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OakLeaf Systems Site Is Creeping up on 1,000,000 Pageviews

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Just looked Blogger’s new Stats page for the OakLeaf Systems site and found it’s had 947,476 pageviews in its history. Pageviews appear to be running consistently close to 60,000 per month, which encourages me to continue publishing it. I’m not sure what the chart measures, perhaps it’s average pageviews per post. Another question is “Where is Google in the Traffic Sources list?” Here’s the answer: As expected, “cloud computing” is the most popular search term: Thanks for reading my blog!
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Windows 8 and ASP.NET Web API - Part 1 - Getting Started

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Many of the key Windows 8 Metro Style application features either require or can greatly benefit from a connection to online services. ASP.NET Web API is a great fit for these services, as it's tightly focused around providing HTTP services to applications. I'm starting a series that will look at how to leverage ASP.NET Web API services from Windows 8 applications. In this first post in the series, we'll begin with a simple C# Windows 8 Metro Style application that displays data from the ASP.NET Web API Contact Manager sample. Once we've got the basics locked down, we'll move
on to some more complex topics. I'm thinking Live Tiles and Notifications, but I'm interested in your ideas of where to go next, so please let me know in the comments. The ASP.NET Web API Contact Manager sample I thought it would be simplest to start with an official, tried and true Web API sample that's been around since the early days of WCF Web API - the Contact Manager Sample. You can download the code here: This code is originally written for Visual Studio 2010, but I'm going to be working on Visual...(Read whole news on source site)

A XAML Guy digs into ASP.NET MVC4 (Part 1 of ?)

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Introduction Through and through I love XAML. I love building and working with SL, WPF, WP7, and Windows 8 XAML Metro Apps. But one thing that I’m aiming for is to have an understanding of other web applications frameworks (MVC in particular). Mainly for two reasons, to become better informed and for my passion of helping customers of Telerik to find suitable web solutions (be it Silverlight, WebForms, MVC, etc). I am not brand new to MVC as I have worked with it before, but I feel that it is time for me start “from scratch” and document
my experience.  As I’ve said many times before this blog was created for me  as a quick reminder of how I did something. If anyone benefited from reading what I wrote then that was just a bonus. If you already know MVC then you won’t get much out of this series. If you are a XAML person, and want to see what the other side looks like then stick around. I’m sure I’ll make plenty of mistakes but hopefully we can learn together. Starting with MVC4 Beta I decided to start this series with MVC4 Beta because of...(Read whole news on source site)

Install-Package NuSpec

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If you are like me and regularly produce NuGet packages, then you often deal with NuSpec files. I always found it annoying that I had to leave my Visual Studio environment in order to create a .nuspec file. Well, I've finally automated this step and published it on Github and on the NuGet Gallery. Feel free to fork it, contribute and provide feedback! What this package does Plain simple: It extends the NuGet Package Manager Console with a new PowerShell cmdlet, called Install-NuSpec It adds the nuspec XSD's to the Solution Items solution-folder, providing you with IntelliSense when editing the
nuspec file. It adds a tokenized nuspec file to the target project and renames the nuspec file to .nuspec (which allows the PackageBuild feature - or nuget pack - to pick it up as well)
Please note that this package obsoletes my old NuGet.Manifest.Xsd package as well.

Under the hood, I'm using an XML template for the generated .nuspec files, which looks like this:
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A gradient fill can have a number of different stops–positions within the gradient that should take on a color value that you specify. To add or remove stops for a gradient, start by selecting the control containing a property that you’ll set to a gradient.  (E.g. The Background property of a Label). In the Brushes area of the Properties panel, [...]

Relational searching sucks, don’t try to replicate it

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This question on Stack Overflow is a fairly common one. Here is the data: And the question was about how to get RavenDB to create an index that would have the following results: { CarId: "cars/1", PersonId: "people/1235", UnitId: "units/4321", Make: "Toyota", Model: "Prius" FirstName: "Ayende", LastName: "Rahien" Address: "Komba 10, Hadera" } { CarId: "cars/2", PersonId: "people/1236", UnitId: "units/4321", Make: "Toyota",
Model: "4runner" FirstName: "test", LastName: "test" Address: "blah blah" }   same unit different person owns a different car Now, if you try really hard, you can probably try to get something like that, but that is the wrong way to go about this in RavenDB. Instead, we can write the following index: Note that this index is a simple multi map index, it isn’t a multi map/reduce index. There is no need. This index can return one of three types. Car – just show the car to the user
Person – now that we have...(Read whole news on source site)

O Reilly Deal of the Week - Master Drupal - From Design to Development

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Until May 3, 2012 at 11:59pm PT O'Reilly are offering books on Drupal at 50% off at

From Wikipedia at "Drupal ( /ˈdrpəl/) is a
free and open-source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.[2][3][4] It is used as a back-end system for at least 1.5% of all websites worldwide[5][6] ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites including and[7] It is also used for knowledge management and business...(Read whole news on source site)

Using a Sterling-database in Windows Phone as alternative to SQL CE

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source: If you remember my blogpost from a very long time ago, I wrote about using SQL CE with Windows Phone (you can find it here). SQL CE can be queried with LINQ to SQL, making it interesting for storing relational data. Recently I came in contact with the Sterling-database (check it here), an Object-database which can be used in .NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone ! You can add “SterlingPhone” to your project by using NuGet. Just like SQL CE I can use Sterling for storing data in
Isolated Storage. I’ll show you how to use it with a “fake” Northwind-database, but it can also be used for persisting full Viewmodels when using MVVM. In my fake Northwind-database I will use Products and Categories, so I simply start by creating classes for these two entities : ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing the open source Metro style theme for jQuery Mobile

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source: Starting today, the Metro style theme for JQuery Mobile, the popular open source mobile user interface framework, is available for download on GitHub and can be used as a NuGet package in Visual Studio. The theme enables HTML5 pages to adapt automatically to the Metro design style when rendered on Windows Phone 7.5. The Metro style theme is open source and available for download here. This new Metro style theme’s development was sponsored by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. working closely with Sergei Grebnov, an Apache Cordova committer and jQuery Mobile developer. The
theme looks just gorgeous, doesn’t it? ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)