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Zenbook UX31 as a Windows 8 laptop

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I've written two previous reviews of a Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook. Short summary: I really like the form factor, build quality performance, and battery life. Here's a final review with a look at Zenbook as a longterm Windows 8 laptop. Installing Windows 8 I installed the latest public release of (Windows 8 Release Preview). As with every Windows 8 install I've done, this was a very fast install. I opted for a pave / reinstall because everything I cared about was already being sync'd via Skydrive or was in source control. Yay clouds! After a few minutes, it was
installed and I was ready to log in. I've got Windows 8 installed on some other computers, so it already had my desktop and other settings set up. The Zenbook came preinstalled with Windows 7 and a bunch of utilities including an ASUS Update manager thing. My initial reaction was that it was a bit much. They'd obviously put some thought and expense into the unbox / first run experience, and the utility overload thing was really the only thing I encountered that marred that experience. So when I started with a fresh install on Windows 8, I was...(Read whole news on source site)

Great Time at Gwinnett .NET Users Group

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I headed up to the Gwinnett .NET Users Group last night had we talked all about mobile web development using ASP.NET! If you were there, thanks for attending and here are the slides and code as promised! Code Slides (pdf) If you had any questions that you didn’t get to ask at the talk, just comment below.
If you liked this article, see Shawn's brand new workshop: The Web Workshop: a 3-day class that features...(Read whole news on source site)

“Unplugged” LIDNUG online talk with me on Friday (August 10th)

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Tomorrow, Friday August 10th, I’m doing another online LIDNUG session.  The talk will be from 2pm to 3:30pm (Pacific Time).  I do these talks a few times a year and they tend to be pretty fun.  Attendees can ask any questions they want to me, and listen to me answer them live via LiveMeeting.  We usually end up having some really good discussions on a wide variety of topics.  Any topic or question is fair game. You can learn more and register to attend the online event for free here. I’ll update this post with
a download link to a recorded audio version of the talk after the event is over. Hope to get a chance to chat with some of you there! Scott P.S. In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at: whole news on source site)

Architecting The Fall Of Man

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You all know the story. Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The fall of man occurred when Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and subsequently gave the apple to Adam. Of course it was the devil who tempted Eve and they were all cast out of the garden of Eden and man’s destiny of a life of sin was set in motion.  The part I take issue with is the tree of knowledge of good and evil itself. It didn’t just grow on its own, it was placed there deliberately by God. Sure God told Adam
and Eve not to eat it and sure they disobeyed. But if God is all powerful and all knowing, he knew good and well that they would eat, yet he put it there anyway. He knew that the devil would temp Eve and yet he was allowed to be in the garden of Eden.  This means that, if the bible is true, the fall of man was directly and completely architected by God himself. Christians will all agree that God is all powerful, all knowing and incapable of mistakes. This means that the fall of man wasn’t a mistake, but rather...(Read whole news on source site)

Not Just a Designer: Code First in Entity Framework – VSLive Session Slide Deck and Demos

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Not Just a Designer: Code First in Entity Framework – VSLive Session Slide Deck and Demos Today I had the pleasure of delivering another session in VSLive conference. The session that I delivered was about Code First in Entity Framework and I covered Code First, DbContext API and Entity Framework Migrations. I want to thank all the attendees who came to my session and also to VSLive organizers for giving me the opportunity to speak in the conference. You can download the slide deck and demos from this link.
...(Read whole news on source site)

C#/.NET Little Wonders: Interlocked Increment(), Decrement(), and Add()

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Once again, in this series of posts I look at the parts of the .NET Framework that may seem trivial, but can help improve your code by making it easier to write and maintain. The index of all my past little wonders posts can be found here. Often times, we need to update a count in a multi-threaded program.  This may be an incrementing, decrementing, or adding a value in a thread-safe manner.  This post will discuss one of the lightest ways to do this: the Interlocked class. Problem: Increments Are Not Thread-Safe
The .NET Framework does a great job simplifying asynchronous programming to the point where you may be using threads with or without knowing it!  The Task Parallel Library (TPL), the new async keyword, and services (web, WCF, etc.) all use threading to accomplish concurrent execution.  The problem with asynchronous programming is that even though incrementing is very simple, it is not atomic. For example, if wanted to increment a count of trades in a system, we could do this:

Simple Scheduling in Windows Azure

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Nate Totten recently wrote a nice post called Task Scheduling with Windows Azure Web Sites Using a Cron Job Service, in which he described how to use a third-party cron service to call your web application on a regular schedule. This is a great solution when your code can only run in response to an incoming web request, as is the case in Windows Azure Web Sites, Heroku, or any (other) shared hoster. Today, Google App Engine has a built-in mechanism like this, but I remember people advocating the third-party cron service approach on GAE before this feature
was added. The downside of this approach is that you've added a dependency on a third-party service. Nate wrote: When uptime is critical or you are running large processes I generally recommend using a Worker Role. It is pretty easy to setup a single worker role to run scheduled tasks. —Task Scheduling with Windows Azure Web Sites Using a Cron Job Service I too have recommended using a worker role (or a web role, really) for task scheduling, but I built a more complex solution, focusing on scaling out across multiple role instances and scheduling tasks at arbitrary times (preempting existing tasks)....(Read whole news on source site)

TFS Integration Tools – Issue: TFS WIT bypass-rule submission is enabled

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Issue When you run the TFS Integration Platform for the first time with TFS WIT bypass-rule submission enabled you will likely get the following error: Figure: A Runtime Error Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.Tfs2010WitAdapter.PermissionException: TFS WIT bypass-rule submission is enabled. However, the migration service account ‘MS Finance TFS Service Acct’ is not in the Service Accounts Group on [...]-Are you adopting Visual Studio, Team Foundation Serve or Agile? Are you stuck in a rut? Let us help you... email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nightly news, 10 Aug 2012

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LightSpeed Fix for an issue with LINQ providers handling of certain Any/All queries Added validation info to Mindscape.LightSpeed.MetaData, available on field information Fix for combination of cross join of two entities containing soft delete creating an invalid SQL statement Fix for column name not being specified when ClrCased for defining stored proc result entities Web [...]