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Silverlight 5 in Action printed book is now in

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It took forever to edit and print such a huge tome, but I'm happy to say that Silverlight 5 in Action is now in. You should see them available from Manning this week, and from Amazon next week.   Here are my four boxes, just delivered today. The UPS man probably hates it when he has to deliver books to my place. At 968 pages each, they're pretty heavy. That top box: 1 book. Plus, there are another 200-300 pages of good material, freely downloadable for people who have purchased the print book (ebook purchasers should find the chapters included automatically,
but if not, the chapters are available to you as well.) The additional material went through the same editing process as the printed material, it was just too much to include in the print edition. If you have a copy, and like it, I encourage you to post a review on Every little bit helps. Thanks!
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Visual Studio Dark Theme

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As we’re closing in on the final designs for Visual Studio 11 I want to thank you again for your feedback. I want to pass along that we are still internalizing your feedback and actively working on the next Visual Studio 11 milestones. The purpose of this post is to follow up on a common request relating to the earlier RC preview post. The request was for more information on the Visual Studio 11 dark theme. Leading up to our being engineering complete for RC we focused most of our design attention on optimizing the light theme experience, because that’s what our
telemetry indicates the majority of you are currently using. Once that was complete, we turned our attention to the dark theme, focusing on the top dark theme feedback we heard from Visual Studio 11 beta. Many of you will see significant improvements to the dark theme in the RC release, but several of the key changes I’m sharing with you now didn’t make the timeline for RC. In this post, I’d like to share what you will see in RTM and call out some of the dark theme improvements we’ve made from beta to RC and subsequently to RTM.

Windows 8: 30 to Launch

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Here's a great opportunity for developers in San Francisco and New York (more cities are coming...see below) to get a jumpstart on building great Windows 8 Metro style apps, with the possibility of getting early access to the Windows Store so yours can be one of the first apps that users of Windows 8 are able to buy when the new operating system is released. Here are the details: Your Idea Realized in 30 Days! Be Part of the World’s Largest Opportunity for App Developers. With 525 million Windows 7 licenses sold, millions of people await Windows
8 apps. Create a Windows 8 app in 30 days and then attend a Microsoft App Excellence Lab to get your app ready for the Windows Store. If your app meets our quality criteria, you’ll receive a token to register your account and then submit your app to the Store. To help you get there, we’ve organized a series of 30 to Launch events across the US. Join us over four weeks to make your app idea come to life. And you’ll also have an opportunity to win great prizes!* *See the official rules for the Windows 8...(Read whole news on source site)

WPDevCon - the fist Windows Phone Developer Conference

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by WindowsPhoneGeek WPDevCon is an independent conference for software developers, marketers and entrepreneurs building applications for Windows Phone-powered devices. Windows Phone is poised for take off with Microsoft putting the engines on full power in 2012.  Projected attendance is 500+ from across the globe. Exhibits admission is free!  Receive a $100 discount off the prevailing rate for the 3-day pass by inserting the code MEDIASPONSOR when prompted on the eRegistration page linked from