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CoffeeScript Currying

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This is a function that does some currying:
add = (a,b) -> if not b? return (c) -> c + a a + b
JavaScript provides the capability to reflect on the number of arguments:
and to determine how many arguments were provided:
add = (a,b) -> if arguments.length c + a a + b
so it seems like it should be possible to write a function that magically returns a function that requires the right number of arguments. So
I could have a function:
f = (a,b,c,d,e,f) -> ..
if invoked with:
it should return:
(c,d,e,f) ->
anyone know how to do that?...(Read whole news on source site)

FREE Pricing and Licensing advice for all submissions to the WPGeek Component Marketplace

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via WindowsPhoneGeek blog We noticed that many developers do not feel comfortable choosing the price and license when submitting components to the WindowsPhoneGeek Component Marketplace. To solve this issue, If you are not sure how to price your component and which license to choose, our team will make all the necessary market research, competitor analysis,etc. and will chose the best price and license for you. Of course, all this is absolutely for FREE! All you have to do is just select  the "Please, set the price for me" option in the submission wizard and press the

#641 – The Difference Between IsTabStop and Focusable

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The Focusable property for a control indicates whether the control can receive focus, which means that the control can receive keyboard input after the user clicks on the control. Focusable is normally set to true for controls that are designed to accept user input. The IsTabStop property, on the other hand, indicates that a control is part of [...]

Using WinJS and WinRT to build a fun HTML5 Camera Application for Windows 8 (1/4)

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source: blogs.msdn Using HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3, we're going to build a fun HTML5 camera application for Windows 8 and its Modern UI. You will learn how to use WinRT to access to the camera and the file system to take some pictures & videos. We will then work a bit on the layout with CSS3 grid & flexbox and provide some visual feedback to the user via CSS3 animations. I will also show you how to use WinJS and its FlipView control via a templating rendering JS function to embed the whole experience. At last, we will
see how to manipulate the images taken with the camera to apply some filters effects via the canvas element or directly thanks to a C++ WinRT component. In this first tutorial, we will be concentrated on initializing the camera, displaying the live preview into a video tag & writing a picture inside the My Pictures special folder. It's part of this series: 1 - Accessing to the Camera stream and writing it on disk
2 - Working on the layout, adding video recording support and providing feedback to the user with CSS3 animations 

Windows Phone 8 SDK now due 'later this year', expected date 29 Oct

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source: zdnet Microsoft's promised delivery of its Windows Phone 8 software development kit (SDK) some time "this summer" has now shifted to "later this year." In a September 5 post on the "Windows Phone Developer" blog, Microsoft officials acknowledged the new, later timing. The new estimated delivery time for the full SDK is at the same time as when Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8. The Windows Phone 8 launch date is October 29, according to my sources. (Microsoft still hasn't officially confirmed the October 29 date, but I'm feeling pretty darn confident of
it, for what it's worth.) Next week, on September 12, Microsoft will "share detailed instructions on how current Windows Phone developers with published apps can apply to obtain the near-final Windows Phone 8 SDK seemingly in the next couple of weeks. However, the number of developers who will get the SDK will be "limited," officials warned. The full publicly-released Windows Phone 8 SDK isn't due until the Windows Phone 8 launch. NOTE: Microsoft has been making private builds of its Windows Phone 8 SDK available to a small number of developers outside the company since earlier this year....(Read whole news on source site)

NuGet Perf, Part VIII: Correcting a mistake and doing aggregations

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I hope this is the last one, because I can never recall what is the next Latin number. At any rate, it has been pointed out to me that I made an error in importing the data. I assumed that the DownloadCount field that I got from the Nuget API is the download count for the specific package, but it appears that this is the total downloads count, across all versions of this package. The actual download number for a specific package is: VersionDownloadCount. That changes things a bit, because the way Nuget sorts things is based on the total
download count, not the download count for a specific version. The reason this complicate things is that we aren’t going to store the total download count in all the version documents. First, let us see the sort of query we need to write. In SQL, it would look like this: select top 30 skip 30 Id, PackageId, Created, (select sum(VersionDownloadCount) from Packages all where all.PackageId = p.PackageId) as TotalDownloadsCount from Packages p where IsPrerelease = 0 order by TotalDownloadsCount desc, Created This is a much simplified version of the...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1183

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Software Link to new .NET Framework Repair Tool that can diagnose and repair .NET Framework 4 setup issue - Aaron Stebner highlights a useful bit of diagnostic and repair tooling from Microsoft which aims to assist with repairing broken setup issues with the .NET Framework 4.0 Information To constructor or to property dependency? - Krzysztof Kozmic discusses [...]