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My second session at KulenDayz 2014

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Organizers of KulenDayz contacted me and asked for one more presentation. Their choice takes you to the engine on SaaS-based portals running on Windows Azure. As this presentation is based on real-life experiences I think it’s valuable source of information for those who are planning something more complex on Windows Azure. Here’s the short overview of this presentation. The post My second session at KulenDayz 2014 appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

August updates – what’s new from Mindscape?

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Take a look at what we got up to in August. In particular, we’ve added several more integrations and providers to our error reporting service. Raygun Raygun4Net now supports WindowsStore applications. Raygun4Net now supports WebApi projects. Xamarin.Mac exception reporting + 64-bit support. Choose when to get your daily digest emails. Integrate Raygun with Asana. […]

How to create your laptop a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Connectify?

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If you don’t have any Wi-Fi router but still want to connect all your devices like laptops, tablets phones etc. to the internet, you can make your laptop a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot and connect all those devices via it. This way you can save your money purchasing a hardware device. In this post, I am going to share a way to create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot using Connectify. Though a paid version of this exists, but you can use the free version with limited functionalities.   Connectify Hotspot turns your PC into a virtual router and shares the internet connection
already available in your laptop. This way you can connect your tablets and/or mobile devices to the internet without actually connecting to any hardware router. In Windows 7, Wi-Fi hotspot creation wizard was already available named as “adhoc connection” but in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, this has been removed from the connection wizard. You can still create but you have to use command line parameters to create and start the connection. Unless you are an advanced user, this option is tricky. For 2/3 months, I used Connectify Hotspot (Free) with a limited functionalities and after that I...(Read whole news on source site)

New Course: Front-end Web Dev Quick Start

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It’s that time again. I’ve recently released a new course on Pluralsight. This time I tackle Web Development for complete beginners. If you are a developer who wants to move from either back-end development or from desktop development to client-side web development, this course may be for you. The concept around the course is to get you up to speed with the very basics of web development in a short amount of time. In fact, in just over three hours, you should be able to get a basic understanding of web development. After viewing my course, there
are other courses that will take you through deeper knowledge of modern web development, but the basics is where you should probably start. In the course we cover the bare bones that you need including: HTML5 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) JavaScript jQuery The course isn’t comprehensive and isn’t meant to be. Before you learn about the plethora of frameworks and tools (like AngularJS, Knockout, and Underscore), you’ll need to understand how the basics of front-end web development work. That’s what the course is meant to do. If you’re a Pluralsight subscriber, feel free to check it out here:...(Read whole news on source site)

Inside RavenDB 3.0–Chapter 6 is done

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Chapter 6 isn’t something that I actually planned to write. I thought that I would be writing a high level guide into how to use and utilize RavenDB indexes. What came out was a detailed discussion on the actual RavenDB indexing process, including a deep look into the kind of environment that we have to deal with, the type of design decisions that we had to make and the balancing act between competing demands. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in actually reading it, since it is quite low level, and it wasn’t a lot of fun to
write. It is really hard to summarize six years of operational experience into a few words. It is even harder to show you the final result and discussing that without the full history of “we tried this, and that, and that as well”. But I think it ended up okay. You can get it in the following URL....(Read whole news on source site)

Dynamically Loading Controllers and Views with AngularJS/$controllerProvider and RequireJS

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Dynamically Loading Controllers and Views Updated: August 30th, 2014 A complete sample application that uses the techniques shown in this post can be found at

AngularJS provides a simple way to associate a view with a controller and load everything at runtime using the $routeProvider object. Routing code is typically put in a module’s config() function and looks similar to the following: $routeProvider .when('/customers', { controller: 'CustomersController',
templateUrl: '/app/views/customers.html' }) .when('/customerorders/:customerID', { controller: 'CustomerOrdersController', templateUrl: '/app/views/customerOrders.html' }) .when('/orders', { controller: 'OrdersController', templateUrl: '/app/views/orders.html' ...(Read whole news on source site)

Why I love Leanpub for getting my books to readers

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Originally posted on: is some discussion going on, if/when using Leanpub is the right choice for a budding (or even established) author. Some contributions you may want to read include: Why Don’t I Use Leanpub by Management 3.0 author Jurgen Appelo Why Don’t I Use Leanpub? by Leanpub co-founder Peter Armstrong Why do I use Leanpub? by Leanpub “bestselling author” Simon Brown Much has been already said. So why add another article to the discussion? Because I feel there´s something missing. Some kind of systematic view of self-publishing. Without some more structure, my guess
is, authors still looking for their way to go, might get even more confused than they were before. Or is it just me who finds the self-publishing landscape quite confusing sometimes. So here´s my take on the topic. Let me break down the self-publishing process into a couple of steps: Write Publishing starts with writing. It´s always the author who does the writing. But with self-publishing the author needs and wants to do more than that. Writing fiction is pretty much just about plain text sprinkled with some chapter headings or occaissonal italics. Also writing most non-fiction books probably does...(Read whole news on source site)