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Join us on an express tour of Windows Azure from newcomer, experienced developer to an architect’s perspective in March. In this series of the UK Tech.Days Online Conference, we will take you through a guided journey to understanding Windows Azure from the ground up. We will take you from a newcomer’s guide to, experienced developer, and finally from an architect and business decision maker’s perspective to Windows Azure. You are highly encourage to register and attend all three sessions, however, you can simply choose to attend the ones that you are interested in. We’ll show you Windows Azure and get you over that
initial hump of taking on something new, which on the surface can look scary, but with just a small amount of knowledge, you’ll find you can be very productive in this new environment. Join us this March for the UK Tech.Days Online Conference for Developers & Windows Azure. Track 1: A Newcomer’s Introduction to Windows Azure, Tue 20 March 2012, 12-2pm This session is for a developer who is either new to Windows Azure or has not yet had any exposure to it. But, as a developer you have heard some buzz and noise around it that you feel you...(Read whole news on source site)

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  I had an absolute blast presenting Knockout, AJAX, jQuery, SP2010 REST services, and spservices tonight at the February 2012 Sydney SharePoint user group. The turn out was awesome, and I want to thank you guys for the great questions and the awesome attention for listening me talk about this stuff, with great excitement, for 1.5 hours. This is what we built, not bad, in 90 minutes ;-)   Great questions: Why do you need to call ko.utils.unwrapObservable for the key function?  This is
actually pretty important, and I didn't explain it very well until I thought about it afterwards. The reason is that I believe Knockout is actually building a dependency graph when you use knockout expressions and compute functions.  If you use data.Id() - you will actually set up a dependency chain between the knockout viewmodel and the key function.  I can't imagine it would be disastrously bad - since you don't bind the key function to the UI, but it is an unnecessary performance hit.     What do you do with the formatting? The easiest...(Read whole news on source site)

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Software Prism for Silverlight 5 Ships - Blaine Wastell highlights the release of Prism 4.1 for Silverlight 5. The introduction of Silverlight 5 support has caused a few changes in Prism, some scoped only to the Silverlight Support, and this release also addresses a number of reported issues. FluentData -Micro ORM with a fluent API that [...]

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In my previous post, I discussed actual refactoring to reduce abstraction, and I showed two very interesting methods, Query() and ExecuteCommand(). Here is the code in question: [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult Register(string originUnlocode, string destinationUnlocode, DateTime arrivalDeadline) { var trackingId = ExecuteCommand(new RegisterCargo { OriginCode = originUnlocode, DestinationCode = destinationUnlocode, ArrivalDeadline = arrivalDeadline }); return RedirectToAction(ShowActionName, new RouteValueDictionary(new { trackingId })); } public class RegisterCargo : Command { public override
void Execute() { var origin = Session.Load(OriginCode); var destination = Session.Load(DestinationCode); var trackingId = Query(new NextTrackingIdQuery()); var routeSpecification = new RouteSpecification(origin, destination, ArrivalDeadline); var cargo = new Cargo(trackingId, routeSpecification); Session.Save(cargo); Result = trackingId; } public string OriginCode { get; set; } ...(Read whole news on source site)

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It has been noted by a few that there is currently no way to corporately control Live ID’s and their use with Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service. These folks are only partially right as there is a work around, which I use myself. I have had a custom Live ID for the last 10 [...]-Do you want to move to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service NOW? Microsoft is providing a Go-Live licence (that means that it is supported in production) and you can use it today! For help moving forward contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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This is the sixth of ten parts of this blog post. The topics will be: 1: A New World 2: Architecting JavaScript 3: A Better CSS 4: Debugging 5: Joy and Pain of jQuery Plugins 6: Packaging Assets (this article) 7: Distributed Source Control (upcoming) 8: Working with Facebook (upcoming) 9: Mobile Pages (upcoming) 10: Deploying to the Cloud (upcoming) The Problem As you develop HTML apps, one of the issues you’ll face is that your application doesn’t come to the browser in
one fell-swoop. A typical web page receives content from a number of sources. Below you can see the first bun of requests from a site (in this case as shown in Firebug: While reducing this number and size of these requests is laudable, you will also want to take browser cache into account. In the image above, you can see that some of the assets (e.g. jquery-1.5.2.min.js) returned a status of “304 Not Modified”. This status implies that the browser found the latest version of this asset in it’s cache and didn’t need to download a...(Read whole news on source site)



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