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Production postmortem: A null reference in our abstraction

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This little nugget has caused a database upgrade to fail. Consider the following code for a bit. We have CompoundKey, which has two versions, slow and fast. The idea is that we use this as keys into a cache, and there are two types because we can “query” the cache cheaply, but constructing the actual key for the cache is more expensive. Hence, the names. public class CompoundKey { public int HashKey; } public sealed class FastCompoundKey : CompoundKey { public int Val; } public sealed class SlowCompoundKey : CompoundKey { public int SlowVal; } public class CompoundKeyEqualityComparer : IEqualityComparer {
[MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.AggressiveInlining)] public bool Equals(CompoundKey x, CompoundKey y) { if (x == null || y == null) return false; SlowCompoundKey k; FastCompoundKey self; var key = x as FastCompoundKey; if (key != null) { ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2025

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Information Gzip Compression with NancyFX – Derek Comartin Learning How Garbage Collectors Work – Part 1 – Matt Warren Migrating SQL Server to SQL Azure – The Loupe Service goes Cloud Native – Gibraltar Software A Practitioner’s Guide to Moving to the Cloud – Sandeep Alur and Srikantan Sankaran Good, fast, pretty code: How to […]

Beer IoT: Building Universal Windows Application to monitor cooling process

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Our beer cooling solution is not controllable through IoT Hub and it reports data there. We can control our device through simple command line application but it is not enough for us. In this post we start building Universal Windows Application that helps us monitor temperatures. In this post we focus on mobile application. The post Beer IoT: Building Universal Windows Application to monitor cooling process appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

SQL SERVER – Install Error – The /UIMode setting cannot be used in conjunction with /Q or /QS

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Doing repetitive tasks is something everyone hates. I am sure many of us have resorted to ingenious techniques to figure out doing the task efficiently. There is no standard tool or technique that everyone uses. Recently I was asked to install a SQL instance with same configuration on 10 servers. Who would like to log […]

Pre-I IoT

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These days the Internet of Things (IoT) is all the rage – a much hyped term that has a lot of people excited. And that’s cool – because it is fun to build software that has impact on the physical world. However, “IoT” isn’t all that new. Back when communication was via serial ports (before USB, wifi, and Bluetooth) I worked on a system that automated the loading of concrete ready-mix and asphalt trucks with material. The dispatcher sat in an (often nice) office taking orders from customers and scheduling them - with near real-time displays of where all the trucks were (based on the driver pressing one
of seven buttons that sent a radio signal to a receiver, which then fed a signal to the computer via serial port - I worked on that too). When orders were scheduled they became available to plant operators. When a truck drove onto the scale the truck's tare weight was fed to the computer via serial port, then the plant operator would tell the computer to load the truck. The computer sent commands via serial port to the machinery surrounding the truck, resulting in tons of sand, mix, rock, and water being loaded (or whatever other materials). Then the scale would send the resulting truck weight via...(Read whole news on source site)

Beer IoT: Visualizing sensors data using Power BI

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We are eager to try out our beer cooling solution and we want to see it in action. We want to visualize our data and keep eye on temperature of cooling beer. Before doing anything more complex like building web or mobile app we make a quick shortcut and bring our data to web, desktop and mobile. This post is about Power BI in action. The post Beer IoT: Visualizing sensors data using Power BI appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.