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Students Developing a Better Future

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One of the things I care most deeply about is education, ensuring that the next generation has the opportunities they need to help build a better tomorrow.  This is why I personally invest time in support of the Imagine Cup, which brings together students from all over the world to apply their learning, their skills, their inspirations, and their passions to the world’s toughest problems. In the 10 years the Imagine Cup has been running, millions of students from hundreds of countries have participated, using technology to help fix the environment, eradicate diseases, address world hunger, improve gender equality, ensure
people everywhere have access to education and healthcare, and more.  The goals are lofty, but more impressive than the goals themselves are the solutions these students devise to achieve them. This year, the 10th worldwide finals are being held in Australia in July, with 372 students from 106 teams across 75 countries competing.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the program for all 10 years, and you can participate as well, from the comfort of your own office or home.  Over 60 of these teams have submitted videos to the People’s Choice Award competition, where you get to vote...(Read whole news on source site)

Creating Corporate Windows Phone Applications

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Most developers write Windows Phone applications for their own gratification and their own wallets.  While most of the time I would put myself in the same camp, I am also a consultant.  This means that I have corporate clients who want corporate solutions.  I recently got a request for a system rebuild that includes a Windows Phone component.  This brought up the questions of what are the important aspects to consider when building for this situation. Let’s break it down in to the points that are important to a company using a mobile application.  The company want to make
sure that their proprietary software is safe from use by unauthorized users.  They also want to make sure that the data is secure on the device. The first point is a challenge.  There is no such thing as true private distribution in the Windows Phone ecosystem at this time.  What is available is the ability to specify you application for targeted distribution.  Even with targeted distribution you can’t ensure that only individuals within your organization will be able to load you application.  Because of this I am taking two additional steps.  The first is to register the...(Read whole news on source site)

Image manipulation in Windows 8 metro app

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source: ..First post is about doing Image manipulation in Windows 8 metro. Our Community app presents a list of events that contain sessions. Such a session can be given by one speaker or more speakers. What we wanted to achieve was to let the user of our app directly see the image(s) of the speaker(s) when he looks at the session list. But the trick here is that because of the use of XAML templates we only have one Image control inside our session list with a given Width and Height. So we need
to transform the given images so that they will fit. The effect we are after is this, one speaker = one large image, more speakers = smaller images inside one large one: Now how do you do this… well it’s very easy and this thanks to the WriteableBitmapEx lib available on codeplex or through NuGet. But let me suggest you get the source code because you’ll need to tweak one small thing to get a good result! ( more on this later ) This library gives you a whole range of different extensions...(Read whole news on source site)

Consuming ASP.NET Web API in a Metro Style Application using jQuery

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Abstract: In this tutorial, we will talk about establishing communications between ASP.NET WEB API and Metro-Style application using jQuery, for performing CRUD operations.
Microsoft has provided the developer community with a brand new execution environment and a collection of new APIs called WinRT to develop UI rich full screen applications known as Metro-Style Applications. These applications can be developed on Windows 8 using VS 2012 (currently not released and available as a Release Candidate) and can be used on Windows 8 Tables devices. The nicest part of these applications is
they can be developed using XAML and C#, HTML5 and JavaScript (or jQuery). Since HTML5 based is used for developing UI and jQuery can be used to make external calls to WCF services and Web API, we can easily develop business applications for those users who are just interested in using applications for business use than an application developed using a specific technology. 
.....Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

#586 – Bubbling and Tunneling Events Are Typically Paired

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Events defined for preexisting controls in WPF (e.g. a Button) are typically routed events–meaning that the event is propagated up or down the logical tree.  Routed events can either be bubbling events (they propagate up the tree) or tunneling events (they propagate down the tree). Many events in WPF related to user input are available in pairs, with [...]

Windows Phone Pushpin Custom Tooltip: Different Techniques

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via WindowsPhoneGeek Articles This is the fifth article from the series of posts that I am writing related to working with location data in Windows Phone and building location aware apps. In this post I will cover different techniques for showing custom  tooltip/bubble popup message when a Pushpin element is tapped on the MapControl. In our case we will focus on the current location pushpin. ...Read more

How To: Bing Maps For Windows 8 Metro Apps - C#

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Bing Maps SDK is available for Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 release preview, Bing Maps SDK is easy fast and cool control that you can use in your Metro App. Download Demo Project Step 1: Maps Developer Account Before you can use Bing Sdk from Windows 8 Metro App you need Maps Developer Account, open, create or enter with existing Windows Live account. Choose “Create or view keys” and create new Key for your application. Copy and save that key, create
a resource in App.xaml called “BingCredentials” with the key value. AnJwk78cjoJfBMQXAxC85FwLiLPwmy6paQ1TsTJVg_-62hNraRRUzXRz1RELKfHa
Step 2: Create Bing Maps Metro Application Download the latest bits - Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps Open Visual Studio 2012 RC, and create a Blank Project. “Add Reference” –> select “Bing Maps for C#….” and click OK. After adding the Bing Maps reference to our project you will see a “Warning” icon on the Bing binary, the reason is Bing Maps doesn't support “Any CPU” configuration. You need to change the...(Read whole news on source site)

How To: Bing Maps For Windows 8 Metro Apps - JavaScript

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In my last post I talked about Bing Map for C#, but you can also do the same of JavaScript projects using Bing Maps SDK. Download Demo Project Step 1: Maps Developer Account Before you can use Bing Sdk from Windows 8 Metro App you need Maps Developer Account, open, create or enter with existing Windows Live account. Choose “Create or view keys” and create new Key for your application. Step 2: Create Bing Maps Metro Application Download the latest bits -
href="">Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps Open Visual Studio 2012 RC, and create JavaScript Blank Project. “Add Reference” –> select “Bing Maps for JavaScript (Beta)….” and click OK. Step 3: Add Map Control Inside default.html we add a div element under the body, this will be the map holder.
Now we need to load the map into that control, be just before we need to load the map module, in order to
do...(Read whole news on source site)

Geo Location & Spatial Searches with RavenDB–Part V-Spatial Searching

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So, all of this have gone quite far. We have seen that we can quite easily go from having the user’s IP address to figuring out its location using our Geo Location database. The next step is to actually do something about it. Usually, when doing geo location, you care to know what the human readable name for the user’s location is, but in our case, what we most care about is the user’s physical location, so it is lucky that the geo location database that we found also include longitude and latitude information. With that, we can define the
following index, on our events. The Longitude & Latitude information is actually calculated by the browser using the Google Geocoder API, so we just plug in the address, and the site does the rest by figuring out where on the globe we are. This index allows us to search by spatial query as well as by time: Using that, we can do: First, we try to find the location of the user based on the user IP, then we are making a spatial query on top of the events, based on the user location. What we...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1130

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Software Announcing Windows Phone 8 - Joe Belfiore gives the official word on the Windows Phone 8 platform, the next evolution of Windows Phone. Did you see Windows Phone 8 Preview? - mbenkov gives an overview of the key feature and changes as a part of the Windows Phone 8 platform announcement A Developer Perspective on Windows Phone [...]