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Time to Learn How To Build a Windows Phone App? HackReady.Phone Webcast Series Is Here To Help!

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If you have been thinking about writing a Windows Phone App but didn’t know where to start my fellow teammate, Dani Diaz, has got something for you!  He’s been hosting a webcast series that started on April 3rd.  There are still three left in the series that you can catch live. But via the links below from Dani, you should be able catch the recordings of the previous ones! Via Dani… Join us for HackReady, the new online learning series designed for developers to bring you the vital bits you need, without
the fluff you won’t miss. Full of key information and demonstrations, this series gives you a solid understanding of the tools, techniques, and resources you need to become HackReady. The HackReady.Phone series brings you seven episodes, from start to marketplace. Whether you are a new Windows Phone developer thinking about your first app or well on your way to publishing, these sessions help you get there. Join us for one or the whole series—pick and choose as you like. (Tue 4/3 10AM PST)
MSDN Webcast: HackReady.Phone, Episode 1: Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform...(Read whole news on source site)

Force-Directed Graph Layout in HTML5 with F# and WebSharper

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Do you want to write succinct, type-safe and correct HTML5 web code which is not full of bugs?  Writing Javascript-executing code with F# is appealing for these and other reasons I've gone into before, and the open source Pit and WebSharper frameworks give ways to use F# to write HTML5/Javascript code for web and mobile applications. But what's it like to write this kind of F# code? What's it like to really write efficient, strongly-typed code that converts to Javascript?  On DeveloperFusion, Anton Tayanovskyy has written a step-by-step buide to writing a non-trivial HTML5 analytical visualization component using F#
and the open source WebSharper framework. The one thing I'd like Anton to add is how to access the layout logic in the component from Javascript or CoffeeScript. I'm assuming you want to implement parts of your code in F# and parts in other web programming tools. Enjoy! don   Force-Directed Graph Layout in WebSharper    In this tutorial I demonstrate how to build an interactive   force-directed graph visualization running in the browser.   Instead of coding directly in JavaScript and HTML5, I take   advantage of F#,   WebSharper, and   Raphael.  This technology   combo makes it pleasantly simple to navigate the available API.   It also...(Read whole news on source site)

Metro Accelerator Lab in Chevy Chase Next Week!

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Please join us for a special, event that you simply don't want to miss – the Metro Accelerator Lab. This is your chance to dig deeper into the latest versions of Windows (code name: Windows 8) and Windows Phone and gain all the knowledge you need to immediately start (or finish) building beautiful, fluid and immersive Metro style Windows and Windows Phone applications. In this FREE, three-day developer event, you’ll get expert help building, testing and deploying your Metro style apps, as well as guidance on how to make money in the Marketplace. Experience
step-by-step advice from Microsoft and community experts and one-on-one technical assistance. Come for an hour, or all three days. Bring that app you've been tinkering with, or a new idea that you're eager to build and we’ll help you get well on your way to releasing that killer app to the world. We'll also help you understand the steps needed to get your Windows 8 Metro style app into the Windows Store. We’ll have Windows Slate and Windows Phone devices available on site so you can see exactly how your app will run. And of course, there’s always a chance...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing the Windows 8 Editions

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source: windowsteamblog Today I would like to share information with you on the editions that will be available for "Windows 8" when it is released to market. We have talked about Windows 8 as Windows reimagined, from the chipset to the user experience. This also applies to the editions available – we have worked to make it easier for customers to know what edition will work best for them when they purchase a new Windows 8 PC or upgrade their existing PC. Windows 8 has the flexibility you need - whether you’re on an
x86/64 or a WOA PC. You can use a touch screen or a keyboard and mouse – and switch anytime. It’s beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a wide range of hardware. And you’ll love browsing through the Windows Store and downloading all the apps you want. And those apps can work together too so you can share photos, maps, contacts, links and whatever else you want faster and easier. All editions of Windows 8 offer a no-compromise experience.  ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Creating a great tile experience (part 1)

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source: blogs.msdn A live tile is one of the best ways to entice users back to your app. This post shows you how to update your app’s live tile using polling and local APIs so that you can show off what is great about your app directly on the Windows 8 Start screen. Your tile can put front and center the best of what’s going on inside of your app. The app tile is a core part of your app, and quite possibly its most frequently seen part – take advantage of the
tile to get users back into your app! In this post I walk through an example app to illustrate how to: Design for tile updates Choose templates to match the tile content Use polling notifications from the cloud to update the tile while the app is not running Update the tile while the app is running by using the NotificationsExtensions library included in the SDK (Windows 8 SDK App tiles and badges sample). ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Details on the Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency announced

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At the beginning of March, we officially announced the Small Business Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. If you looked at the comments from that post, you also saw that I said, “We will announce more program details in April,” in response to questions I received over the the Small Business Competency it might look like when launched. Now, additional details have been released on the Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency on Julie Bennani’s Partner Perspectives blog, and here are some of the highlights: Here are a few of the benefits of Gold Small Business
competency for partners: Gold competency logo Eligibility for a named Microsoft contact to help you maximize your partnership with Microsoft and sales support Internal use rights for up to 30 licenses of on premise products Significant additional cloud offering license rights for internal usage (IUR) Unlimited pre-sales advisory hours for deals >$3,000USD (50 hours if not deal related or post-sales oriented) Bill-on-behalf capability for Office 365 Premier exposure on the Microsoft PinPoint...(Read whole news on source site)

Moving to the Web 2: Dark Territory

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This series of posts (part 1) are attempting to do the impossible, to try and give desktop developers a brief introduction to developing on the web. I say impossible because the web is such a vast topic. On one side sits stacks of bizarre and nuanced APIs, but on the other mountains of really useful [...]