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How to send a mail with an ics appointment as attachment with System.Net.Mail

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If you provide a way for your user to make an appointment it’s always a good idea to provide a reminder mechanism for him or her. A nice way to do this is to send a mail. But a mail alone is sometimes not enough and Microsoft Outlook users for example would rather love to see a .ics appointment attached. The System.Net.Mail namespace provides the needed functionality to get this recipe cooking in no time and will taste great afterwards. First part of the recipe are the helper classes which hold the functionality for making up the ics content and sending a mail depending on provided input. The
Mailing class: using System.Net.Mail; using System.Web.Configuration; namespace IcsAsMailAttachment.Controllers { public class Mailing { public void SendMail(string from, string to, string subject, string body, Attachment attachment) { using (MailMessage mailClient = new MailMessage(from, to, subject, body)) { mailClient.Attachments.Add(attachment); ...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Show a deleted List Item with a Strike Through in XAML

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When building applications it is very common to have a set of screens which are basically list/edit screens.  And when having these list/edit screens it is also common to allow users to delete a row.  In this post I am going to show how you can add a neat little UI wrinkle to your deleting action which will be visually appealing but will also allow users to undo their changes with ease. If you take a look at the screen shot below you will notice that I have a data grid with 2 line items.  You should also notice
that at the far right of each row is a ‘Red X’ which can be used to delete that selected row.  Commonly when you have this type of delete action the row will be removed from the UI in real time.  Having the row removed in real time is ok but it does give the user an easy way to undo their actions prior to committing their changes.  What I would like to do is change this. In the screen shot below you can see how we have accomplished the ability to mark a row as...(Read whole news on source site)

string.format escape sequence in c#

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Recently I was working on something and I need to put a curly bracket on the string with a string.format function but I was not aware how to to do it. So I did some search on internet and found how to give escape sequence in string.format. Suppose You need to put curly bracket then you have write two ‘{{‘ instead of { to put ‘{‘ and same way ‘}}’ to put ‘}’ Let’s take simple example. Following is a code where I am printing simple string with string.format and Response.Write. using System; using System.Web.UI; namespace CallBack { public partial
class Index : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Response.Write( string.Format(@"{{ escape sequence for string format from {0}}}", "DotNetJalps")); } } }Now let’s run that example in browser and let’s see how it goes. That’s it. It’s very easy to use.Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more..Happy Programming.
...(Read whole news on source site)

The client side of the game

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I'm not really going to go into much detail about the client - it's fairly standard "modern" HTML and JavaScript about which you can find much better information that I could cover here. One reason why I can't say a lot about it is that pretty much all of it was done by my colleague Mike Armstrong and not me! I'll just point out some things to watch out for... First, adding the the Facebook C# SDK ASP.NET MVC NuGet installation process creates and wires up a FacebookInit.cshtml file which, as you might guess, looks after
logging into Facebook for your application. Typically, your application loads without the user being logged in; the user logs in; and the page reloads with an authenticated user - FacebookInit.cshtml includes a reload on authentication to facilitate just this. Because our application is a Facebook canvas application, the user is already logged in by the time our app loads, so there's no need for this reload, so we removed the auth.statusChange handler. Er, that was probably the only real gotcha in the project! In terms of communication with the servers, Facebook operations are fairly well documented in the Facebook...(Read whole news on source site)

RavenDB Course in London: 28–29 February

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Itamar will be giving our 2 days RavenDB course in London on the 28 – 29 February. You can find more details in the course info page. Itamar Syn-Hershko is a software developer writing mostly for .NET but also in Java and C/C++, and is a core developer of RavenDB since joining Hibernating Rhinos in 2011. Author of open-source projects like HebMorph and NAppUpdate, and an active participant of others (CLucene for example), Itamar strongly believes in the power of open-source projects and the innovation they can bring to the table. Itamar's current focus
is on modern Information Retrieval - mostly search engines and databases, and he blogs about those and others in his blog     There is also some time there for on site consulting, so if you want to get one of the core RavenDB developers at your company to advice you on how to best use RavenDB, please ping us....(Read whole news on source site)

SharePoint 2010: Missing new and edit options from the Site Menu

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Recently one of SharePoint WCM client has reported that they were not able to update the site. All the edit/new/upload menu items were missing from the site. It was fine till the week before and suddenly it happened. I thought of publishing the steps for troubleshooting the issue as it may help somebody facing similar issues. When I went to the Pages library after signed in as administrator, the site menu appears as follows. All update operations links are missing! In the document library, there was not upload / new
links. The images library looked like below There was no changes applied to the site during the past few weeks, no new users added, no modifications made on the user accounts and all users were able to log in. Checking the windows events gave a more clear picture. The was the following error in the event log “Database full error on SQL Server instance '' in database 'WSS_Content'. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Could not allocate...(Read whole news on source site)

MFOS Synth 7: Front Panel Update (Knobs and started wiring)

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Today, I started wiring the front panel. Over the next several months I'll be building what is definitely my most complex electronics project to date: the MFOS (Music From Outer Space) Sound Lab Ultimate, Ultimate Expander and (if Santa brings one) Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mark II, likely all in the same home-made wooden case, side by side. The Ultimate and Expander are together a 3 oscillator monophonic true analog synthesizer with filters, envelopment generator, ring modulator, sample and hold and more. You patch between the different logical modules using banana cables, so it's a bit of a self-contained modular synthesizer. The Mark II is smaller, newer,
and has a few fewer features, but a sound of its own. You also patch that with banana cables, and can integrate the two. This blog post is another in the series. Previous posts include: MFOS Synth 1: Built the Power Supply MFOS Synth 2: Some main synthesizer board work MFOS Synth 3: Starting the Front Panel MFOS Synth 4: Resistors all soldered MFOS Synth 5: Trimmers and some capacitors in place MFOS Synth 6: PCB Complete I received a shipment from Small Bear Electronics. They had the 24mm Alpha 1M and 100K audio taper pots back in stock, so I ordered a few. I liked the smaller pots, but...(Read whole news on source site)

Best way to browse iOS documentation

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While developing apps for iPhone or iPad I often have to look around documentation. IMO the experience of browsing through documentation within XCode is not the best. Today I found this great Mac application which so far is the best way to browse through iOS documentation. The application I am talking about is called Dash. [...]Best way to browse iOS documentation is a post from: Therefore Systems