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Yury wrote a great post on Agile Results in Russian.    The post is titled, Agile Results - a new approach to personal effectiveness. Description of the basic techniques and principles, and it's on a Russian productivity blog -- What I like about the post is that Yury gave a simple description and then walked some of the big ideas and enumerated the values, the principles, and the practices.  In my experience, one of the best ways to share any system is to focus on sharing the principles, the practices and the values.  
The principles help guide and focus on outcomes rather than have a rule for every occasion.   Practices are a great way to share “techniques”, especially if you give them fun or memorable names.   For example, I tested different names and went with things like Rule of Three, Monday Vision, Daily Wins, Friday Reflection, and Hot Spots.   The values help bring like minds together and that helps the system grow.) My Related Posts Now Available: Getting Results the Agile Way on Kindle Getting Results the Agile Way – Top 10 Best...(Read whole news on source site)

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I recently needed to retrieve the results from a TFS tree query using .NET code, via calls to the TFS API. It was easy to find examples for retrieving a set of work items from a flat query, but I couldn’t find any information about how to retrieve a tree. I did find a few people talking about some ways to do it, but they said it was too slow. In this blog post I’ll show you a very fast way to retrieve a tree of results. Let’s start with the query I’m using:
FROM WorkItemLinks
Source.[System.TeamProject] = @project
AND Source.[System.WorkItemType] IN ('Product Backlog Item', 'Bug')
...(Read whole news on source site)

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The Microsoft Office Developer Center has created 101 code samples for SharePoint 2010. These samples cover a wide range of useful tasks from working with lists and document libraries, to using BCS. The C# samples, in most cases, have a companion VB.NET project. There are also samples written in JavaScript. The list of samples were compiled from suggestions submitted by the SharePoint community via this blog. Be sure to check them out. We are sure that you will find something to use in your own solutions. You can get the descriptions of each sample and a link to

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The goal of this blog entry is to describe how you can use the Windows JavaScript (WinJS) library to create namespaces. In particular, you learn how to use the WinJS.Namespace.define() and WinJS.Namespace.defineWithParent() methods. You also learn how to hide private methods by using the module pattern. Why Do We Need Namespaces? Before we do anything [...]



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