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New Launchers in Windows Phone 8

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by WindowsPhoneGeek Windows Phone 8 SDK offers a set of predefined tasks that enable applications to access phone functionality (Calendar, Map, SMS, Camera and more) and perform common tasks such as saving appointments, downloading map data for offline usage, sharing a media file on social networks and more. All this is performed via different Launchers and Choosers, each exposing a different API. The difference between a Launcher and a Chooser is that choosers return data, while launchers just start an application from the phone but do not return anything. NOTE: It is important to consider that when you
start a task, a separate application is launched to complete the task and your application is tombstoned. This article guides you through the new Tasks in Windows Phone 8 and shows how to use them. NOTE: All Tasks that are available in Windows Phone 8 can be found in the Microsoft.Phone.Tasksnamespace. Do not forget to include this namespace when using any of the Task classes. SaveAppointmentTask The SaveAppointmentTask launches the built-in calendar application and prompts the user to add a new appointment to their calendar. The task API allows you to populate many of...(Read whole news on source site)

Copy file from XAP package to IsolatedStorage in Windows Phone 8

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source: In my last project i needed to copy a file (SQLite database) from my XAP package to the isolated storage directory of my phone. This task is not very straightforward so after a couple of researches on the internet I've found this code and so I decided to share it. First we include a couple of namespaces. using System.IO.IsolatedStorage; using System.IO; using System.Windows.Resources; using System.Windows; Then I've created a synchronous void sub to check if the file exist or not. If it doesn't exist then we copy it from the xap package to the IS

Make your app more attractive to customers in the Windows Phone Store

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source: Windows Phone Developer blog Today's customers are busy and flooded with information and options. You must quickly win their interest and trust if you want to successfully drive them to consider purchasing your app. While great apps come in many shapes and forms, the following practices will provide you with some of the most common ways to polish your app and ensure that customers are drawn to it. App tile image
The appearance of your app icon or tile plays a significant role in how your app is perceived
by customers. Building an attractive tile is one of the best ways to draw attention to your app and entice customers to explore your product. These steps may help your app stand out from the crowd: Create unique and eye-catching imagery. Keep it simple; avoid unnecessary clutter. Make sure the image corresponds to your app. Make the text easy to read. Use Windows Phone design principles. Although screenshots are helpful in a...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1295

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Software Gilma - GUI for the ILMerge Application Revised for .NET 4.0 - ‘tuscano’ shares an updated version of Glima, a GUI frontend for working with ILMerge, freshly updated to run with the .NET 4 ILMerge I will miss the"Douglas Crockford of browsers" - Christian Heilmann highlights the news that Opera will soon be using the WebKit [...]

NoReplyAll Add-In 3.0

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A new version of the add-in is now available. The significant change is in the installation process, from plain (and simple!) ClickOnce to MSI, as described in my last post. The new version should load faster (for a start, Outlook 2013 doesn't wag a finger at it for taking a long time, at least not on any of the machines on which I've tested it), and deployment across users and multiple machines should be simpler.