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External Links in Cordova for iOS

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Hybrid app development with Cordova can be challenging at times. While it makes so much sense to build Web applications that can run in as an app in a WebView that can be running on most device platforms, it's good to remember that these apps not 'just' Web apps. There are all these little gotchas that you run into with seemingly simple things that in a normal Web application would just work. Here's one of these fun ones – External links that should not open inside of the current application but in a full web browser instance. Whats's the problem?
External Links stay in the WebView Cordova applications run in a WebView container in iOS and one of the gotchas that you are likely to run into if you have any external links is that external links will try to display in the current WebView of your application. So lets say in my AlbumViewer application I'm viewing an album loaded from the application which displays content from an internal HTML link (or a re-rendered view in this case from Angular). Then there are a few links on the page that link to external content – in this case external...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1894

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Information Microservice Trade-Offs – Martin Fowler takes a look in detail at the various pros and cons of deploying a Microservices based architecture End-to-end Hypermedia: Building a React Client – Jimmy Bogard continues his series looking at Hypermedia with a look at constructing a React based User Interface on top of the Hypermedia services. MSDN […]

Seven Surprising JavaScript 'Features'

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Over the last couple of months I’ve made a few enhancements to JSHint, mainly as a way of learning ES6 (I’m most proud of re-implementing variable scope detection) and during that process I’ve come across a few things that surprised me, mostly about ES6 but also in ES3, including the following feature, which I’ve never used and this is where I will start. Break from any block You should be aware that you can break and continue from any loop - it is a fairly standard programming language construct. You might not be aware that you can label loops and jump out of any particular
outer: for(var i = 0; i <4; i++) { while(true) { continue outer; } }
The same applies to both break and continue. You will have definitely seen break used with switch statements…
switch(i) { case 1: break; }
Incidentally, this is why Crockford suggests your case should not be indented - the break jumps out of the switch, not the case, but I prefer the readability of indenting case. You can also label switch statements…
myswitch: switch(i) { case...(Read whole news on source site)

PowerShell : Create a Cloud-Only Virtual Network in Azure

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VM’s and services in Azure infrastructure by default are not connected to any virtual network and operate in an isolated mode. This makes the VMs in Azure not accessible to other VMs by default .If you want the VMs in Azure to access each other, then you have to create a virtual network and join the VM’s to the network. This way you can achieve a network overlay that allows the VMs to communicate to each other but still remain inaccessible to the outside network. The topic which I’m covering here is to create a Cloud-Only virtual network, that allows
the VMs and services in the Azure Infrastructure to become accessible to each other.

Cloud-Only virtual network configurations are VNets that don’t use a virtual network gateway to connect back to your on-premises network or directly to other Azure VNets. They aren’t really a different type of VNet, but rather, they are a way to configure a VNet without configuring cross-premises connectivity. You connect to the VMs and cloud services from the endpoints, rather than through a VPN connection.

Cloud-Only configurations are very easy to create. This is because you don’t need to coordinate your IP address ranges with the...(Read whole news on source site)

The New Shiny: Is Visual Studio Code for You?

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A day doesn’t go by lately without some new shiny toy being released for software developers to play with. A big challenge is deciding whether the new hotness is something you need to invest time in learning and using, or if it’s OK to let this particular popularity train pass you by. The recent release … Continue reading The New Shiny: Is Visual Studio Code for You? The post The New Shiny: Is Visual Studio Code for You? appeared first on Devhammer Enterprises.

Big Scrum: All you need and not enough

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Once you have Professional Scrum Teams you can focus on enhancing the communication lines that are a necessity of Scaling Software Delivery. Nexus is a framework for using Scrum to scale Scrum from and Ken Schwaber. The post Big Scrum: All you need and not enough appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.