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A Backup Strategy

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Anyone using computers for any amount of time knows that backups are a must.  We’ve all heard or read that it’s not if your hard drive fails but rather when your hard drive fails you’ll wish you had backed up your files.  However, history has taught me that it’s not always a failed hard drive that makes me run to my backups but the more likely catalyst is my own actions.  For example, have you ever re-imaged a computer, thinking you’ve backed up everything you considered important, only to realize five minutes after installing the operating system that you forgot
to include something really important in the backup set?  I have! :-) So, with the new year starting, now is a great time to think about a backup strategy.  Even if you have a backup strategy, it’s still a good idea to review your backup process to ensure everything that needs backing up is actually getting backed up. If you have ever researched backup strategies it’s no doubt that you have heard of the “backup rule of three” also known as the “backup 3-2-1” rule.  I have no idea how long this rule has been around as I...(Read whole news on source site)

Accessing Host Machine Files From Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machine

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   Similar to a previous post I wrote on How To Configure Remote Desktop to Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machine I commonly get questions for “how do I access Hyper-V host machine files from inside a guest virtual machine?”  The solution I use is a combination of software and configuration but there are many other options as well. Problem    When connecting to a Hyper-V guest virtual machine you cannot easily transfer files into or out of the virtual machine. Solution    For almost all of my remote desktop needs I use a program called mRemote
(Multi Remote).  The original mRemote developer has joined a new company and folded mRemote into a new product but you can still download a stable build of mRemote from CNET here.  There is also a forked version called mRemoteNG (Multi Remote Next Generation) that I have not tried out personally.    One of the nice features of mRemote is that you can configure an RDP connection to map local host drives so that they are available inside the RDP session.  By RDP’ing to a virtual machine with the host drives mapped you now have access to...(Read whole news on source site)

Wrapping gifts with digital Microsoft Tags and Windows Phone this year

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Ok, here’s a post for some fun this holiday season. First, I’ll admit it, I am one of those people who really enjoys wrapping presents each year and like to come up with new, fun ways to wrap the presents. At first I started out with different kinds of paper and unique ribbons, bells, or other add-ons. After that, I moved on to a favorite of wrapping smaller presents in bigger, weird shaped boxes with lots of other items in the box to throw off the weight and/or noise of the present, like including weights, bells, loose candy, and
more inside the box. In past years, just about all of my wrapping included one present, wrapped inside another present, each being for someone other than the original present said it was for, and some exchanging hands up to five times before the actual present was unwrapped by the right person. This year, I thought I’d take a different twist… With my kids being teenagers, I thought I would mix it up a little this year and bring in the digital world with Microsoft Tags, the internet, and Windows Phone for wrapping one present for them. After all, if...(Read whole news on source site)

TypeScript Grammar

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Finding errors earlier and more easily is one of the advantages of TypeScript. You can use optionally static typed (optionally) variables, functions, objects to help detect possible mismatches in your code right in your editor. Simply add the appropriate type or define an interface for more complex and custom types, and you are off and running! Defining types is by far my favorite feature of TypeScript. Dan Wahlin and I are releasing a new course for Pluralsight (due out in early January) and focuses on providing the fundamentals to write application-scale code using TypeScript. This is part 2 of 4

No Incoming Audio on Skype for Windows 8

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Happy New Year and a quick tidbit on chasing down an audio issue using Skype on Windows 8. Maybe you use Skype for your development team that is disconnected or just for personal use and have run into an issue with the audio, If you find everything to be working except the incoming audio, then it is probably a issue with the default playback device.

Go to Control Panel -> Sound and view the 'Playback' tab. Odds are you have a device such as 'Headphones' that is used as the Default Communications Device for playback of incoming audio such as
that used on Skype. Disable the device by right-clicking on it and select 'Disable'. Try making another Skype audio or video call and the problem should be fixed.

...(Read whole news on source site)

#724 – Sample Code for Examining Control Templates

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Charles Petzold, in his book Applications = Code + Markup, includes lots of useful sample code.  In chapter 25, talking about templates, he presents source code for a DumpControlTemplate project.  You can find the source code at   Download the code samples and then look for the DumpControlTemplate project under chapter 25. You start by selecting a [...]

Thanks to Everyone for Helping me have a Great 2012.

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Thank you... Seriously I’ve been reflecting over 2012 and thinking of all the new people that I met and the new experiences that I’ve had. I thought of wrapping it all up into a year-end “wrap-up” blog post, but instead I just wanted to simply say, “Thank you”. Every last one of you – from my family, to my employer (Telerik), to my friends, to the various people and organizations that have let me speak and write for them, to my blog readers and various twitter followers. *whew* I hope I didn’t miss anyone! I’ve
been truly blessed in 2012 and to be honest with you, I would be nothing without the support from everyone. I’m extremely humbled to of had so many opportunities in 2012, and so many new ones opening up in 2013. From new speaking and writing opportunities and much much more! Again, I owe this all to you. I wish each and everyone of you a great 2013 and thank you for helping me grow not only as a developer, but as a person. -Michael Crump (@mbcrump)