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I’m Back

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I’m Back If you are following my Blog, you could see that in the last couple of weeks I disappeared a little. This post is being written just to let you know that I’m fine and returned to work after two weeks “vacation”. I’ll return writing posts about development soon so stay tuned. As always, if you need my assistance you can contact me through my blog, my twitter account, or send me an email through the blog’s contact form. I’ll do my best to answer every question that you ask even if the
answer is I don’t know...
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Announcing Visual Studio Achievements Beta | C9Team | Channel 9

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Announcing Visual Studio Achievements Beta | C9Team | Channel 9:
With the Visual Studio Achievements Extension, various achievements are unlocked based on your activity. When you unlock an achievement, Visual Studio lets you know visually with a pop-up. In addition, your Channel 9 profile is updated with any achievements you earn, recalculating your position on the leaderboard. Now, all that hard work won’t go unnoticed! Download it today!There are six categories of achievements you can earn, including categories like Unleashing Visual Studio, Power Coder, Don't Try This At Home and more. Some examples of individual achievements include
Regional Manager(have more than 10 regions in a single class), Close To The Metal (use 5 preprocessor directives), Stubby (generate method stubs 10 times) or Interrupting Cow (have 10 breakpoints in a file). All in all, there are 32 achievements awaiting to be unlocked.To see a list of all the achievements, check out this page. You can also see where you and your fellow niners stand on theleaderboard.
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WP7 PhoneGap Backbutton Support Re-visited

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About a month ago I published an article which demonstrated how to create a WP7 application using static HTML pages and PhoneGap. Whilst PhoneGap makes the packaging of HTML / JavaScript / CSS and images into a breeze, one thing it doesn’t do is provide correct back-button support. Correct back-button support is a mandatory requirement [...]

#476 – Set ZIndex Values for Child Elements of Canvas

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By default, child elements of a Canvas panel will be arranged in the order that they appear in a XAML file, with later elements appearing on top of earlier elements. You can override this behavior by specifying explicit values for the Canvas.ZIndex attached property.  An element with a higher ZIndex value will appear on top of an element [...]

Connecting with Customers

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It’s been a long time since I dabbled in the stock market. Recently though, given the limited returns available from my bank, or Premium Bonds or pretty much anywhere else (why didn’t I buy gold a year ago?) I decided to take the plunge again and buy a few shares. I now feel I ought to do one of those “disclosure” statements: “The author holds shares in MSFT (but not enough to make any substantive difference to his lifestyle)”. Interestingly, the first thing I did – the very first thing – was to search the Marketplace for a Windows Phone app that
would help me monitor prices. The first app I settled on was “MyStocks Portfolio” and it’s a cracker. You can monitor specific stock prices, create holdings to see at a glance whether you’re in black or red and group those in portfolios as an aggregation mechanism. But by far and away its best feature is its use of live tiles which directly connect me to the information I want right on my homescreen. I can see a miniature summary of my quotes and portfolio performance. At a glance I know whether things are good, bad or in free-fall. It’s relevant,...(Read whole news on source site)

Ask Ayende: Life without repositories, are they worth living?

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With regards to my quests against repositories, Matt asks: For example, you dismiss the repository pattern, but what are the alternatives? For example, in an ASP.NET web application you have controllers. I do NOT want to see this code in my controllers: var sessionFactory = CreateSessionFactory(); using (var session = sessionFactory.OpenSession()) { using (var transaction = session.BeginTransaction()) { // do a large amount of work// save entities session.SaveOrUpdate(myEntity); transaction.Commit(); } } That is ugly, repetitive code. I want in my service methods to Get, update, save, and not have to worry about the above. This is a straw
dummy. Set up the alternative as nasty and unattractive as possible, then call out the thing you have just set up as nasty and unattractive. It is a good tactic, except that this isn’t the alternative at all. If you go with the route that Matt suggested, you are going to get yourself into problems. Serious ones. But that isn’t what I recommend. I talked about this scenario specifically in this post. This is how you are supposed to set things up. In a way that doesn’t get in the way of the application. Everything is wired in the...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1025

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Software Announcing Visual Studio Achievements Beta - The Team over at Channel9 announce the beta release of Visual Studio Achievements, a fun extension which brings an element of game play to writing code Visual Studio Achievements - Remember Kids They’re Just For Fun - Bil Simser discusses the Visual Studio Achievements, and reminds us that they are [...]