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AzureCon Keynote Announcements: India Regions, GPU Support, IoT Suite, Container Service, and Security Center

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Yesterday we held our AzureCon event and were fortunate to have tens of thousands of developers around the world participate.  During the event we announced several great new enhancements to Microsoft Azure including: General Availability of 3 new Azure regions in India Announcing new N-series of Virtual Machines with GPU capabilities Announcing Azure IoT Suite available to purchase Announcing Azure Container Service Announcing Azure Security Center We were also fortunate to be joined on stage by several great Azure customers who talked about their experiences using Azure including:, Nascar, Alaska Airlines, Walmart, and ThyssenKrupp. Watching the
Videos All of the talks presented at AzureCon (including the 60 breakout talks) are now available to watch online.  You can browse and watch all of the sessions here. My keynote to kick off the event was an hour long and provided an end-to-end look at Azure and some of the big new announcements of the day.  You can watch it here. Below are some more details of some of the highlights: Announcing General Availability of 3 new Azure regions in India Yesterday we announced the general...(Read whole news on source site)

AWS in Plain English

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AWS in Plain English

Amazon Name Should have been called Similar to Useful in Admin or EPKB? Other Competitors

Google / Microsoft /IBM Base Services

EC2 Amazon Virtual Servers

IAM Users,
Keys and Certs

S3 Amazon Unlimited FTP Server

VPC Amazon Virtual Colocated Rack VLANs

Web Developer

API Gateway API Proxy 3scale ,

Varnish Proxy,

Nginx proxy,

...(Read whole news on source site)

IntelliTest for .NET - Test More with Less (effort)

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Writing a suit of unit tests that exhaustively exercise and validate the logic of the code under test is not easy. It can even be considered too expensive to do at all. Fortunately, the IntelliTest feature shipping in the Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition addresses both concerns: it helps you achieve high code coverage at a fraction of the cost. When you run IntelliTest on your .NET code, it generates test cases by dynamically analyzing the code under test as it is running on the CLR. For every statement in the code, it crafts an input that will reach that
statement, doing a case analysis for every conditional branch—if statements, assertions, and all operations that can throw exceptions—much like white box testing. The goal is to generate a test suite covering all branches of your code, and so every time it crafts an input that increases coverage, it emits that concrete value as a test case using C# and one of MSTest,, or NUnit as the test framework. The result is a compact suite of tests with high coverage that you didn’t have to write from scratch.   Note: IntelliTest draws from the Pex project and has had several...(Read whole news on source site)

A Microsoft Band client to read temperatures and control a fan on a Raspberry PI2

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Part 6 of Reading temperatures & controlling a fan with a RP2, Azure Service Bus and a Microsoft Band Intro
In the final post of this series I will show how the Microsoft Band client in this project, that is used to actually read temperatures and control the fan, is created and operated. The client has a tile and a two-page UI, looks like this and can be seen in action in this video from the first blog post: To recap - the function of the Band client is as follows WhenI tap the tile on the Band,
the UI is opened and shows the latest data, that is: The temperature as last measure by the Raspberry PI2 A button I can use to toggle the fan. The text on the button reflects the current status of the fan (i.e. it shows "Stop fan" when it's running, and "Start fan" when it is not Date and time of the last received data. The classes involved
As you can see in the demo solution, there are three classes, and one interface, all living in the TemperatureReader.ClientApp's Models namespace - that have something to do...(Read whole news on source site)

Rock Stars, Normal People, and You - Brent Ozar Unlimited® by Brent Ozar Unlimited®

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Rock Stars, Normal People, and You - Brent Ozar Unlimited® by Brent Ozar Unlimited®

At a recent programming event I attended, a SQL speaker
spent the first five minutes telling us that he would never have applied
to speak had he known that Rock Star 1 and Rock Star 2 and Rock Star 3
were going to be speaking at the same event. Yet after he unburdened
himself of hero worship and personal inadequacy and so forth, he gave
one of the best presentations I’ve seen – coherent structure, strong
/>examples, understandable metaphors.”

He’s completely right.  Personally, I still suffer from issues of
hero worship and personal inadequacy.  The night before SQL Server
events, there’s usually a speaker dinner event packed full of really
smart people.  I look around the room and think, “Wow, I’d love to know
what he knows, and I sure wish I could do what she does.”  It just never
ends – you always look up to people you admire, and you always think
they’re somehow different.  The reality is that the people you admire
are writing,...(Read whole news on source site)

VS Online Update – Sept 18

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Sorry for being so late on this one.  The last couple of weeks have been very hectic for me and I’ve mostly had to ignore my blog. Last week we finished rolling out our sprint 88 work.  You can read about the details in the VS Online release notes. As has become the pattern over the past 6 months, this sprint, we rolled out a bunch more improvements to our Agile planning tools.  The cards became even richer with on card sub-tasks.  Queryability of kanban column metadata and more. Sprint 89 is already right around the
corner.  Stay tuned for info on the next round of updates in about a week. Brian
...(Read whole news on source site)