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Off On A New Adventure

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After three years at AdventureTech, I am leaving to pursue independence. I had a great experience at AdventureTech and worked with some of the best that Kansas City has to offer in terms of development and process improvement talent. I hope to remain close with all those I worked with at AdventureTech, and to have [...]

JetBrains, plugins + me

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I've just checked, and I've been working on the ReSharper test runner for nearly 3 and a half years. I've always enjoyed writing tools and plugins, possibly more than server side or front end coding, the stuff that's paid the bills. I like building tools that help make people more efficient, and then gets out of the way. I love the idea of tweaking or extending a tool and making it to do new and interesting things. One of my all time favourite tools is ReSharper. I’m a huge fan, use it constantly, and don’t know
how I managed to develop without it. I know ALL the keyboard shortcuts and everything. Which means that I'm VERY excited that from the start of July, I'm going to be part of JetBrains' .net developer evangelism team, working with Hadi, Jura and the others. Specifically, I'll be focussing on the extensibility features of ReSharper and the other .net tools (dotCover, dotTrace, dotPeek - yep, these guys are extensible too). In other words, I'll be working on plugins. Or rather, working with the whole plugin ecosystem. While it will involve writing, maintaining...(Read whole news on source site)

Download logs for git push Azure master

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When you git push to Azure there is a lot of diagnostic log and trace information is created.  This information is extremely useful for troubleshooting.  So if I was ever to face git push Azure master fail then looking into these is the first place I typically start. What is also interesting is that since these log files belong to your site “only you (or your co-admin)” can access it. Below is quick way to get to these files from Azure portal: On your site dasboard on the right site you should notice “Quick Glance” section
scrolling to the bottom of that you will see Deployment Deployment User and Diagnostics Logs. Click on the FTP link on the log and when you are asked for credentials enter fully qualified UserName i.e. SiteName\UserName After doing that navigate to LogFiles/Git/trace/trace.xml The trace.xml file contains tons of information regarding your git push azure master.  Even if you do not have any failures in your git push to Azure this is still a fascinating file to see as it gives you a ton of information of what...(Read whole news on source site)

How Managers Become Leaders - Harvard Business Review

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How Managers Become Leaders - Harvard Business Review:

many rising stars trip when they shift from leading a function to leading an enterprise and for the first time taking responsibility for a P&L and oversight of executives across corporate functions. It truly is different at the top. To find out how, I took an in-depth look at this critical turning point, conducting an extensive series of interviews with more than 40 executives, including managers who had developed high-potential talent, senior HR professionals, and individuals who had recently made the move to enterprise leadership for the first
What I found is that to make the transition successfully, executives must navigate a tricky set of changes in their leadership focus and skills, which I call the seven seismic shifts. They must learn to move from 
specialist to generalist, 
analyst to integrator, 
tactician to strategist, 
bricklayer to architect, 
problem solver to agenda setter, 
warrior to diplomat, and 
supporting cast member to lead role.
To see what makes them so difficult, let’s follow him through each of them, as he confronts unnerving surprises, makes unwarranted assumptions, encounters entirely new demands on his time and imagination, makes decisions in ignorance, and learns from his mistakes.

Enterprise leaders must...(Read whole news on source site)

Can we Upgrade our WP7 Device to Support WP8?

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Today in the Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft clearly mentioned that, there will not be any kind of upgrades of Windows Phone 8 in Windows Phone 7.x devices. Instead of that, they will throw a upgrade to WP7.8 for all the WP7.x handsets to fulfill the transitions between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.   This post will cover the new interesting stuff (from the Windows Phone Summit) that Windows Phone 7.8 will have to give you a look & feel of Windows Phone 8.   Start Screen The Windows Phone 7.8 will
have the new start screen of Windows Phone 8 and will remove the top-right side arrow to get the list of installed apps. It will fill the whole screen with various size of Tiles: small, medium and large. User will be able to customize their Start Screen tile with those three different sizes instead of the two present in current Windows Phone 7 devices.   Here’s a sneak peek of the new Start Screen which is coming next in Windows Phone 8 as well as......(Read whole news on source site)

The Visual Studio 2012 Feedback Tool: A better way to submit bugs

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Microsoft Visual Studio has had a long and successful run over the last decade plus, and much of that success has been through the partnership with our customers along the way. We believe that you can build better products through better conversations, and our feedback channels are intended to help us listen and respond to the things you tell us as you work with our products on a daily basis. With upwards of 50 million lines of code, broad changes to Visual Studio can take some time to fully incorporate. This can make it seem like we are not listening, but
in truth, we spend extensive time reading, responding, and consolidating customer feedback. And we are constantly looking for new ways to provide more frequent updates to the product. Generally speaking, the earlier we can get feedback, the more valuable it is, and the more likely we are to be able to implement any subsequent changes. So while we always solicit and appreciate feedback, it is particularly important during the early release timeframe. We aggressively pursue feedback from our customers on things such as user experience, performance and feature enhancements. Typically this feedback arrives via channels such as UserVoice,