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Visual Studio 2012 Tip: Improve Productivity using Quick Launch

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“Quick Launch” is a new feature in Visual Studio 2012. If you used Productivity Power Tools in Visual Studio 2010, you might be familiar with this. In Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Tools, you can see this with the name “Quick Access”.   Now Microsoft integrated it as “Quick Launch” in Visual Studio 2012 and to use it, you don’t have to install any extensions. This 4th tip on Visual Studio 2012 will guide you to know more about this new feature. So, continue reading and let me know your feedback.   Introduction to Quick
Launch Visual Studio 2012 has new addition in it’s feature named “Quick launch” which is available at the top right side of the Visual Studio IDE and can be focused by pressing the shortcut key: Ctrl + Q. Here is a screenshot of the Quick Launch bar from where you can search and launch anything from here:     Using this you will be able to search and launch any menu items and/or any option settings very easily. For example, if......(Read whole news on source site)

F# - Einstieg und praktische Anwendung, Oliver Sturm

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Ein neues  F# Buch, auf Deutsch,id,2,buchid,239.html Mit Visual Studio 2010 hielt eine neue Programmiersprache in der .NET-Welt Einzug: F#. Das Stadium der Forschungssprache hat F# hinter sich gelassen und stellt Ihnen mit seinem hybriden Ansatz Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung, die weit über das Können anderer .NET-Sprachen hinausgehen. Die objektorientierte Welt ist sogar besser als in C# unterstützt und die funktionale Programmierung eröffnet in vielen Bereichen neue und effizientere Wege. Suchen Sie nach der leistungsfähigsten .NET-Sprache? Mögen Sie funktionale Ideen wie LINQ und interessieren sich für Ähnliches in anderen Bereichen? Erwarten Sie von Ihrer Sprache der Wahl größtmögliche Flexibilität und beste
Hilfestellung in jeder Programmiersituation? Dann ist dieses Buch für Sie.
Anhand von klaren Beispielen ermöglicht Oliver Sturm einen einfachen Einstieg in die neue Denkweise von F# und bietet dem Leser die Möglichkeit, schon nach kurzer Zeit eigene produktive Anwendungen zu erstellen.
Zielgruppe Programmierer und Entwickler im .NET/Visual-Studio-Umfeld. Alle, die die neue Sprache kennen lernen wollen.
Der Autor Oliver Sturm ist Berater und Trainer für Themenbereiche der .NET-Softwarearchitektur. Er ist Associate Consultant bei thinktecture und bekannt als Autor von Kursmaterialien und Artikeln. Als Experte für Programmiersprachen und Microsoft C# MVP ist er weiterhin bekannt für seine Erfahrungen im Spezialbereich von DevExpress-UI-Komponenten und...(Read whole news on source site)

OpenXLive SDK

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OpenXLive, the mobile gaming social network platform developed and operated by Fulcrum, offers compelling features including leaderboard, achievements, multi-player, and SNS integration.  OpenXLive has drawn significant attentions in Windows Phone 7 game developer communities since it was released in February 2011.OpenXLive FeaturesLeaderboardOne of the top players in a game? Show your rankings among millions around the world!AchievementShowcase what you’ve achieved in game adventures.Game CenterYour past, present, and future. Your glories, your honors, your community.Social NetworkFind those who play the same games and share the same joys and adventures with you.Cloud StorageStore game information in the cloud. Access it anywhere with any device.Game AnnouncementMajor
events in games. For example, you became No.1.Additional Development ResourcesOpenXLive Wiki ...(Read whole news on source site)

Video: New ASP.NET Demos for iOS Mobile and Desktop Browsers in v12.1

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Check out this webinar video of the new DevExpress ASP.NET mobile and desktop demos:
Take a Tour 12.1: Right Platform. Right Design. Right Decision.
New Demos In the latest v12.1 release, our ASP.NET team worked hard to produce two great new demos that leverage the new iOS theme. The new demos show you what's possible for mobile iPad devices when using DevExpress ASP.NET. Money Monkey      The ASP.NET team and I had some fun with the Money Monkey demo because
we only had 2 weeks before the release to create it! The goal was to create one Visual Studio solution that targets both desktop-web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) and mobile iPad's Safari browser. So if you're on a native iPad device, then it will automatically show you the mobile version of the site. And I'm happy to say that this demo does that exceptionally well. Look for the full source code of this demo in a next minor release of DXperience v12.1. Touch Board This slick little demo shows you can make a nice...(Read whole news on source site)

Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project: June 2012 = 100%

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My live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project demo runs two small Windows Azure Web role instances from Microsoft’s South Central US (San Antonio, TX) data center. This report now contains a full year of uptime data. Here’s the usual Pingdom Monthly Report for June: Here’s the detailed uptime report from for June 2012: Following is detailed Pingdom response time data for the month of June 2012: This is the thirteenth uptime report for
the two-Web role version of the sample project since it was upgraded to two instances. Reports will continue on a monthly basis. Month Year Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time ...(Read whole news on source site)

Resources for Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Networks

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Mark Sorenson a Senior Product Planner in the Windows Azure Marketing group prepared the following list of resources on 7/2/2012 to assist in the evaluation of Windows Azure Virtual Machines (WAVM): Core Resources 90 Day Free Trial - we can confirm the Preview Period in support of the new release of Windows Azure is now available, which enables you to evaluate the new Virtual Machines/IaaS and Enterprise Networking capabilities. Once you have registered for the 90 Day Free Trial and created a new Account, you can access the Preview
directly at this link: Digital Chalk Talk Videos – detailed technical overviews of the new Windows Azure services and supporting technologies as announced June 7, including Virtual Machines (IaaS Windows and Linux), Storage, Command Line Tools Scenarios Videos on You Tube – “how to” guides, including “Create and Manage Virtual Networks”, “Create & Manage SQL Database”, and many more MSDN Forums for Windows Azure Microsoft Knowledge Base article Microsoft server software support for Windows Azure Virtual Machines ...(Read whole news on source site)

SourceMonitor Beta Test Version now available

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Source Monitor is a useful independent utility for producing code metrics. Beta Test Version has been released.

Download and test Source Monitor beta (Version - 2.30 MBytes)  via HTTP"

The Beta page is at

Here is the official description of it>
The freeware program Source Monitor lets you see inside your software source code to find out how much code you have and to identify the relative complexity of your modules. For example, you can use Source Monitor to identify the code that is
most likely to contain defects and thus warrants formal review. Source Monitor, written in C++, runs through your code at high speed. Source Monitor provides the following: Collects metrics in a fast, single pass through source files.Measures metrics for source code written in C++, C, C#, VB.NET, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic (VB6) or HTML.Includes method and function level metrics for C++, C, C#, VB.NET, Java, and Delphi. Offers Modified Complexity metric option. Saves metrics in checkpoints for comparison during software development projects.Displays and prints metrics in tables and charts, including Kiviat diagrams.Operates within a standard Windows GUI...(Read whole news on source site)

Event handler generation in Visual Studio 2012

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This post will be a part of Visual Studio 2012 feature series There are lots of new features there in visual studio 2012. Event handler generation is one of them. In earlier version of visual studio there was no way to create event handler from source view directly.  Now visual studio 2012 have event handler generation functionality. So if you are editing an event view in source view intellisense will display add new event handler template and once you click on it. It will
create a new event handler in the cs file. It will also put a eventhandler name against event name so you don’t need to write that. So, let’s take a simple example of button click event so once I write onclick attribute their smart intellisense will pop up . Now once you click on It will create event handler in .cs file like following. It will also put submitButton_Click on onClick attribute. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more. Till then...(Read whole news on source site)

Logging Frameworks for Windows Phone Projects

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If you are a Windows Phone developer and want to implement logging in your Windows Phone Apps, below are list of few Logging Framework that you could try. 1. Silverlight and WP7 Exception Handling and Logging building block An Open source project which can be downloaded from CodePlex lets you handle and log client side exceptions in your Windows Phone projects. 2. NLog for Windows Phone NLog for Windows Phone 7, Advanced .NET Logging supports Windows Phone, Silverlight, .net 3. Crypto Logger For .Net (v2010) Crypto Logger For .Net is a flexible and high-performance logging framework for your .Net Apps
and supports .NET 4.0, Silverlight, Windows Phone Please feel to include any other Logging frameworks in the comment section if it is missed out in the above list. I will update the list accordingly ....(Read whole news on source site)