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Windows 8 First Apps Contest

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Microsoft is organising Windows 8 First Apps Contest which will select eight winning apps to be the very first apps in the Windows Store when it opens . The Windows 8 First Apps Contest ensd on February 3 , 2010 and includes 2 Rounds Round 1: ending on January 8, 2012 Round 2 – Finals: [...]

Knockout 2.0.0 is Available

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Knockout 2.0.0 was released last night to the web! You might have been tinkering with the 1.3.0 RC recently, but it has been renamed to 2.0.0. Steve lists a few reasons why he went this route and I fully support the decision to jump to a new major version number. If you look inside to see what he added and changed for KO v2.0.0 you will see a pretty dramatic and powerful set of improvements. I have to thank Steve for creating and keeping up with the community requests for KO. He has been especially helpful to me in
creating my upcoming series in MSDN Magazine on Knockout and my Pluralsight course, both of which should be out starting in February and are updated for KO 2, so please keep an eye out for them! First let’s cover the important links, then let’s hit some of the best new features. Links that have been fully updated for Knockout 2.0.0 are the builds on GitHub, the tutorials , and the documentation and live examples . And of course, Steve’s post that summarizes everything you need to know. Many community folks contributed to this release and...(Read whole news on source site)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012

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It’s Christmas time and I just wanted to say “Thank You” to you for your support and feedback through out the year. It’s been a pleasure to stay tuned with such awesome friends in my life. Though I know many of you virtually over the cyberspace, but we had a great bonding over the past year.   I wish you and your family an wonderful Holidays during the Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012. May god give you all the pleasure in coming year. A small video greetings has been included in this post. I hope, you
will like it.     Reference: You may like to follow me on twitter @kunal2383 or may like the Facebook page of my blog whole news on source site)

A real world example of how not to develop software and what you can do to avoid the classic “change” challenge.

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A friend of mine works for a large bank… about a year and a half ago they needed a new system developed for their division. They went through the normal process of using one of the recommended service providers to develop the system and this was their experience, which is still typical with most institutions I know… For the first few months development of the system seemed to be progressing along fine. They had meetings, business analysts put things on paper and the developers nodded their heads and promised that everything they asked for could be done.
The service provider developing the system used the classical waterfall approach and had documented everything upfront and got it signed off. There was a fair amount of time from initial documentation till they produced anything that could be tested by the bank and by the time the service provider got the first version installed on the banks machines, business rules for the bank had changed and the system could not be used ;-( When the bank pointed out that what they had now was not usable the service provider brought out the specification document that was well over...(Read whole news on source site)

Feature Focus: View source code enhanced by PostSharp

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As most of you know, PostSharp’s transformation (weaving) of aspects into your assemblies happens after the compilation. One of the most requested features is the ability to see the actual code that is produced by PostSharp. Until now, you had to manually open the newly compiled assembly in your favorite decompiler to see the produced code. We are delighted to announce that we’ve made viewing the source code in your favorite decompiler much easier – via a single click on the enhanced class or method: By clicking the See enhanced source code link for the first
time, you will be asked to select the decompiler you want to use (we currently support dotPeek, ILSpy and Reflector). You can always change the decompiler later from Tools – Options – PostSharp: From now on, when you click on the See enhanced source code, your chosen decompiler will open and show you exactly the source code, as it was modified by PostSharp! This feature is available in the latest version of PostSharp! Happy PostSharping! -Igal

How to Update Secondary and Application Tiles in Windows Phone apps

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by WindowsPhoneGeek This is the second post in the series of articles that guide you through the process of implementing Tiles in Windows Phone apps. How to add and remove Secondary Tiles in Windows Phone apps How to Update Secondary and Application Tiles in Windows Phone apps In this article I am going to talk about how to Update Secondary and Application Tiles in Windows Phone apps. NOTE: We will use the example from the previous post, take a look at it for reference!
In short here is how the previous example looks like. We will now add some additional Text Boxes which will be used to enter different values to update the tiles. We will also add two buttons to update the secondary and application tiles. Update Secondary and Application Tiles Step by Step Step1. Add the following code inside MainPage.xaml. (Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone App Development for Beginners #4 First Visual Studio project

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by WindowsPhoneGeek This is the 4th post  from the "Windows Phone Application Development for Beginners" series of articles in which I use a more informal approach in order to explain everything you need to know in order to get started developing Windows Phone applications in a simple and easy to understand way. Windows Phone App Development for Beginners #1: Intro Windows Phone App Development for Beginners #2 Installing the Tools Windows Phone App Development for Beginners #3 Getting Help Windows Phone App
Development for Beginners #4 First Visual Studio project NOTE: If you are a professional Windows Phone Developer you should probably stop reading now.(this series if for absolute beginners) After you have installed the Windows Phone SDK you are ready to start building your first Windows Phone application project with Visual Studio. Creating your First Visual Studio project Step1. Start  and instance of Visual Studio    Step2. Go to File->New and select Project. Step3. Next you should see the following popup window. You...(Read whole news on source site)

#456 – An Element in a Grid Can Span Multiple Rows or Columns

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You can have child elements in a grid span multiple rows and/or multiple columns using the the Grid.RowSpan and Grid.ColumnSpan properties. In the example below, the Image spans two rows and two columns and the TextBlock is located in a single row, but spans two columns. You can see things a little better by turning on the grid lines. [...]

Building A Festive and Fun Windows Phone 7 Maze Game

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source: Ever since I first started writing code for Windows Phone 7 I have wanted to do something involving physics and the accelerometer. I finally found a few hours to spare to give it a go. This blog post doesn’t go into too much detail about Farseer, the Physics Engine that I used, I didn’t really have time to learn it in any great detail. This post is more about how quickly you can put together something really quite cool in quite a short space of time using libraries and code
grabbed from the internet. The simple app I created renders a maze that you ‘roll’ a small ball around by tilting your phone: ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)