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The Morning Brew #1077

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Congratulations to the new and renewed MVPs on the April award cycle. Sadly I’m not amongst you bringing my 2 year run as an ASP.NET MVP to an end. Its been a great experience, I’ve met lots of wonderful, clever and inspirational people, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the [...]

Redesigning my blog for adaptive layout

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My blog runs on Subtext which has a pretty good skinning model (albeit a tad outdated) and allows you to customize whatever you want.  I’ve had my own custom theme since 2009.  I figured I was due for an update.  I was further strengthened by a post from Jon Galloway last week. There wasn't a vote, but if there was: I don't like narrow, fixed width web designs. Use media queries, scale intelligently on widescreen. — Jon Galloway (@jongalloway) March 30, 2012 Now when I saw this I figured it was
another nudge.  I did also have some time this weekend without any distractions so I took it as an opportunity to do some ‘work’ on this here blog.  Now a while back I was inspired by what Scott Hanselman had done on his site with a designer.  I reached out to a few designers that I admired, but frankly never heard back :-(.  I figured that was okay as I wasn’t in a position to really pay what I know it is worth for a good designer.  So I went looking for things on the web that I could...(Read whole news on source site)

Fixing a Streaming Issue in ShoutStreamSource on Windows Phone

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source: dzone Music streaming is a practice that is used by many Windows Phone applications, incuding but not limited to MetroRadio and Spotify. This weekend I got the chance to experiment with this too, and I had a Shoutcast stream to work with. Although I could still work with the default implementation through MediaElement, which supports streaming to a limited extent, or AudioPlayerAgent, I wanted to research the internals of the process. Tim Heuer posted two articles on this topic that interested me: MediaStreamSource sample for Silverlight
href="">Storing and playing media on Windows Phone 7 There is a very basic project that implements the MediaStreamSource for a Shoutcast stream, available here. ...Read  more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Porting a Windows Phone application to Windows 8 - A Look from 10,000 Feet Above

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source: dzone I managed to successfully port my Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone to Windows 8 - it now fully works in the Metro environment with absolutely the same capabilities as its mobile counterpart (the Windows 8 version is mobile to some extent too, since Windows 8 will be used on tablets). This article represents a general overview of the process. Time As long as the application is well-designed, it should not take much time to port it to Metro. So if you have a good separation of concerns and files are structured well in
a solution, you can just copy and paste the necessary components, adjust the namespaces, update references and you are ready to go in a lot of cases. There are exceptions, that I will be talking about later in this article, but generally the most time-consuming part of the process is the threading model reorganization. Recommended reading: App Porting to Windows 8 Already Possible ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

APress Deal of the Day - 1/Apr/2012 - Pro WPF and Silverlight MVVM

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The APress $10 Deal of the day at for today is Pro WPF and Silverlight MVVM

"WPF and Silverlight are unlike any other user interface (UI) technologies. They have been built to a new paradigm that—if harnessed correctly—can yield unprecedented power and performance. This book shows you how to control that power."

Unit Testing against the Team Foundation Server 11 API

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I have been working a lot recently with the new Team Foundation Service (TFS Preview) that Microsoft is providing in Azure. I was building an application called TFS Field Annotate that allows you to spelunk a fields changes. One of the problems I ran into is how to Unit Test this. I have been doing [...]-Do you want to move to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service NOW? Microsoft is providing a Go-Live licence (that means that it is supported in production) and you can use it today! For help moving forward contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Maker Geek Roundup 010 for 4/1/2012

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The Maker Geek Roundup aggregates information of interest to makers everywhere. Topics include .NET Micro Framework, Arduino, AVR and other MCUs, CNC, 3d Printing, Robotics, Microsoft Robotics Studio, Electronics, General Maker stuff, and more. If you have something interesting you've done or have run across, or you blog regularly on the topics included here, please send me the URL and brief description via the contact link. 3d Printing, Laser Cutting, and CAD/CAM/CNC Unbelievable! Thanks for all emails! (3d Printer DIY) (Junior announces pricing and a Indiegogo campaign) Prototyping A Lunar Mining Robot On A MakerBot (MakerBot) Four, no, Fourteen months.. part 5 of ? (Just Another RepRap) Click,

Getting Started for building a smooth streaming client

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There are two types of developments for building a Smooth Streaming Client: IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.5 APIs : developers could utilize these APIs to build applications on Silverlight platform (runs on desktop,Xbox or Windows phone). These APIs is formally known as "Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit Microsoft Media Platform - Player Framework v2.6 : a open source framework. It includes sample player and numbers of plugins for developers to get quick started. And MMPPF is based on IIS Smooth Streaming Client APIs. 
This blog is for developers who want to build media player
based on IIS Smooth Streaming Client APIs, instead of utilizing the framework. 
Install Smooth Streaming APIs: Install Silverlight Development Runtime: I installed Silverlight 5 Tool for Visual Studio 2010 SP
Now we will build a Smooth Streaming Client step by step:
1. Open Visual Studio. Select New Project... and Select Siverlight Application under Visual C# section. I choose PlayerDemo1 as the project name. 
2. Choose Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site.
3.  Now you could see two projects are generated in Solution Explorer. PlayDemo1 is the Silverlight application...(Read whole news on source site)

Almost One Week with Windows 8

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Nearly a week ago I installed Windows 8 as my main laptop operating system. I could finally do this once the Windows Phone 7.1.1 SDK update was released (making the Windows Phone emulator work on Windows 8). So I am not knee deep into Windows 8 as a desktop operating system. NOTE: is that I am using Windows 8 on a non-touch laptop. This means I want to test it as a replacement for Windows 7 on my development machine. This is a particularly important test for the Operating System for me. I've used it on a Tablet for
several months now and I really like it. The Samsung Tablet that we were given at Build is a good machine to see how real tablets will be. The lack of apps and battery life make it an approximation of real tablet use for me, otherwise I'd use it a *lot* more! Authentication and Settings When I set up the Tablet for Windows 8, I just used my LiveID so that I could get the full integrated experience that consumers would get. But since I use domain authentication for my laptop, I was worried about how the experience would be....(Read whole news on source site)

Codemania: How to not write a for loop

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It was great to see so many Mindscape customers at Codemania. We were proud to sponsor the first Codemania and it looks like everyone is looking forward to another one next year! In the meantime, here are the slides and code samples from the ‘How to Not Write a For Loop’ talk: Download slides (PowerPoint [...]