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#659 – Detecting a Triple Click

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Although not very common in user interfaces, you can use the MouseButtonEventArgs.ClickCount property, available in the PreviewMouseDown or MouseDown events, to detect a triple click.  (You can also detect right vs. left mouse button clicks using the button specific events, e.g. MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseRightButtonDown). In the example below, double clicking on the Label does nothing.  But a triple click, with either [...]

Lucene.NET is UGLY

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If you ever had to go through the Lucene.NET code base, I am sure that you’ll agree that the code base is quite ugly. It does a lot  of low level stuff, which is almost always nasty, it is a port of a code from another language and framework, which means that it isn’t idiomatic code, and it has a lot of… strange things going on there. Exceptions are used far too often. There is a strong tendency to delegate things in such a way that make it hard to figure out where things are actually happening. The big
stick approach to thread safety (slap a lock on it). Some really horrible things with regards to mutable shared state with IndexInputs. Here is a good example of many of the issues that I talk about: Read this method, and I think you’ll understand. Then again, you can see methods of similar or greater complexity in RavenDB, for example, see here: My main problem with the Lucene.NET codebase is that it feels alien, it isn’t .NET code, and it shows. Then again, Lucene is also quite beautiful, but I’ll talk about this in my next post....(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 Toolkit – Charts and more v1.0 Beta Released

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The Windows 8 Toolkit – Charts and More v1.0 Beta is released and is available for download from codeplex. What is Windows 8 Toolkit – Charts and more? The Windows 8 Toolkit is an open source project and is listed with the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) and is coordinated by ZeeMoussa. The Windows 8 Toolkit contains a set of reusable controls for Windows 8 Modern Style UI Development and currently contains controls like Pie Chart Column Chart Line Chart The Beta 1.0 of the Windows 8 Toolkit – Controls and More download includes the First Beta Release file
and the Testing Charts files. The First Beta Release File is about 300KB and contains the necessary files “ModernUI.Toolkit.Data.Charting.dll” and other folders / file related to Charts, Themes and title. The Testing Charts files is about 1.7 MB size and contains a sample visual studio (Windows 8) project demonstrating various charts used in the Windows 8 Toolkit – Charts and More. Know more about the Windows 8 Toolkit – Charts and More v1.0 Beta and download it from codeplex...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1201

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Software TypeScript: JavaScript Development at Application Scale - Somasegar announces the launch of TypeScript, a JavaScript based language which adds type checking, static analysis, interfaces, and compiles down to standard JavaScript. TypeScript also enables improved IDE features such as intellisense, and whats great is that if you know JavaScript you are already part way there [...]

Free book from Microsoft - Introduction-to-Visual-Studio-Technologies.pdf

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At, Microsoft are offering a free e-book - Introduction-to-Visual-Studio-Technologies.pdf

The chapter titles are:
Introducing Visual StudioGetting started with MetroTesting in Visual StudioIntroduction to ALMALM assessmentsALM using TFSWindows Azure Platform OverviewWindows Azure Compute

Connecting Windows 8 applications with services Part 4: Tile interactions in Windows 8

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Welcome to what is already part 4 in this article series on working with services from Windows 8 applications. We started out this series by looking at how Windows 8 apps can integrate with services, including WCF, REST and ASMX services. In the previous part, we've started our detour by looking at how we can upload and download external data using the background transfers in Windows 8. In this very article, we continue our little detour by looking at how tiles can interact with the outside world. This way, they can show up-to-date
information and engage the user to start your application more often. The need for updating tiles In a previous article (that can be found here) we've taken an extensive look at how tiles work and how we can update them from code. That means that for the update...(Read whole news on source site)

Make money form Windows Phone: Paid or Free app, which strategy to choose?

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by WindowsPhoneGeek It is arguable wheatear it is more profitable for developers to have free ad-based apps or paid ones. It depends on the type of app, marketing , quality, target market size and lots of other things.  In this post I will share some tips that could help you choosing what is the right revenue model for your next app. 
Paid or Free app, which strategy to choose? Target market size The first thing that you should do is to make a simple assumption
of the number of impressions you expect the app to generate for a particular period. For example, if you have a "News" type of app or a mass consumer app (engaging enough), the assumption is that users will use the app daily by a large number of users, so there is a good probability for your app to generate a significant amount of impressions daily. The more impressions the app generates the more money you can get from advertising and vice versa. So, if your target market is big enough then offering the app for free with ads might be...(Read whole news on source site)

Register now for: 'How to Create a Powerful ASP.NET MVC Web Application' webinar

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Join me this Thursday, October 4th, at 10am PST for the '' webinar. You'll learn about how we built the new "Clinical Trial" demo app using ASP.NET MVC and DevExpress MVC extensions: Register Now: Register for this GotoMeeting webinar here: Level: Beginner (100) Platform: ASP.NET Controls Description The new DevExpress "Clinical Trial" demo app is simply loaded with functionality. In this webinar, DevExpress ASP.NET Product Manager, Mehul Harry will show you how it was built using the ASP.NET MVC framework and DevExpress MVC extensions. You will learn
about the specific DevExpress MVC extensions used to build the user interface and how they fit into the MVC framework. We’ll also dive deep into test-driven development and web architecture. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how a powerful and rich ASP.NET MVC website can be created by using DevExpress MVC.  MVC beginners are encouraged to attend! Clinical Trial Demo Test drive the demo online now to see a powerful application that leverages many of the DevExpress MVC extensions. DevExpress MVC Clinical Trial Demo  

Navigate to an URL in Windows Phone using HyperlinkButton

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Generally , We use the WebBrowserTask in Windows Phone to Navigate to an external URL . Alternatively , one could also use the HyperlinkButton to navigate to an external URL too. Just set the TargetName =”_blank” and then specify the NavigateUri property of the HyperlinkButton like the below sample sourcecode If you dont set http:// before the URL , you will get the error “Cannot navigate to locations relative to a page”. If you dont set the TargetName=”_blank”  , you will get the Navigation Failed error with message
“System.ArgumentException: Navigation is only supported to relative URIs that are fragments, or begin with ‘/’, or which contain ‘;component/’. Parameter name: uri” ...(Read whole news on source site)