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The Morning Brew #1072

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Software EF5 Beta 2 Available on NuGet - The Entity Framework Team announce the release of their second beta of Entity Framework 5, now available via NuGet. This release has focused on improving quality, with improvements to Migrations for Visual Studio 2010 users, simpler SqlExpress / LocalDB configuration, and some namespace changes. OpenSource CSV Reader on [...]

Async samples WhenAll, WhenAny, WhenEverythingWithinTimeSpan

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In this blog I will continue with the async sample I wrote in a previous blog post. I showed the new async library of 4.5. Which will also work with Mono. All the samples I show in this blog post will also work on the latest Mono. These methods can be handy to download [...] Share on Facebook Retweet this

Professional Scrum Foundations in Salt Lake City, Utah

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This week I have been filling in for David Starr at a customer and it has been an experience. David had a family emergency and tapped me of all people to take the gig from him. So not only did Northwest Cadence have to rearrange my schedule to make sure that I could [...]-Do you want to move to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service NOW? Microsoft is providing a Go-Live licence (that means that it is supported in production) and you can use it today! For help moving forward contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Doing Azure development on Windows 8

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I received one of those Samsung tablets that Microsoft gave away at the BUILD conference last September, and it is running the Windows 8 Developers Preview and VS11 Developers Preview. To be honest, I haven’t messed around with it much, because I can’t do my work on the tablet, and I’m just too busy to [...]

Lets give this place a lick of paint

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Hi there interwebbers! My name is Kyle and I’m the latest addition to the Mindscape Team. I’ve never had to write a blog post before so here goes! About me: I’m a Web Designer, (flash) Game Designer, Gamer, and a Motorcyclist! (best form of travel IMO). Favorite PC Games: League of Legends all the way [...]

C# Value Type Table

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One of the things I always seem to be checking are the various characteristics of the C# value types.  You know, stupid questions like whether int is the same as System.Int32 or System.Int64.  I know the answer, but when I need it, I just want a quick reference.  I could not find one, so I made one.  I think it is correct since I combined multiple tables from the MSDN documentation.
Value Type Category .NET Framework Type Approximate Range ...(Read whole news on source site)

Patterns & Practices Symposium Online - April 24, 2012

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Microsoft patterns & practices symposiums are held regularly in the U.S. and abroad. Most of the speakers are from the Microsoft patterns & practices (p&p) team. The event is aimed primarily at software architects, developers, and technical managers. patterns & practices develops applied engineering guidelines to help software developers and architects build great solutions on the Microsoft platform. Read more…
...(Read whole news on source site)