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Event: Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012

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We have the ALM with Visual Studio 2012 event coming up! We’re running 3 sessions of this so that if you miss the first one you can attend one of the other ones. Here’s what to expect: Hearing directly from our experts is the best way to get a really good understanding of Visual Studio 2012. In this session we will look at the Application Lifecycle Management capabilities of Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 and how that supports the entire software development lifecycle. Agenda 09:30 Registration 10:00 Start · Overview of the
Microsoft development tools · Requirements capture and Agile planning · Development including version control, code quality and automated builds · Test case and defect management including exploratory testing · Automated and performance testing · Working with the extended team, including using the feedback client, reporting, IntelliTrace and System Center integration 13:00 Lunch & Q&A 14:00 Close *Timing: Please arrive at 09:30 for registration. There is a prompt 10:00 start, so please arrive in time. Refreshments will be provided during the break and lunch will be served at 13:00. Cardinal Place...(Read whole news on source site)

FREE Microsoft exam retakes with the ever-popular Second Shot certification exam offer!

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Here is some very exciting news for all of you out there looking to ramp up your certifications or those looking to earn their first Microsoft certification. As of yesterday, the very popular Second Shot offer is now back in market and applies to all IT professional and developer certification exams (all exams with a 070 prefix), as well as all academic exams (exams with a 072 prefix)! What is Second Shot? In a nutshell, Second Shot gives you peace of mind as you take on Microsoft certification exams by giving you one free retake for each exam
you don’t pass the first time. That’s right, a FREE retake! Of course, you always pass all of your certification exams the first time, right? How does Second Shot work? Register to receive a Second Shot voucher for either a single exam or a certification pack (certification packs not only offer you the Second Shot, but also save you at least 15% off the single exam prices too). Using the Second Shot voucher number, schedule and pay to take your initial exam through our...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 8/27/2012+

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A compendium of Windows Azure, Service Bus, EAI & EDI,Access Control, Connect, SQL Azure Database, and other cloud-computing articles. Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections: Windows

Announcing Windows Azure Mobile Services

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I’m excited to announce a new capability we are adding to Windows Azure today: Windows Azure Mobile Services Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it incredibly easy to connect a scalable cloud backend to your client and mobile applications.  It allows you to easily store structured data in the cloud that can span both devices and users, integrate it with user authentication, as well as send out updates to clients via push notifications. Today’s release enables you to add these capabilities to any Windows 8 app in literally minutes, and provides a super productive way for you
to quickly build out your app ideas.  We’ll also be adding support to enable these same scenarios for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices soon. Read this getting started tutorial to walkthrough how you can build (in less than 5 minutes) a simple Windows 8 “Todo List” app that is cloud enabled using Windows Azure Mobile Services.  Or watch this video of me showing how to do it step by step. Getting Started If you don’t already have a Windows Azure account, you can sign up for a no-obligation Free...(Read whole news on source site)

Not all “true” are created equal

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  During a review of some low level bit manipulation logic a developer raised a question about the correctness of a piece of code which allowed any arbitrary byte to be seen as a bool.  No one could recall if true was defined as not 0 or simply 1.  If it was the latter then the code was allowing for a large range of invalid bool values to be created.  A quick look at the CLI spec revealed the immediate answer (partition III section 1.1.2) A CLI Boolean type occupies 1 byte in memory. A
bit pattern of all zeroes denotes a value of false. A bit pattern with any one or more bits set (analogous to a non-zero integer) denotes a value of true. A quick test backed up this particular assertion.  Any non-zero value is true and 0 is indeed false.  We took the test one step further and discovered, to the surprise of about half of us, that just because two bool values are true, doesn’t mean they’re equal.   class Program { [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Explicit)] ...(Read whole news on source site)

Lessons learned porting Wordfeud app from Windows Phone to Windows 8

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source: Wordfeud is a word game with more than 15 million players on iOS, Adroid and Windows Phone. In this article we will discuss how we ported the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) version of Wordfeud to Windows 8 (Win8), what we did to make the game conform to the Win8 Metro design language, and techniques used to achieve maximum code reuse across WP7 and Win8. It all started with the Wordfeud WP7 project that began in the end of 2011. The project was a collaboration between BEKK, Nokia, Microsoft Norway and Håkon Bertheussen (the
Creator of Wordfeud). The app was released in february along with the Nokia release of the Lumia 800 phone, and it was warmly welcomed by the WP7 users. It got good reviews and the users liked how the game conformed to the Metro design language, and took advantage of WP7 features such as live tiles. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 apps for the PhoneGap developer-Contacts

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This is part 4 in my series on Windows 8 apps for the PhoneGap developer. It’s time to make contact with a user’s contacts! Since a user’s device is very personal to them, it often has their list of contacts. And it’s very common to build functionality into phone apps for interacting with a user’s contacts. PhoneGap certainly lets you do that! The PhoneGap api provides a way for your app to get a single contact by searching for it, or get a list of contacts. The general pattern is to retrieve the contacts and display them
in a UI so the user can pick one or more. Be warned, however – don’t try this if your phone has a lot of contacts, it will likely crash the app due to memory constraints. Below is the typical example you’ll see on how to get a list of contacts from the user’s phone. Note that it’s an asynchronous operation and as such has callback specified – one for success and one for failure - as well as some parameters to filter the returned results (which can be used to get around the memory limitations I mentioned above). ...(Read whole news on source site)

O'Reilly deal of the week to 23:59 PT 4/Sept/2012 - Master Regular Expressions

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O'Reilly at are offering 50% off a range of e-books on mastering Regular Expressions

"Take the guesswork out of using regular expressions. Learn powerful tips for matching, extracting, and transforming text as well as the gotchas to avoid. For one week only, SAVE 50% on these e-books and discover a whole new world of mastery over your code."

I recommend Mastering Regular Expression to Dot Net developer as it covers the use of regular expressions across a number of environments, including Dot Net.