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Free E-book from O'Reilly - 11/May/2012 - What is Dart?

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Today, O'Reilly are offering a free e-book "What is Dart?" at

"Get ready to build modern web apps. This concise book covers the Dart language, libraries, and tools that help you develop structured, fast, and maintainable web apps that run in any modern browser. The Dart platform has been designed to scale from simple scripts to complex apps, running on both the client and the server. With this book, you can use Dart to architect and develop HTML5 apps for the modern web."

dotPeek 1.0 is Released

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Those nice people at Jetbrains have have just released DotPeek 1.0. The notice at states:

"Free .NET decompiler and assembly browser from JetBrains is now officially live! Please download dotPeek 1.0 and enjoy high-standard decompilation with ReSharper-inspired navigation and search!"

There is even a video on that page describing using DotPeek.

ReSharper 7 EAP now available for all VS versions

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Jetbrains at have released the following:

"ReSharper 7 EAP opened up just over a month ago providing early support for Visual Studio 11. We have now opened this up also to other editions of Visual Studio, specifically 2005, 2008 and 2010. As such, if  you’re not yet working with VS11, you can install ReSharper 7 on previous versions. Get the latest editions from the EAP page. As new releases appear, new features will be available and we will be blogging about them."

Adding The HTML Target Schema Selection to VS.NET 2010 for HTML5 Intellisense

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If you are beginning to delve into HTML5 in VS.NET say in a MVC3 project using the Razor engine for example, you will want intellisense support for HTML5. This is not difficult to do, but the 'HTML Source Editing' toolbar may not be shown by default in your VS.NET instance. To add it preform the following steps:

1. Open VS.NET but do not open any specific project. This ensures the changes you make will be for all project's opened.

2. Go to 'View -> Toolbars' and select the 'HTML Source Editing' menu item.

/>3. To test, open a MVC3 or MVC4 project using the Razor engine and navigate to a .cshtml view. The dropdown will now be active and the default selection will be 'XHTML 1.0 Transitional'. Change it to 'HTML5'.

4. Now try typing in the first few letters of a HTML element or attribute, like the 'Canvas' tag.

You now have the HTML5 schema validation and intellisense support.
...(Read whole news on source site)

Assign media url in code behind for SmoothStreamingMediaElement

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In this short blog, I will talk about how to assign media url in code behind for SSME: SmoothStreamingMediaElement. For this code sample, I am not using Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework v2.6. I am building the application from scratch using Silverlight Smooth Streaming Client v1.5. I hope this short blog will help you while debugging.
1. You will need to add the player in .xaml file. I didn't set the streaming source in SmoothStreamingMediaElement in .xaml file. 2. And go to the code behind, and insert the following code
public MainPage()
/> InitializeComponent();

SmoothPlayer.SmoothStreamingSource = new Uri("");

SmoothPlayer.MediaOpened += (o, e) =>
} You will see from the code above, the first step is straight-forward, that we assign the media source URI to SmoothStreamingSource. However, if now, you immediately call SmoothPlayer.Play(), you will get an error. That's because when media source gets set up, Smooth Streaming player will do a bunch of things, such as downloading manifest and downloading some amount of data chunks. Thus, initially I called SmoothPlayer.Play() after ManifestReady() event, that's also wrong....(Read whole news on source site)

Roll your own Twitter Feed with Backbone.js

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Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework that manages complexity on the client while enabling the creation of rich HTML5 applications in a MVC-style fashion. For the more tech-savvy: Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, [...]

My Speaking Schedule - 2012 Edition

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My 2012 conference schedule is shaping up nicely. I will visiting a series of conferences, code camps and user groups this year. Last year I didn't do this nearly as much as I was building a failed product. So back to my love of badges and beer. If you have the opportunity to be at any of these great events, do it. I love them all. (Also, if you see me at an event, please stop by and say hello.  As many can attest, I don't bite much.) Here's the current slate (in chronological order): Atlanta
Code Camp May 19th, 2012 - Atlanta, GA Mobile Web  Development: Learn to use Responsive Design and Mobile Pages in MVC4 to create great mobile experiences. Debugging the Web: Using the Browser Tools to achieve greatness.   Code Stock 2012 June 15-16, 2012 - Knoxville, TN Modern Web Development: Learn the new ecosystem of technologies that make web development sane again. Building Mobile Websites with ASP.NET and HTML5: Learn to use MVC4's Mobile Pages to detect and deliver great mobile pages. DevLink 2012 August 29-31, 2012 - Chattanooga, TN...(Read whole news on source site)