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Daily WP7 Development News 3 April 2012

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Twitter @winphonegeek . (We list the latest Windows Phone 7 development activities.) ...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Remove Windows 8 Consumer Preview Watermark In 5 Steps

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I’ve installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and this is amazing! but the only thing annoying is the watermark on the bottom right corner. I know you might think this is dumb, but this watermark bother my eyes… So I decided to remove it! There is probably other ways to do that, Registry and more but I don’t want to change to much things – I know how Windows 7 worked with Images so there is not much different for Windows 8. So here is how I did it:
1. Open run by clicking WinKey + R, and write the following path to open Windows 8 Themes directory. %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes 2. Make a copy of the “TranscodedWallpaper.jpg” image by clicking “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” (Copy and Paste") 3. Open the “CachedFiles” directory Right click on the image inside and choose Rename, then copy the image name. 4. Go back to the “Themes” directory and rename the “TranscodedWallpaper - Copy.jpg” (The file we just duplicate) to the value you just copied. Copy that...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone 101 series kicking off in Atlanta

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If you have been wanting to learn how to write and publish Windows Phone apps, here’s a great opportunity to get started in the Atlanta area. The Windows Phone meetup here is kicking off off a 7 part series of events that will teach you how to do it. Between now and June, attend these events, build and publish an app, and you can win great prizes. Visit the group’s meetup page to sign up. The series kicks off tonight, April 3. Join us for as many of these as you can attend!

Uptime Report for my Live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project: March 2012

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My live OakLeaf Systems Azure Table Services Sample Project demo runs two small Windows Azure Web role instances from Microsoft’s South Central US (San Antonio, TX) data center. Here’s its uptime report from for March 2012: Following is detailed Pingdom response time data for the month of March 2012: This is the ninth uptime report for the two-Web role version of the sample project. Reports will continue on a monthly basis.
Month Year Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time March 2012

Authenticating your windows domain users in the cloud

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Moving to the cloud can represent a big challenge for many organizations when it comes to reusing existing infrastructure. For applications that drive existing business processes in the organization, reusing IT assets like active directory represent good part of that challenge. For example, a new web mobile application that sales representatives can use for interacting with an existing CRM system in the organization. In the case of Windows Azure, the Access Control Service (ACS) already provides some integration with ADFS through WS-Federation. That means any organization can create a new trust relationship between the STS running in the
ACS and the STS running in ADFS. As the following image illustrates, the ADFS running in the organization should be somehow exposed out of network boundaries to talk to the ACS. This is usually accomplish through an ADFS proxy running in a DMZ. This is the official story for authenticating existing domain users with the ACS.  Getting an ADFS up and running in the organization, which talks to a proxy and also trust the ACS could represent a painful experience. It basically requires  advance knowledge of ADSF and exhaustive testing to get everything right.  ...(Read whole news on source site)

Orlando Code Camp 2012 Recap

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Last weekend we held our 7th annual Orlando Code Camp at Seminole State College.  It was a really successful event and a lot of fun to put together.  We really have an awesome team at ONETUG which helped things run really smooth this year and we were even able to try some new things. Pre-Event We started preparing for Code Camp around October of last year.  The dev team led by Z, with John Smith, and Brian Hall and a little bit of me got cranking on a new version of our site. 
Last year it was Silverlight, and this year we went with MVC3. The team had some really great ideas and pretty much all of them got implemented.  We got a ton of compliments on the site’s look & feel, features, and easy of use.  Around mid-February, the site was basically completely done.  The team added some cosmetic changes as we got closer to code camp, but it was a great feeling knowing that we had a fully-functional site so far in advance.  As Z mentioned in their Code Camp talk, last year we were coding all the way up to...(Read whole news on source site)

Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5: Out of Browser (OOB) Applications

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This is a free chapter of the book "Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5: A Case Study in Action".
Thanks to Packt Publishing, SilverlightShow readers may now purchase this book with a 27% discount using discount code dssvl2! Enjoy!
LOB (Line of Business) applications executing within a web browser are fine, but if we think from the perspective of a final user, it is not the option that they would choose first. This is due to the fact that: Having a desktop application is easy. It can be directly accessed by double-clicking so that it
is launched quickly. Most of the time, it is necessary to leave Silverlight sandbox application. This happens, for example, when we need to access the filesystem, or with a special hardware via COM (such as an ATM). It is also crucial that, when executing an application, it allows us to work offline. Similarly, from the point of view of the user, there are certain restrictions which are normally not well accepted, even though they are 100 percent desktop (namely WPF). It would be great to have the possibility of eliminating them: ...(Read whole news on source site)