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TWC9: Looking at the new Ink, new Build, Updated Edge, Coding with Unity and more... | This Week On Channel 9 | Channel 9

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Pieter Hintjens

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Writing doesn't necessarily always come naturally to me. It often takes me days, weeks or even months of toying with an idea, before I think it's mature enough to put it down into writing. I can't afford that luxury this time though, I wouldn't think of myself as much of a friend if Pieter didn't get to read this in time.

I met Pieter the first time in a bar in Vilnius, December 2013, I accidentally ended up sitting next to him during the traditional pre-conf drinks. The first thing that stood out, was what a comfortable
warm sweater he was wearing - I still cherish the memory of that grey woolen sweater on cold winter nights. I'm still unsure whether it was the sweater or his undeniable radiant charisma that made its way into my memories. When Pieter talks, people tend to listen, or at least pay attention. That's what I ended up doing that night - listening, sipping in the knowledge, afraid to make a fool out of myself joining the conversation.

That next day Pieter opened the conference with probably the most motivational keynote I ever attended, aptly titled "Building stuff changes everything"....(Read whole news on source site)

SWAYAM: India’s First MOOCs Platform

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It’s always cool to see the work our team is doing around the world to help hack a better world. Our Digital Advisory Services team is helping the Government of India, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), to reimagine the student experience and to develop India’s first MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platform. Apparently, the presentation...

News from Xamarin Evolve: What’s next for Visual Studio and Xamarin

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Less than a month ago, at //BUILD, we announced the integration of Xamarin technology into our Visual Studio product line, furthering our Any Developer, Any App, Any Platform approach and bringing even more power and productivity to the nearly 13 million devs who have already downloaded Visual Studio 2015 and the 10 million who have... Read more

What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-04-17

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Updates, updates and updates. This time around there's a great deal of clean up on the Office Roadmap. Mayhaps they are adding space for all the neat SharePoint things we expect to see next week at the SharePoint Future event. There's also a bunch of new stuff added to the In Development category, scroll down and learn something. Also worth noticing is that the Yammer team has started to catch up on the feedback they received over the last few years. I think that in just a few weeks they made more than they actually been able to
do for years. Good job - now if you only could focus on some proper integration; with identities, search, threading and stuff that matters. Changes 2016-04-17 Launched Funnel Chart: New Funnel chart, rolling out for Excel 2016 and Excel for Windows Mobile first (new) March Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Windows devices: Lots of updates for the Metro Office (new) Project Online - Portfolio Dashboard: Really cool new Dashboard for Project Online (from in development) Project Online - Portfolio Dashboard for iPad: As above, but for the iPad (from in development) Public Folder eDiscovery & In-Place...(Read whole news on source site)

OpenStack users talk benefits, challenges of open source clouds | Network World

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OpenStack users talk benefits, challenges of open source clouds | Network World

For Nate Baechtold, IT architect at EBSCO Publishing, which builds
search software for libraries and universities, deploying OpenStack was
not a major challenge; adjusting to managing it was. Vendors such as Red
Hat have made the process of spinning up OpenStack clouds on Day 1 as
easy as possible. “Day 2 is where the real work begins,” Baechtold says.

uses an OpenStack distribution from Red Hat for its private cloud and
Avi Networks for
software-based load balancing. EBSCO also runs some
workloads in Amazon’s public cloud. Baechtold said one advantage of
building an OpenStack private cloud is that it operates similarly to
AWS. Users within EBSCO can request and spin up virtual machines, and
there is centralized management of them; it’s a very similar model to
using the public cloud. Even though EBSCO uses both clouds, Baechtold
says integrating OpenStack with AWS is not high on his priority list.
The clouds are used for different purposes, most of which don’t overlap.

...(Read whole news on source site)