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Daily WP7 Development News 16 May 2012

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Daily Windows 8 Development News 16 May 2012

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by WindowsPhoneGeek Daily Windows 8 Development News 16 May 2012: [Windows 8] Metro Apps for Windows Phone 7.5 Developers(7 of N) Windows 8 Camp in a Box, Consumer Preview Edition Metro Answers: Can I use the Serial Port Implement a NavigationService for MVVM in Metro Applications You can also subscribe to our Windows 8 Dev News feed or follow us on Twitter @winphonegeek . (We list the latest Windows Phone 7 development activities.)

Self Host Web Api's for Integration Testing

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Recently I had a need to write some tests making Web Api calls that would be deployable to the build server without any special configuration.What I did was utilize the Self Hosting feature in the Asp.NetWebApi.  First, I created a simple Api controller .  // GET /api/values public class ValuesController : ApiController { public SomeObjects GetByName(string firstName, string lastName) { var someObjects= new List()
{ new SomeObject { ...(Read whole news on source site)

Designing Windows Phone Applications With Photoshop

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source: AKA: How to design your own Windows Phone Application UI, using Photoshop, Expression Blend and a little touch of Magic. When it comes to being an indie-app-developer, you usually find yourself being the Jack of All Trades. You are the developer, designer, tester and marketer.
This really isn't easy, besides being good in each of these fields, and usually you are not, you need to familiarize yourself with various tools, each for it's own role in creating the application. The most confusing of all to the common
developer is usually designing the application UI.
"If it works well, why the heck does it also need to look good!?" Is a common thing to be heard from frustrated software developers, when given a UI design assignment.
But here is the thing, when it comes to Applications built for a mobile platform, Great UI is key for the success of an application.
It doesn't matter how amazingly fast your app algorithms run, if they don't come in a pretty package, No one will download it!...(Read whole news on source site)

[Windows 8] Metro Apps for Windows Phone 7.5 Developers(7 of N)

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source: In this seventh entry in the series are going to review two concepts essential to create an application user experience metro: the application bar and the implementation guidelines. Application toolbar This component is limited by that not to be a native component of Silverlight, can not make link to data to use commands, although there are alternatives that implement in Windows Phone , but they require us to use a third-party component for something as simple as the application bar. In WinRT have resolved this in a very simple way: the application bar
is a container, where we can include any standard button and take advantage of their natural abilities of execution of commands or link to data. This provides us with a great potential, but also implies a danger: stop creating "something" is not a bar of applications. To avoid this, Microsoft puts at our disposal a Guide styles very specific on the App bar. Style guide on the application toolbar First thing recommended by this guide is to make consistent use of the applications bar. Given that this is created by page, not global to the entire...(Read whole news on source site)

Formal Requirements with TFS and InteGREAT

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent a fair amount of time our visiting with customers and potential customers.  Much of it was spent talking about the new stuff coming with TFS/VS 11.  One question that came up at probably 1/3rd of customers I visited is how to do formal requirements with TFS.  If you’ve looked, you’ve probably noticed TFS doesn’t have a built in formal requirements solution.  We did some work in VS/TFS 11 and Test Professional 11 to support what we call “Agile Requirements” – important feedback loops with your stakeholders.  But for some organizations, formal requirements
are a must – Requirements documents, detailed traceability, requirements baselining, business process diagrams, etc, etc. Several years ago we found a company called eDevTECH with a product called InteGREAT.  It looked a very capable and promising product so we approached them about partnering with us to turn it into a really terrific formal requirements management tool for TFS.  InteGREAT continues to evolve and is now a terrific companion product for business analysts wanting to do formal requirements with their TFS based development/test team.  It is also complements well the Agile Requirements capabilities we added in TFS 11....(Read whole news on source site)