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It has been roughly five months since Microsoft released a Developer Preview version of Visual Studio 11 along with the Developer Preview of Windows 8.  Today, Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing the beta version of Visual Studio 11, as well as the .NET Framework 4.5, next week on February 29th (the same day the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – a.k.a. beta is to be released). Some of the quick highlights include: TFS Express.  With the release of TFS 11, there will be a new “TFS Express” SKU that will be free for
1 to 5 users.  TFS Express has some limitations (e.g. no SharePoint or SQL Server Reporting Services integration) but getting the features of TFS for FREE is a huge win for small teams.

Visual Studio Express & TFS – going along with the above announcement, the Visual Studio 11 Express SKU will be updated to include support for TFS (i.e. the Team Explorer client can be utilized from within Visual Studio 11 Express).  Another huge win for small teams. ...(Read whole news on source site)

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LightSpeed Subqueries now support projections Subqueries now permit equality comparisons against fields in the outer query Candidate fix for insert ordering issues in class table inheritance (activated by compatibility flag) Web Workbench Initial support for autocompletion of CSS property values Fix for spurious syntax error if a variable interpolation occurred at the beginning of a [...]

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source: Building an Office Blog app for the Windows Phone began as a weekend DIY project. Although many people are familiar with RSS readers as a way to monitor blog activity (learn more about the Office Blog RSS feeds here), I was looking for a quicker way to monitor and stay up to date on the latest news from the Office Blog. While rummaging around MSDN for code examples, I stumbled upon Chris Koenig's Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools, which is an easy way for anyone to create and publish a Windows
Phone app for your favorite school.  Chris is a Microsoft Windows Phone Evangelist based in Texas, who developed a code package so beginning developers can easily build and publish a full-featured app by adjusting just a few settings. I thought this would be a great way to develop an app for the Office blogs.     ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

AddThis Social Bookmark Button I admit we're still working on the final title, but there's a lot of great information in this upcoming Pluralsight course I'm working on so it's hard to keep the title short. The goal of the course is provide an end-to-end look at different technologies and show how they can be integrated together.  Most courses focus on a very narrow topic (such as jQuery Fundamentals, Structuring JavaScript, or ASP.NET Web Forms) or only focus on getting started with technologies but don’t go into more real-world scenarios.  With this new course, I walk through building an
application from start to finish and discuss data repository classes, creating and using Model classes, ASP.NET MVC controllers and actions, converting Model objects to JSON, client-side technologies such as jQuery, JavaScript patterns, HTML5, Ajax calls, structuring code, plus a lot more. If you've been waiting for a course that ties everything together into one cohesive unit then I hope this course will help you out. Here's a quick list of a few of the key technologies that the course will cover: HTML5 features Modernizer HTML5 Boilerplate ...(Read whole news on source site)



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