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Stylecop has been released

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Stylecop has been released at

Release Notes
Compatible with the Visual Studio 11 Preview.

Install order should be : VS10VS11R#6.1.1 msi (for VS10)R#6.1.1 vsix (for VS11)StyleCop 4.7 This version is now compatible with R# 5.1 (5.1.3000.12), R# 6.0 (6.0.2202.688), R# 6.1 ( and R# 6.1.1 (6.1.1000.82).

Here are the bug details for fixed in 4.7 and closed in 4.7 issues (over 30 issues fixed since 4.6)

Here are the bug details for all issues since that have been
fixed and closed (over 390 fixes).

Release Notes
Added support for cultures into the Settings.StyleCop file. Currently supports en-US,en-GB, fr-FR, pl-PL, pt-BR and ru-RU.

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Daily WP7 Development News 1 May 2012

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How to access Application Manifest file in WP7 App at runtime

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source: Very long time and back to work, just for curiosity about how to access “WMAppManifest.xml”; using silverlight c# code in Windows Phone application. In this article we will discuss Application Manifest file called WMAppManifest.xml file and it is available in Properties folder of your project in the Solution Explorer. Manifest file contains details about the application, such as the App ID Title, RuntimeType, Version, Genre, Author, Description, Publisher and the application capabilities. Here is a ways to read the WMAppManifest.xml file using XML Parse API. Consider below mentioned code snippet. ...Read more
href=""> ...(Read whole news on source site)

Free XNA Game Programming and Windows Phone 7 Events in Phoenix, AZ in May

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Interested in learning more about game programming with XNA or building applications for Windows Phone 7? Two free all-day events are coming to Phoenix in May that you can attend to learn more. These events are always a ton of fun with some talks on the different technologies, labs, and hands-on time to actually build a custom game/application. Did I mention that there will be prizes given out and free food as well? Register at the links below and I’ll look forward to seeing you there! XNA Game Development with Dan Wahlin, Spike
Xavier, Rico Rodriguez, Lou Prado, and Ryan Plemons, May 5th, Tempe, AZ. Register Business Application Development with Joseph Guadagno, May 12th, Chandler, AZ. Register Game Developers (May 5th in Tempe) Introduction to XNA XNA Game Basics What is XNA Game Development Tools XNA Game Projects XNA Game Loop Debugging Games Working with Images, Sounds and Text Working with Textures ...(Read whole news on source site)

Symposium Session: Gadgeteering and the .NET Micro Framework

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On April 24th I helped run the patterns & practices Symposium 2012 Online on Channel 9. All of the videos are currently up and viewable on-demand. As part of the event, I gave a talk on the .NET Micro Framework. I had a ton of fun doing it, and got to show off a lot of great gear. Take a look and let me know what you think. I'll have the demos and presentation pptx uploaded shortly.