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Move Your WP7 Apps Links to the Marketplace

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Recently @WieserSoftware mentioned to me (on Twitter) that my Windows Phone 7 App page was using the old, outdated Zune links. I made the change last night and wanted to explain how to do it in case anyone is confused. There were two versions of the old links. Some were prefixed by "zune:" and others were linking to (which redirected to a "zune:" link). In both of these cases, you'll want to direct them to the marketplace instead. The key to this is your app id. You can use your old links to find your app
id. For example, the link looked like this: You can simply create the new links by putting your app id in the new format: For example, the link for GooNews is: If you don't have an old link, you can get the app id and a complete link on the AppHub for your app: The app id is called "Product ID" on your app details page. You can also grab an entire link to your app there too. So go update those links now...for your...(Read whole news on source site)

Giveaway: Telerik Ultimate Collection License worth $1999

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Today I am starting a new giveaway contest of Telerik Ultimate Collection License. The contest is starting on 28th May 2012 and will end on 8th June 2012. At the end of the contest period I will raffle 2 Telerik Ultimate License worth $1999 each.   So, why are you waiting for? Take part in the contest, ask others to participate and win $1999 license for Free. As much as you share, the probability of winning will be high. For more details, check out the complete post.   2 Telerik Ultimate Collection License worth $1999
each   Terms & Conditions 1. We are using RaffleCopter to manage this giveaway.The winning decision of  Raffle Copter is full & final 2. Giveaway includes 2 Telerik Ultimate Collection License worth $1999 (Developer License with Priority Support) each 3. Giveaway is open to all geographic locations 4. Contest will end on (8th June 2012) and winners will be contacted via email 5. Spamming is strictly prohibited and hence......(Read whole news on source site)

The open plan fallacy testimonials

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I wrote an article titled 'The open plan fallacy' just two weeks ago. Earlier this week a similar article was published by the New York Times. The content of that article wasn't particularly extraordinary, but the comments were. I waded through all of them on my daily commute, and it's really hard to find one in favor of open plan offices - people seem to be enraged.

I handpicked some of the most interesting ones.
Research by Emberson (Psychological Science, 2010) demonstrate both the impairment in performance for people forced to listen to half a phone
conversation and the neurological impossibility of "tuning out" these overheard conversations. The office experience has been described as trying to drive a car full of people all talking on their cell phones. It's preferable to have to make the effort to collaborate than the effort to focus on one's work amidst a distracting open workplace. My profession, architecture, does require a high degree of collaboration, but also a need for intense, individual concentration working on complicated 3D computer models and details.. and long hours being in "the zone". My firm provides private offices for all of its staff and a variety...(Read whole news on source site)

AppNap user interface

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The AppNap main page content is pretty much a grid with three elements - the search box, the list of search buttons, and an ad control. There's a picture of it in the first post in this series, and the Xaml looks like:

ItemTemplate="{StaticResource TemplateSearchShortcutPortrait}"
HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch">

Grid.Row="2" Height="80"
Width="480" IsAutoRefreshEnabled="True" />
There are a few things in that I want to point out: First, I've set the text box input scope to Search to give a "search" button graphic for the "enter" key. Setting input scope is almost always worth doing, to tailor the soft keyboard to whatever semantics your textbox has. My search buttons are disabled until the user has typed something: my TextQuery_KeyUp method enables the buttons when the textbox is non-empty (it also behaves as if the first search button is clicked if the user hits "enter" - or "search" as explained...(Read whole news on source site)