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This app isn't much to brag about but it sets the stage and underpinnings for apps to follow by getting some of the 'plumbing' in hand. Along the way I used Scott Hanselman's awesome VHD instructions and then explained some of the controls using the mouse and keyboard on a non-touch system.  Read On to see the kind of trouble fun I got myself into coding as if it were a Silverlight app. This is the first of hopefully many.

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The feedback that we got about the Webinar was amazing, and it is highly likely that we will continue doing so over the long term. In the meantime, we just scheduled a new webinar for 2 days from now (October 6th, 2011). This time we tried to make sure that it would be in an hour comfortable for people from the states as well. You can register here: Note: There are only 100 available spot, and who goes into the webinar will be decided during the actual webinar, not by whoever registered first. And yes, we
will make every attempt to remember to hit the record bottom this time....(Read whole news on source site)

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Software Nancy v0.8.0 - Best Laid Plans.. - Steven Robbins announces the release of Nancy v0.8.0, a .NET framework similar to Sinatra. This new release brings a significant number of new features along side bugfixes and tweaks. This release has taken the team longer than planned, mainly due to the strong community uptake MVVM Light [...]

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  Federations is on its way out the door with the next update of SQL Azure. With that, I’ll be on the road performing. Here is the schedule. Stop by, say hi and speak up to talk about your own “federation” stories! SQL PASS – Seattle, WA – Oct 11-14th Migrating Large Scale Application to the Cloud with SQL Azure Federations (SQL Azure) SQL Server Engine Team - Unplugged (Application and Database Development) SQL Rally – Aronsborg, Sweden – Nov
8 - 9th Building Large Scale Applications on SQL Azure – (Developer Track) SQL Server Days – Schelle, Belguim – Nov 14 – 15th Windows Azure Platform Roadmaps Migrating Large Scale Applications to SQL Azure
...(Read whole news on source site)

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What follows is a small pre-editing excerpt from chapter 33 of Silverlight 5 in Action (without footnotes, annotations and other publishing stuff). The chapter as a whole goes into greater detail on using COM Automation, the Native Extensions for Silverlight, and PInvoke. Help me avoid putting my family out on the street to support my unquenchable robotics, synthesizer, CNC and other habits. Order your copy of Silverlight 5 in Action from Manning and get chapters sent to you as soon as they are submitted by me and my development editor, or pre-order your print-only copy from Helpful References for this excerpt The Win7 Sensor and Location
API Part 1: Introduction and Freescale Board Setup and Testing Lighting up on Windows 7 with Native Extensions for Microsoft Silverlight The Win7 Sensor and Location API Part 2: Accelerometer as a Joystick (WPF version with a different approach to the code) Manning: Silverlight 5 in Action 33.2.1 Accessing an accelerometer An accelerometer is a device, often as small or smaller than a shelled sunflower seed, which can report movement in some combination of the X, Y and Z planes. Some accelerometers only do X and Y - sufficient for joy sticks. Others will handle all three. When you tilt your phone (or iPad or Windows slate) to play a game that...(Read whole news on source site)



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