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You can use a value converter to convert a string value to a value of type System.Windows.Visibility, allowing data binding to a Visibility property.  You can also just set a Visibility property directly to a string, avoiding the need for a value converter. In the example below, we bind to the Content property of a ComboBoxItem, which we access through [...]

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Information WCF Extensibility - Wrapping up - Carlos Figueira wraps up his huge series of posts looking at all aspects of WCF extensibility. I’ve featured a few of Carlos’ 40+ posts on this subject, and now that the series is finished it is a great time to read the whole lot as a single work. Announcing [...]

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Good news to all Web devs, ComponentOne has released Wijmo v2. A complete kit of 40+ jQuery UI widgets including everything you'll need to build rich HTML5 applications in a cinch. If you know jQuery, you know Wijmo. This release provides unmatched functionality with 14 hot, NEW widgets including: For data visualization - Area, Bubble, Scatter, and Composite Charts, as well as Linear and Radial Gauges Powerful Events Calendar with HTML5 offline storage For rich media - Lightbox, Gallery, and Video Player Download the Wijmo
toolkit trial complete with sample code and add the widgets to your applications. Or, explore the HTML5 widgets in the Wijmo demo. You can download Wijmo v2 for Free. Enjoy! ...(Read whole news on source site)

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One of the major advantages of limiting the number of abstractions you have is that you end up with a lot less “infrastructure” code. This is in quote because a lot of the time I see this type of code doing things like this: public class BookingServiceImpl : IBookingService { public override IList RequestPossibleRoutesForCargo(TrackingId trackingId) { Cargo cargo = cargoRepository.Find(trackingId); if (cargo == null) { return new List(); } return routingService.FetchRoutesForSpecification(cargo.routeSpecification()); } } I don’t
want to see stuff like that. Instead, I want to be able to go into any piece of code and figure out by what it is what it must be doing. All my code follow fairly similar patterns, and the only differences that I have are actual business differences. Here is the list of common abstractions that I gave before, this time, I am going to go over each one and explain it. Controllers – Stand at the edge of the system and manage interaction with the outside world. Can be MVC controllers, MVVM models, WCF Services. Views  - The actual...(Read whole news on source site)

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Today's $10 Deal of the day at is SharePoint 2010 User’s Guide.

"In this book, Seth Bates and Tony Smith walk you through the components and capabilities that make up a SharePoint 2010 environment. Their expertise shines as they provide step-by-step instructions for using and managing these elements, as well as recommendations for how to best leverage them."



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