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The Princess Bride – The Official Game for Android Devices

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Looking for an game for your android device based on the classic movie “The Princess Bride“ and to experience your favourite scenes ? Here’s an game which is launched recently. Gameblend Studios, LLC has launched the game “The Princess Bride – The Official Game” which covers four games in one. Survive the Shrieking Eels Climb [...]
for iOS (iPad and iPhone)
...(Read whole news on source site)

How to create Schedule Task in Universal Windows apps?

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Schedule tasks are often require to do some clean ups, fetch some records from internet and/or update the live tile/lock screen. There might be some other requirements too. If you want to add schedule tasks in your Windows and/or Windows Phone runtime apps, here you go. In this post, let’s keep it generic and learn, how to create schedule task in universal windows apps. At the end, share your feedback to improve. Don’t forget to share in your network.   Windows runtime apps are great when you are building apps for both Windows and Windows Phone using the common shared
template called Windows Universal Apps. If you are building applications/games targeting universal apps, this post will help you to schedule some tasks on your need, whatever that is! Step 1: Configure your project to host background taskAssuming you already have created a Universal Windows Apps project, I am going further to discuss how to add the task scheduling onto it.  First of all, you have to create a new project of template type “Windows Runtime Component”. To do this, right click on your project solution or the app folder within Visual Studio IDE (as shown above) –>Click “Add” from the context menu...(Read whole news on source site)

Create stub objects as arguments for system under test

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Sometimes you need to pass a stub object as an argument to a function or script that is under test. FluentShellUnit API exposes extension methods to add methods and properties on the PSObject so that the object can have the desired behavior when used in the system under test.
Function Get-VirtualDirectoryForWebApp
              [String] $Zone
       $path = $Webapplication.GetIisSettingsWithFallback($Zone).Path

The Get-VirtualDirectoryForWebApp returns the location of the virtual directory for a SharePoint webapplication by using the IisSettings object for a Zone. If you want to test
this method, you need to stub a SharePoint WebApplication and then pass it to the method.
As mentioned before, the first step is to create a PSObject and then add the required methods and properties to the object.

var webApplication = new PSObject();
var iisSettings = new PSObject();
var path = @"C:\MyWeb\wss\mywebapp";
iisSettings.StubProperty("Path", path);
webApplication.StubMethod("GetIisSettingsWithFallback", objects => objects[0].ToString() == "Default" ? iisSettings...(Read whole news on source site)

The Great Motivational Quotes Revamped

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When you need to make things happen, motivational quotes can help you dig deep and get going. I put together a very comprehensive collection of the world’s best motivational quotes a while back. It was time for a refresh.  Here it is: Motivational Quotes – The Great Motivational Quotes Collection Imagine motivational wisdom of the ages and modern sages right at your fingertips all on one page.   I included motivational quotes from Bruce Lee, Tony Robbins, Winston Churchill, Waldo Emerson, Jim Rohn, and more. See if you can find at least three motivational quotes
that you can take with you on the road of life, to help you deal with setbacks and challenges, and to unleash your inner-awesome. Getting Started with Motivational Quotes I’ll start you off.   If you don’t already have these in your personal motivational quotes collection, here are a few that I draw from often: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill “When it’s time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived.” -Henry David Thoreau “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive....(Read whole news on source site)

The Great Inspirational Quotes Collection Revamped

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I think of inspiration simply as “breathe life into.” Whether you're shipping code, designing the next big thing, or simply making things happen, inspirational quotes can help keep you going. In the spirit of helping people find their Eye of the Tiger or get their mojo on, I’ve put together a hand-crafted collection of the ultimate inspirational quotes: The Inspirational Quotes Collection If you’ve seen my collection of inspirational quotes before, it’s completely revamped.   It should be much easier to browse all of the inspirational quotes now so you can see some
old familiar quotes that you may have heard of long ago, as well as many inspirational quotes, you have never heard of before. Dive in, explore the collection of inspirational quotes, and see if you can find at least three inspirational quotes that breathe new life into your moment, your day, your work, or anything you do. The Power of Inspirational Quotes Inspirational quotes can help us move mountains.   The right inspirational words and ideas can help us boldly go where we have not gone before, as well as conquer our fears and soar to new heights....(Read whole news on source site)

Every developer must be proficient at these 7 things…

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In 2015, it is as important as ever for developers of all levels of expertise and experience to re-train and update their skills.  In the fast moving world of technology, failure to do so can result in career stagnation and ultimately not reaching your full earnings potential. This post is an update to the popular […] The post Every developer must be proficient at these 7 things… appeared first on Developer Handbook.

Controlling a LED with a Raspberry PI 2 using Mono and C#

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My fellow MVP Peter Nowak from Germany pointed me to this awesome kit on that has this a vast array of sensors in it. It comes with 37 sensors and peripherals that can be controlled with a Raspberry PI2. It’s originally made for the PI B+, but as this is pin compatible with the PI 2 this works fine. It comes with a mini CD with sample code, but unfortunately this is all C, you need to compile it using GCC, and it’s not the kind of code that makes someone used to a more modern
development environment very happy. But I am also to impatient to let this gather dust until Windows 10 for devices becomes available. Now the code samples in C that go with this kit all use a library called wiringPI, that is created by one Gordon Henderson. I basically used this library as a foundation for getting the stuff to work with C#. You first have to install the library. Gordon has a simple step-by-step manual on how to go about on this. Simply open a console, go to the directory where you want to download the library’s...(Read whole news on source site)