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Article: Windows 8 Metro style simple music app example

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Mike Taulty has created six screencasts around a simplistic Windows 8 metro style app that lets you play music from albums found in your music library, built in in HTML and JavaScript, touching on topics like: using a query against the local storage to get a view of the music collection using a ListView to present both list and grid views of the data playing music with an HTML5 audio tag using Visual Studio and Expression Blend to write the code/set up the basics of the UI allowing music to continue in the background and handling the controls to make sure the user can
still pause/play etc. on that music making sure that the app tries to do the right thing to respond to sound level changes such that when another music app comes along, it pauses its playing making sure that the app tries to do the right thing to respond to suspend/resume/terminate on Windows 8 so that it saves state to try and remember what music it was playing Watch the screencasts here.
...(Read whole news on source site)

More OSS Love from Microsoft

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by Ashic Mahtab Microsoft and Open Source Software (OSS) have not always seen eye to eye. They have even been portrayed as foes – adversaries on two sides of an intellectual war. However, things have been changing in recent years. Groups in Microsoft have been gradually embracing – even championing OSS. I have noticed significant shifts in some of the technologies I follow. In April, 2009 - just a month after ASP.NET MVC 1.0 went RTW - the source code for it was released under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). This meant developers gained access to the source code of the
framework. Microsoft also shifted focus from its client side ASP.NET AJAX library to the more popular open source library jQuery. It dedicated developers to create templating features for jQuery as well as adding globalization support. ASP.NET MVC started shipping with OSS libraries like jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Validation, Modernizr.js, etc. Microsoft’s package management system NuGet is also open source. Last year, the Azure SDK was released under the Apache 2.0 open source license. The Patterns and Practices team are preparing guidance on CQRS – which is also open source. Microsoft has also set up Codeplex, added Mercurial and...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1087

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Software New cumulative updates for SQL Server 2008 R2 (RTM & SP1) are available! - Aaron Bertrand highlights the release of two new cumulative update packs for SQL Server 2008 R2 - one taking the RTM release up to date, and the other working on installations which have been patched with SP1. ASP.NET 4.5 Beta Free Hosting [...]

Getting All Stored Items in an IndexedDB objectStore

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Getting All Stored Items in an IndexedDB objectStore One of the things that I found very common to do when you use IndexedDB is retrieving all the stored items in an objectStore. This post will show you how to implement such a function. Getting All Stored Items in an IndexedDB objectStore When dealing with databases there are a lot of times that you find yourself retrieving all the stored items in a database table. When using IndexedDB, which is an index database, the retrieve all items operation is also vital. Here is an example of
how to retrieve all the stored items in an objectStore:
function getAllItems(callback) { var trans = db.transaction(storeName, IDBTransaction.READ_ONLY); var store = trans.objectStore(storeName); var items = []; trans.oncomplete = function(evt) { callback(items); }; ...(Read whole news on source site)

APress Deal of the Day 18/Apr/2012 - Design Driven Testing

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Today's $10 Deal of the day from APress at is Design Driven Testing.

This is a book that all J*** developers should read from cover to cover. I look forward to C# and VB.NET versions. There is a tendency in software development to go to extremes. This book helps to correct that tendency. I recommend it also to all system architects.

"Design Driven Testing brings sanity back to software development by restoring the concept of using testing to verify a design instead of pretending that unit tests are a replacement for design"

Windows 8 Metro: Starting your first App from scratch

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After the first article in this series, where I briefly discussed about design aspects of the new Metro interface, involving simplicity, flatness, emptiness and the pillars of this new beautiful paradigm, as promised, it is now time to start exploring the tools available to start create your applications.
7.5 Fundamentals      All SilverlightShow Ebooks 
At the date of this article, you have to be aware that I'm discussing about the "Windows 8 Consumer Preview" bits so, when then next releases will be available, something I've written might become obsolete due to changes made by the team. However, being at the second public preview of Windows 8 means that it is sufficiently stable to write something of reliable. To follow this article and probably the next ones, it is obviously required an installation of Windows 8 CP. You can download it from this page. After you installed...(Read whole news on source site)


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Sometimes very basic things are so rooted in our heads that we often forget how to explain those basics to others. So was in my case when I needed to prove my son that A(B+C) is AB+AC and not just AB+C as he originally thought. To my surprise, I couldn’t think of a way to visualize it and explain. Wait a second, if you can’t explain something you supposedly know, then you don’t really know it well… Gladly, a friend of mine remind me the way to prove it. Why am I sharing this incident? Because a lot of times
we assume we know something, till we actually need to explain it to others, and that’s where our knowledge is truly tested. This is something that is greatly exposed in pair-programming. And maybe that’s the reason so many avoid it with every possible excuse out there. Just saying… Oh, and if you want to see the simplest way to explain to a kid why A(B+C) = AB+AC, here’s visualization:  ...(Read whole news on source site)

Go with the dataflow

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Dataflow programming is a style that describes your data processing as data flowing through a graph of operations, in contrast to the usual imperative processing style. It invites you to think of data operations as a collection of black boxes, linked together by a runtime which takes care of moving data from one box to [...]

Using Cassette to minify assets in an MVC3 app

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There are many packages for minifying assets in web applications. A new one written by Andrew Davey (@andrewdavey) called Cassette offers some great features that help deliver not only CSS and JS bundling and minifcation, but also Coffee, SASS, LESS, as well as Html templates. The Html templates can also be pre-compiled if using jQuery [...]

Slides and source code for my past talks this year

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I had the chance to be invited to talk at various conferences this year already, and I promised to post the slides and source code, so here it is! MVVM Applied: From Silverlight to Windows Phone to Windows 8 Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria The Model-View-View Model pattern is a common denominator between applications using XAML to create the user interface. First applied in WPF, it was then easily ported to Silverlight and Windows Phone development. With WinRT and the Metro-style applications, XAML is now a first-class citizen for native Windows 8 development. Here too, the
MVVM pattern is making developers' life easier, and proven components can be used to simplify and speed up application development. In this session, Laurent Bugnion, the creator of the acclaimed MVVM Light Toolkit, will present best practices around XAML-based Windows 8 application development, and how to leverage code and skills in Windows 8 too. Download the slides Source code: Start Source code: Silverlight 5 Source code: Windows Phone 7 Source code: Windows 8 ...(Read whole news on source site)