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MSDN Suscribers: Get Windows 8 RTM now and Visual Studio 2012

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As of now those of you with MSDN subscriptions are able to get first access to the RTM of Windows 8  and Visual Studio 2012,  Some of you may already have known that but did you also know that you get a free one year developer account for the Windows Store? Yes you did read that right!  So get signed up to the Windows Store now and if you have an idea that you would like help and support with from Microsoft get registered for a Windows 8 Camp. If you are ready to publish
but would like support in this area why not come across to one of our app excellence labs? Have an Appy Weekend!
...(Read whole news on source site)

Community: AvePoint DocAve Online Community:

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AvePoint’s community portal is an online resource where you can read their latest blog posts, watch new product videos, participate in vibrant discussion forums, learn SharePoint best practices, and more. You’ll also receive exclusive access to the AvePoint Knowledge Base for all of your technical and troubleshooting questions. Link to the community Community Blog Posts: AvePoint MyView Magnifies Productivity in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Jeremy Thake, Microsoft SharePoint MVP and AvePoint Chief Architect, talks about AvePoint's newest product for the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Marketplace Preview Read blog post Content Quality
Assurance versus Software Quality Assurance: “A Compliance Story” Product Management Vice President Robert Yonaitis explores content quality assurance and software quality assurance in the context of compliance. Read blog post Avepoint also run free events in conjunction with Microsoft.  Here’s a couple that may be of interest to those of you who use Sharepoint. Events: SharePoint Solutions Roadshow Date: September 12, 2012 City: Edinburgh, UK Venue: Microsoft Edinburgh Address: Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG Registration page SharePoint Day Date: September 13, 2012 ...(Read whole news on source site)

Scrum in 5 Minutes

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The goal of this blog entry is to explain the basic concepts of Scrum in less than five minutes. You learn how Scrum can help a team of developers to successfully complete a complex software project. Product Backlog and the Product Owner Imagine that you are part of a team which needs to create a [...]

Wackiness ensues

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No tech today, but this is too funny to not pass along, so consider this your fun for Friday.

What would happen if Anders Hejlsberg and Barbara Liskov were forced to share an apartment in an "odd couple" sitcom? (*) Apparently I'm the "Kramer" of this sitcom. I hope I'm played by Ryan Gosling. Additional suggestions on casting the principal roles can be left in the comments. (*) A single-threaded apartment, I'd assume.

Daily Windows Phone Development News 17 Aug 2012

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Exclusive benefits for those who publish a Windows 8 app before GA - Windows 8 Launch Publisher Programme!

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Have you heard about our new Windows 8 Launch Publisher Programme which is open to those who publish their Windows 8 app to the Store before 26 October 2012 (Windows 8 GA).  The programme will give members access to a range of exclusive benefits including an invite to our launch party, selected training events, promotional opportunities for their app and the chance to win a meeting with Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Please help spread the word or be part of the VIP club and get your own app published!!

Add Elmah to

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My blog was offline a few days ago. The IIS application pool stopped. To investigate if it had something to do with my BlogEngine installation, I wanted to install Elmah. That was an easy one. Here is how I did it in just a few steps: - download your current BlogEngine installation from the remote webserver - Open it with Visual Studio (open website) - Run it with Visual Studio to make sure that there are no build errors - Right click on the solution: - Select manage NuGet Packages
- Search for Elmah - Hit install - Edit the web.config, add Just below And change the allow remote access to true. - Save and upload the new web.config, and upload and overwrite the files from the bin folder. Only logged in administrators now have access to Good luck! ...(Read whole news on source site)

Why does Windows Install with “C” Drive as Default ?

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When you notice your System , you will find that by default your hard disk label startes with C:/ drive . When you have additional partitions or DVD Drive etc , you will observe that the it continues with D:/ , E:/ etc. Now , where is the Drive A and B ? You still will be able to use the Label A and B , when you dont have any Floppy Drive connected to your system . For example , You may map a network drive with the Label “A” and B” in Windows , you can do that provided
these Labels are not used else where . Why does your system still use C Drive as default ? . One of the simple reasons being the systems in the earlier days supported 2 Floppy Drives. Looks like it became more of a Industry standard . Most of the users like me are so much used to C:Drive isn’t it ?...(Read whole news on source site)