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OakLeaf Systems Terms of Service and Use

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Updated 12/31/2012 by addition of the following section: OakLeaf Systems’ Free Downloadable .NET Projects, Free Sample Applications, and Windows Store and Microsoft Office Store Apps OakLeaf Systems and Roger Jennings (‘us’ or ‘we’) from time to time offer: Free downloadable software in the form of complete or partial Visual Studio .NET projects Free sample applications in the form

2012 Annual Review

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It's that time of the year again where I take some time to look back on the year passed and peek at the year ahead. This is mostly a post I like to write up for myself, forcing reflection.

The biggest personal changes this year were moving out of my parents' place, and my girlfriend's decision to study medicine after graduating as a Master of Arts earlier this year. I had no idea how things would turn out once we lived together, but so far we have been doing great.

My career

September marked one
year working for Euricom. I'm still at my first client, and while I definitely regularly have my share of the enterprise blues, I also learned a lot working on several projects: from maintaining legacy to leading green fields. Fairly, I often doubt if traditional enterprise life is it for me though.


I published 66 posts this year, which seems to be consistent with previous years.

While writing has turned into a habit over the years, I often struggle with deciding what I should write about. Any reason is probably a good one though; documenting,...(Read whole news on source site)

Debugging Windows Store app Background Tasks

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Debugging Windows Store app Background Tasks Windows Store apps can run operations in the background using background tasks. Background tasks are triggered using a background triggers like time or system maintenance. That raises a question which is how we can debug background tasks. Visual Studio 2012 to the Rescue Visual Studio 2012 can help you trigger a background task manually. First you need to add a breakpoint to the background task code that you want to check. After you set your breakpoint, you can trigger the background task using the Suspend drop down menu
(part of the Debug Location toolbar). The Suspend drop down menu shows all the background tasks associated with the running app. In the next figure you can see the MyBackgroundTask task available in the suspend drop down menu: Pressing the background task name will manually trigger the task. Pay attention that if the background task isn’t registered nothing will happen and you won’t be able to debug it.  That is it and now you can debug your code. Summary Visual Studio 2012 includes a feature that...(Read whole news on source site)

DotNed podcast: Marcel Meijer over Windows Azure

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In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Marcel Meijer over huidige stand van zaken bij Windows Azure. Ze blikken even terug op de eerste versie van Azure en wat je toen allemaal wel en niet kon. Het grootste deel van de podcast gaat over hoe Azure veranderd is en wat je tegenwoordig allemaal kan doen. Windows Azure is een dynamisch platform en er is dus veel nieuws te melden. Daarom komt niet alles aan bod en gaan we binnenkort een vervolg podcast opnemen. Links: Blog:

ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Expression Builders

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I have talked extensively about expression builders in the past, and that is because I find them extremely useful, for building no code solutions. In a nutshell, it is a design-time mechanism for executing a method which receives some parameters and returns something that will be bound to a control’s property. Anyone who has used resources – <%$ Expression:xxx %> -, bound a connection string or an application setting to a data source control – <%$ ConnectionStrings:xxx %> and <%$ AppSettings:xxx %> – on an ASP.NET page has used expression builders. These expression builders are
included with ASP.NET, and do useful things, such as returning a connection string or an application setting from the configuration file, or returning a translated resource according to the current browser culture, without the need to code. One example would be, for example, picking up some value from the current HttpContext and assigning it to some control’s property. Here’s a simple way to achieve it, using DataBinder.Eval to process possibly complex expressions:

Getting Started With Git-TF Tool

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Git-TF tool release by Microsoft allowing developers to work locally using Git repository without any connection to TFS, if you wanted to work on your files locally (In case you don’t have internet connection) you had reopen the solution and work offline. TFS 2012 comes with new feature called – Local Workspace allowing developers to work locally on their files but without tracking the changes history – here comes Git-TF tool. Brian Harry’s Blog Distributed Version Control (DVCS) has a growing following. It enables a set of workflows that can be very handy
and Git is an increasingly popular DVCS solution.  Today, we are announcing Git-tf, a solution that enables you to work locally with a Git repo – edit, commit, revert, branch, merge, etc.  and then “sync up” with a central TFS repository.  In this way, you can have the best of both DVCS and TFS. Getting Started with Git-TF Tool Prerequisites Download Microsoft Git-TF for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Extract the zip content to C:\git-tf (or any other place) Add the path...(Read whole news on source site)

The last RavenDB feature of the year, bulk inserts

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One of the most exciting new features that got into RavenDB 2.0 is the notion of bulk inserts. Unlike the “do batches in a loop” approach, we actually created an optimized approach and a hand crafted code path that reduce the time of the standard RavenDB saves (which does a lot, but come at a cost). In particular, we made sure that we can parallelize the operation between the client and the server, so we don’t have to build the entire request in memory on the client and then wait for it all to be in memory on the server
before we can start operation. Instead, we have a fully streamed operation from end to end. Here is what the API looks like:

Happy New Year 2013 wishes and a sincere Thank You from all of us at Microsoft

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Happy New Year, 2013, Microsoft partners! As we usher in the new 2013 year, in looking back, there are always those years you look back on that are those easy years, filled with all upside, and then there are those years you look back on that test your resolve and help you see what you are made of. As many of you know, 2012 started off for me personally as one that tested both my resolve and that of my family through our journey with our oldest daughter, but it also showed the absolutely wonderful support we have in
our family, friends, and all of you as well. For this, I offer you all my greatest and most sincere gratitude, as it has meant the world to all of us. Because of this, and several other reasons, 2012 was both a very challenging as well as very rewarding year for me personally. One thing I can say is that you, our Microsoft partners, have been a bright beacon throughout the year and as always, I feel incredibly honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with, connect with, and interact with you all throughout this year. ...(Read whole news on source site)