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How to open a website via Batch file?

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In this blog post, i will show you how you can open a website via batch file. Note that the website will open in the default web browser of your system. My system always has Internet Explorer as the default browser. 1. Open the Notepad and copy the following text @echo off     start 2. [...]

Microsoft Press Weekend Deal 26/May/2012 - Microsoft® Manual of Style, 4th Edition

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At, Microsoft Press are offering the Microsoft® Manual of Style, 4th Edition as a PDF for 50% off using the MSDEAL code.

"Maximize the impact and precision of your message! Now in its fourth edition, the Microsoft Manual of Style provides essential guidance to content creators, journalists, technical writers, editors, and everyone else who writes about computer technology. Direct from the Editorial Style Board at Microsoft—you get a comprehensive glossary of both general technology terms and those specific to Microsoft; clear, concise usage and style guidelines with helpful examples and alternatives; guidance on grammar, tone, and
voice; and best practices for writing content for the web, optimizing for accessibility, and communicating to a worldwide audience. Fully updated and optimized for ease of use, the Microsoft Manual of Style is designed to help you communicate clearly, consistently, and accurately about technical topics—across a range of audiences and media."

There is a sample chapter for free download at the above link
...(Read whole news on source site)

Q&A #6 – What is XAP?

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What is XAP? XAP (XAML Application Package) file is an Application package file for Silverlight Application. It includes the AppManifest.xaml file along with the compiled output assembly of the WP7 project dll’s and resource files. XAP file is a like a simple Zip file. If you want to know the [...]

Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure Launched in India

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Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud based solution and platform. Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure is a program from Microsoft for startups to do big things in Cloud, Internet and mobile. The Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure is now officially launched in India and is hosted in Microsoft’s state-of-the-art facility on Bangalore’s vibrant Lavelle Road. Microsoft [...]

The threat of DNS Changer

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According to the web site at, there are still some 350,000 computers infected with DNS changer.

"How can you detect if your computer has been violated and infected with DNS Changer?" Please go to find a site for your language and click on the link. If you get a green background at say then you are free of the infection.