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DevExpress TestCafe v15.1 now shipping

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If you are a frequent visitor to the Download Portal on, you may already have noticed that we have published a new version of TestCafe, version 15.1. I am proud to announce that this is indeed the case: TestCafe v15.1 has been published and is now shipping. TestCafe is the automated testing platform for next-gen web applications. Not only that, but unlike other web-testing solutions, you don’t have to install awkward plugins into your browsers in order to do testing; that’s so 20th century. TestCafe provides your QA teams with the tools
to start testing any web app in any browser that supports HTML5. Even better, TestCafe is OS-agnostic: the browsers can be running on Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile OSes like iOS and Android. Over the past few months, we have been soliciting feedback from customers and testers on what they liked about TestCafe and what they thought was missing. Consequently, the responses have driven our enhancements to the product in v15.1 and I feel that the team has outdone itself with this release. Automated Screenshot Capture (ASC). From v15.1 you can add the capability


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Your team can be ten times better.

does that mean? That means your professional team can accomplish 10x
more work, do it with 10x more quality, 10x faster, or with 10x less
resources. Your family can be 10x happier. Your school can be 10x more
effective at helping people learn. Your community group can be 10x
better at making life better for the people it serves. Even you yourself
be 10x more effective at getting what you want.

In other words, you can be great. Your team can be great.

Can you say these things about your teams?

   My projects are completed effortlessly on schedule and in budget every time.
   Every team I've ever been on has shared a vision.
   In meetings, we only ever do what will get results.
   No one blames "management," or anyone else, if they don't get what they want.
   Everybody shares their best ideas right away.
   Ideas are...(Read whole news on source site)

Coolpad Dazen and Snapdeal look to set benchmarks for LTE smartphone value proposition in India

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Coolpad Group Limited, a global leader in smartphone manufacturing and integrated wireless data solutions announced its exclusive partnership with India’s largest e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal today. A leader in 4G/ LTE segment, Coolpad Dazen is one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone players and also the fastest growing online brand in China. According to Varun Sharma, India CEO, Coolpad Dazen, “The Indian smartphone consumer today is consistently pushing the envelope on value proposition. With Coolpad Dazen, we want to lead the next wave of disruption in the Indian smartphone market, with high quality devices, game-changing specs and innovation designed specially for
our Indian customers. This is possible because of our relentless focus on innovation with our in-house R&D and immense manufacturing scale.” Commenting on this, Tony Navin, Senior Vice President – Electronics and Home, Snapdeal, “We are excited to be partnering with one of China’s leading smartphone manufacturers, Coolpad as they enter the Indian market. The brand is renowned for high quality products and has been first-to-market with many innovations including curved screen phone, dual rear camera and unibody inside phone. At Snapdeal, we are committed to making Coolpad’s maiden launch in India a big success. We are positive that we...(Read whole news on source site)

A Look at the Open Source JustDecompile Engine for .NET Devs

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Article Introduction In this article, I take a look at what is “under the hood” of the open-source JustDecompile engine. Excerpt Maybe you have heard the great news that the JustDecompile engine is now open-source and available on Github. The project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and you are free to contribute! If your commit is accepted, then your change could land in the official product. The only part that is not open source is the UI, which is shown here. The Full Article The full article is hosted on the TDN website and you can access it here.

Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio Debugging Tips and Tricks

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In this episode, I am joined by Andrew Hall, who shares a number of tips and tricks for using the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio. Some of the things Andrew shows are new in Visual Studio 2015, but many have been in the product for several versions. You are sure to find at least a few things here that will improve your debugging skills.

Using a Windows 10 UWP app and Signal/R on Azure to display Microsoft Band heart rates–basically everywhere

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Intro: sometimes it seems like I’ve been here before Back in February I got my Raspberry PI2 and wanted to do something with it. So I created a setup that made it display my heart rate as measured by my Microsoft Band, making it blink a colored LED in the same rate as my heartbeat. Windows 10 IoT Core wasn’t available at that time, which made me resort to using Raspbian Linux, installing Mono on that, getting a OWIN ASP.NET server running on that, that listened to postings on a WebAPI endpoint, employing a modified C
library to actually drive the pins to make the LED go, editing files, setting permissions, all via command line stuff. The architecture was, simply put, this: This brings another issue to light that is a problem from both an architectural and a practical viewpoint. The Raspberry PI2 had to run a HTTP server. The phone running the app listening to the Band data needs to know the IP address of the PI2, which implicates they must be more or less in the same network space. In addition, running a server on a small device is not desirable...(Read whole news on source site)

SharePoint Team Sites are dead!

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SharePoint Team Sites are dead, there you have it! The era when SharePoint Team Sites was the king of SharePoint and web based collaboration are over. SharePoint Team Sites are dead, I said it again. Ok, you might think this is a link bait, a scam or something else - it's not. This is how I foresee the future of online collaboration in SharePoint Online/Office 365. Team Sites are based on a decade old construct in SharePoint. They allow a great flexibility and extensibility for the end users, but…
…it requires a lot of training
…it drives a lot of support
/>…it drives a lot of consultancy hours (yes, I am/was one of those)
…historically upgrades are extremely expensive
…[fill in your own here]
…do the end-users really need that much power? So, what's a better option then? I'd say Office 365 Groups! Office 365 Groups has a lot of the features that we lack in Team Sites and it offers the simplicity that end-users requires from Team Sites in 95% (just made that figure up, but you get the point) of the cases. Office 365 Groups combines the best of the Office 365 services in one single place, and Office 365...(Read whole news on source site)

Packt Publishing Free Learning Library

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From 30th April, 2015 Packt Publishing has thrown open the virtual doors of its new Free Learning Library and offering its customers a daily chance to grab a fresh free eBook from its website. The Free Learning Library will be open all year-round but each title will only be up for 24 hours, so make sure you keep checking back to get your hands on the latest book! All you'll have to do is simply click on the day’s free eBook and it will instantly be added to your account. See more information