source site)

C# vNext language design – private protected – FamilyAndAssembly

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A better syntax for "private protected" ? C# vNext will have a new accessibility modifier. The C# team had first proposed to use "private protected", but maybe someone can find a better syntax for it. On this survey every syntax that’s been proposed so far has been gathered together for everyone to vote on her/his … Continue reading C# vNext language design – private protected – FamilyAndAssembly →