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New E-Book: ASP.NET MVC Succinctly

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Originally posted on: This book will cover the following topics: Conceptual Overview MVC Says Hello World The World Says
Hello Back Don’t Trust Everything the World Says MVC Meets jQuery MVC Scaffolding The ASP.NET MVC Succinctly was written by Nick Harrison. This concise overview will teach you how to build robust web apps without having...(Read whole news on source site)

Make Your .NET Calendar Responsive For Mobile and Tablets

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As you probably noticed, we've updated our website to use adaptive design and, hopefully, you already enjoy using it on mobile and tablet devices. We also adapted the live demos in the attempt to make them more user-friendly and touch-responsive. Here is an example of adaptive scheduler implemented in flat skin:    Due to the multiple requests made regarding Scheduler .NET responsiveness, we decided to share with you some code patterns to help you adapt your calendars to be used on touch devices.  Note: These are not the part of the official Scheduler package   How To Use?   1a. Download the files from here and unpack them into your project:  
1b. or
install them from NuGet   2. Add  Content/dhtmlxScheduler/dhtmlxscheduler-responsive.css and Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler/dhtmlxscheduler-responsive.js to your page before DHXScheduler.Render() call   3. Add the following line to the server configuration: scheduler.BeforeInit.Add(string.Format("initResponsive({0})", scheduler.Name)); That's it!   How It Works?   The solution consists of three files: dhtmlxscheduler-responsive.js dhtmlxscheduler-responsive.css dhtmlxscheduler-responsive-classic.css The script file defines the global function initResponsive(scheduler) which amends the scheduler instance. Each time scheduler is redrawn (initialized or refreshed after window resize), the code from dhtmlxscheduler-responsive.js checks the size of the window and switches calendar layout between 'default' and 'mobile' mode, which increases the height of navigation panel on top of the scheduler. Additionally, it enables a QuickInfo popup instead of event menu bar if the mobile...(Read whole news on source site)

SharePoint XSLT Web Part

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After my previous post on XSLT processing, what else could follow? Of course, an XSLT web part for SharePoint! Here I want to solve a couple of problems: Allow the usage of XSLT 2.0; Have a more flexible parameter passing mechanism than ; Make the XSLT extension mechanism (parameters, functions) more usable. Similar to XsltListViewWebPart and the others, this web part will query SharePoint and return the results processed by a XSLT style sheet. I am going to built on top of the classes introduced in the
target="_blank">last post. Here is the SPCustomXsltWebPart (please, do give it a better name...):

The Morning Brew #1839

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Software Namespace Renamer – Rory Primrose shares a little utility which makes it easier to rename namespaces in your .NET projects. Information What is the unchecked keyword good for? Part two – Eric Lippert continues his look at the use of the unchecked keyword in C#, as well as answering some questions from the comments […]