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Determining Angle in Windows Phone

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source: windowsphone7developerguide No book covering the use of an accelerometer would be complete without showing you how to create a level! This chapter's Level app not only features four classic tubular bubble levels (one on each edge), but it also shows the current angle of the phone with little accent lines that line up with companion lines when one of the edges of the phone is parallel to the ground. This makes it even easier to visually align the phone exactly as you wish. Getting smooth, stable results from the accelerometer is important for an app
such as this that relies on slow, small movements. Therefore, as in the preceding chapter, Level makes use of Microsoft's AccelerometerHelper class to perform data smoothing. The key to this app is to use a little bit of trigonometry in order to determine the angle of the phone based on the accelerometer data. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Adding Notifications to Your Windows 8 Game

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source: blogs.msdn Successful apps are sticky; they make us want to come back again and again, whether it's to check in on Foursquare, send a Tweet, or get a quick answer from ChaCha. Of all the types of apps, games can be the stickiest - Angry Birds anyone? or in my case Wordament!  A great idea and implementation are obvious ingredients for success, but you also want to capitalize on opportunities to get your users re-engaged when they aren't running your app or game. Enter notifications, which come in two main flavors - tiles and
toast - and the great thing is that your application doesn't have to be running to receive them! A tile can update itself on a regularly occurring interval, and an external service can push information at any time to your users via the tile or by triggering a toast notification. The more engaging and dynamic your application tile is, the more likely it will beckon the user to re-launch it from the Start screen. Likewise, the more compelling and personalized a toast message is the more likely the user will switch to your app from whatever they are doing. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Conference season, fall of 2012

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Here we go again! The conferences are piling up one after another now when we have our new and shiny toy (=SharePoint 2013). For me personally this is an exciting time and gives me the opportunity to travel, meet old and new friends, to network and first and foremost learn more about SharePoint. A lot of us are currently experimenting with the beta bits, actively running some projects on it and just wondering how it will work when Microsoft finally will make the golden master. The conferences gives you the opportunity to hear about the latest news, learn about some
features that you haven’t got a chance to explore yet, learn from those who has been working with this new product for months and even years and also hear a different perspective of others experiences compared to yours. I have three planned conferences for the next couple of months and a couple of user group meetings (where the interest has been tremendous!). SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2012 – October 22-23, Stockholm The first conference to kick off this season is the largest yearly SharePoint conference in Scandinavia – SharePoint and Exchange Forum. It’s hosted by Office...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1193

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Still playing catch up this week, after having been on the road for a few days… Software Announcing Updates to Windows Azure SQL Database - Gregory Leake announces the latest update to Windows Azure SQL Databases, which adds support for Linked Servers and distributed queries, recursive triggers, exposing of statistics and improved firewall functionality Announcing YUI 3.7.0 - [...]

What Color is your Jetpack ?

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I’m a programmer, Im approaching 40, and I’m fairly decent at my job – I’ll keep doing what I’m doing for as long as they let me!   So what are your career options if you know how to code? A Programmer could be ..   An Algorithm developer Pros Interesting High barriers of entry, potential for startup competitive factor Cons Do you have the skill, qualifications? What are working conditions n this mystery niche ?
micro-focus An Academic Pros Low pressure Job security – or is this an illusion ? Cons Low Pay Need a PhD A Software Architect Pros: strategic, rather than tactical Setting technology platform and high level vision You say how it should work, others have to figure out why its not working the way its supposed to ! broad view – you are paid to...(Read whole news on source site)

Easy Form Validation using HTML5

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Writing validation logic using JavaScript in a HTML form is not an easy way. We all have seen it in HTML4 but what’s new in HTML5? Will it provide us easy way to validate the form with writing a small piece of code only?   Today we will be talking about this validation stuffs in HTML5. But as usual, all the browsers don’t support all of them but a good start to think for future.   In HTML4, we had a single input type for entering text but in HTML5 we
have different input types for entering different data types e.g. we have “email” data type for email address, “url” data type for entering website url, “number” for any numeric inputs and “text” data type for rest of the strings.   Not only this, HTML5 also supports placing watermark text as place holder text of any textbox. This gives the page designer and user easy way to understand about the input field. You can remember that this was way to difficult in earlier version of HTML and even in ASP.Net.   As usual, HTML still has an...(Read whole news on source site)

New Team, New Challenges

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Last week we officially launched VS2012 and the .NET Framework 4.5.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in launch activities in London, Seattle, Atlanta, and New York, sharing details on the new versions and doing whatever I can to help people get going on the new release.  I can honestly say this is the best release I’ve worked on (and I’ve worked on basically all of them).  We have been able to use half the milestones and land with higher quality this release thanks to several internal improvements as well as the new toolset we just released (I will
have to share some of those improvements in future posts; I’ve heard from many of you that you are trying to do similar things).
Now that we have shipped I will be taking on a new challenge owning development efforts for Windows Azure.  I’ll be joining my new peers Scott Guthrie (another DevDiv alumni) and Bharat Shah.  I’m looking forward to working with Scott and Bharat as well as taking on a new set of challenges and technologies.  Cloud computing is one of the most exciting technologies in the industry right now and I’m joining a great team working on cool stuff...(Read whole news on source site)