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Async I: The Basics

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In the recent talk I gave for Visug, we looked at the new async capabilities in the next version of the .NET Framework. The slides of this session can be found here. In this series of posts, I would like to walk you through the different demo's I showed during this talk.

The demo's were actually a rewrite of an existing application, the Blitzhiker application, we've developed for Windows Phone. The rewrite is a port of this application to the Windows 8 runtime.

The Blitzhiker application itself tries to bring hikers (people looking for a ride) and drivers
(people with a car) closer together.

Hikers can publish hikerequests and get an overview of drivers and other hikers nearby. Below you can see a screen shot after a hiker has published his request. A Bing map is shown with pushpins for each driver nearby. Since all calls are done asynchronously, the entire user interface stays responsive while pushpins are shown on the map.

First thing we will take a look at, is the basics of asynchronous calls. What makes up an asynchronous call and how does it affect the execution...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1095

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Information April 27th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio - Jason Zander gives another of his updates on what is going on in the Visual Studio World, highlighting the Async Targeting Pack for VS11, a number of great blog articles, and highlighting the availability of session recordings from the STAREAST testing conference. Using Nightly ASP.NET Web Stack NuGet [...]

Modern Web Development - Part 9

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This is the ninth of ten parts of this blog post. The topics will be: 1: A New World 2: Architecting JavaScript 3: A Better CSS 4: Debugging 5: Joy and Pain of jQuery Plugins 6: Packaging Assets 7: Distributed Version Control 8: Working with Facebook 9: Mobile Pages (this post) 10: Deploying to the Cloud (upcoming) Why do users complicate our lives by trying to view our content on their phone and tablets?  It's even an issue for smaller sized
desktop screens too. Since this is simply a reality for today's web developer I was glad to see there were real strides in working with mobile. Ways to Handle the Mobile Web In general there are three techniques for dealing with mobile device browsers: Mobile Site: Write a version of your site specifically for mobile browsers/phones. Mobile Pages: Write mobile specific pages for individual pages in your site.  Responsive Design: Adapt pages to work with mobile devices. Which should you choose? Well, that depends... While building a mobile site is been a standard way of doing business...(Read whole news on source site)

Using WPF Elements from F#

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WPF and F#? It’s not a natural mix — Visual Studio doesn’t provide templates or tooling for F# WPF projects, and WPF’s implicit architecture normally implies mutable view models which are at odds with F#’s preference for immutable data types. But sometimes a project comes along which seems like a great fit for F#, and [...]

How To Live Your Values at Microsoft

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Some people say, there is no such thing as work and life … there is just life.   Others say, the line between work and life has blended and we spend more time than ever on the job, so we have to make it meaningful.   And Confucius taught us, "Do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life." One way to think about work is it’s the ultimate form of self-expression, and it’s an arena for your best results.   How you show up, the thoughts you think, where you put your focus, and
how you lean into challenges, can either grow your greatness, or spiral you down.  In Young Guns II, one of my favorite quotes is, “You’re either growing or dying … there’s no in between.” One of the secrets to “The Good Life” is to spend more time in your values.  Given how much time we spend at work, it’s only natural that if we can connect what we do to our values, we improve the quality of our life.  Or, worst case, we get a whole lot of chances to practice every day Once you start to...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Save Ringtones in WP7 using the SaveRingtoneTask?

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Continuing my Windows Phone 7 Tutorials on Launchers and Choosers. Today in this blog post we will discuss about the Windows Phone 7 class named “SaveRingtoneTask”. We will first describe about the internal class implementation of the SDK itself. Later we will see how to implement it in your application.   Continue reading to learn about the API and code implementation. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedbacks at the end in the comments section. Also, share this to your friends/colleagues who might feel it useful too.   Know About the API
“SaveRingtoneTask” is a sealed class present in the “Microsoft.Phone.Tasks” namespace and inherits ChooserBase class of type TaskEventArgs. It enables an application to launch the ringtones application and allows users to save a ringtone from the application to the system ringtones list. It exposes three properties named Source, DisplayName and IsShareable.   You can set or retrieve the file path to the local......(Read whole news on source site)

Celebration! 120’000 downloads for #mvvmlight, 2 copies of Expression Studio to win

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That is a symbolic milestone: Last week, MVVM Light reached the bar of 120’000 downloads on, the site that has been hosting source and installers since the beginning of the project (100'000 downloads) and on Nuget, the popular package manager for .NET (20'000 downloads). More information about Nuget and MVVM Light.

Scroll down to have a chance to win a copy of
Expression Studio V4!
  MVVM Light started its “career” on Codeplex in October 2009. Back then it was intended as a set of classes I could use when blogging about MVVM, to avoid having to repeat the same concepts over and over again. These ideas were born from discussions on the WPF disciples mailing list (now renamed to “XAML disciples”), a group of friends who talks about everything and anything and occasionally about coding. In fact in some cases some code was even stolen borrowed with appreciation from some of the individuals on this list. Since then of course, the...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Share Links from WP7 to Social Networking Sites using the ShareLinkTask? by @kunal2383

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Kunal Chowdhury in his blog shows how to Share Links from a Windows Phone App to different social networking sites based on the users selection. Kunal explains the ShareLinkTask API with a sample sourcecode and shows the internal implementation of the ShareLinkTaks class. Read more about How to Share Links [...]

How to Create Splash Screen in Windows Phone

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source: Splash Screen makes your App look good when it is loading initially . It might be a good idea to have a splash screen specially for the apps that takes some time to load. How to Create Splash Screen in Windows Phone ? You can create Splash Screen in Windows Phone in 2 ways 1. Use static splash screen image 2. Create a animated splash screen By default , when a Windows Phone project(Silverlight) is created , SplashScreenimage.jpg file is created ans placed in the project folder. You can replace this image with your image with the same size
(480*800) pixels and setting the Build Action property to “Content”. You can also create a animated splash screen by following the below steps 1. In the existing Windows Phone Project , create a new user control . Ex : SplashScreen.xaml 2. Declare BackgroundWorker and Popup objects . BackgroundWorker class is defined in the namespace System.ComponentModel; and PopUp class is defined in ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)