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Single Page Apps - Part 10 - Saving, Change Tracking, Commanding, and Validation

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Saving data is simple, right? What app isn’t complete without some sort of saving mechanism? And while I’m at it, it’s nice to be able to track when changes occur so I can tell if a user can press the save button or even leave the current screen. Which bring me to making my buttons smart enough to know that they are already involved in a asynchronous process, so commanding would be nice. Finally, if I want to save data, it might be a good idea to validate the input on the client (and the server). There are a lot
of moving parts involved with saving changes, and I cover these in my new Pluralsight course “Single Page Apps with HTML5, ASP.NET Web API, Knockout, and jQuery”. You can catch up on the previous posts in this series here: More on the Code Camper SPA Part 1 - The Story Begins (What is the Code Camper SPA?) Part 2 - Client Technologies Part 3 - Server Technologies (the Data Layer) Part 4 - Serving JSON with ASP.NET Web API Part 5 - HTML 5 and ASP.NET Web Optimization Part 6 -...(Read whole news on source site)

Modern UI Icons

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Modern UI Icons is the largest Creative Commons icon pack for the Modern UI style. Hosted on GitHub with over 700 icons and growing it has become the number one source for developers needing an icon. Icon requests are tracked through GitHub.

The Decorator Pattern, Done Right, With StructureMap

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One of the cool bits of black magic I showed during my “StructureMapping Your Way to Better Software” talk was an extension method for registering decorators using StructureMap.  In this post, I’ll show you how it works.   EnrichWith Says What? StructureMap actually supports the decorator pattern right out of the box.  This functionality is cleverly concealed in plain sight in the EnrichWith method: var container = new Container(cfg => { //...
cfg.For() .Use() .EnrichWith((ctx, r) => { return new ProductRepoLogger(r, ctx.GetInstance()); }); ...(Read whole news on source site)

Requirement management in the modern application lifecycle

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Originally posted as Requirement management in the modern application lifecycle on Visual Studio ALM - Guidance for agile teams developing software with Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio & Scrum from Martin HinshelwoodManaging requirements is hard and no single tool can tell you how to achieve that within your organisation. To that end, Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Server stays out of the “where do your requirements come from” world and firmly in the “i have my requirements.. .what now?” world and instead concentrates on only one [...]Are you trying to rise up and meet the needs of your
bushiness in the world of the modern application lifecycle? Does your business want you to deliver more frequently? With the right guidance in process, practices and tools you can rise to the challenge and Northwest Cadence can provide that guidance... call This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today to help you define, develop and operate your way to success......(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Azure Mobile Services Preview Walkthrough–Part 2: Authenticating Windows 8 App Users (C#)

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The Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMoS) Preview’s initial release enables application developers targeting Windows 8 to automate the following programming tasks: Creating a Windows Azure SQL Database (WASDB) instance and table to persist data entered in a Windows 8 Modern (formerly Metro) UI application’s form Connecting the table to the data entry front end app  Adding and authenticating the application’s users Pushing notifications to users My Windows Azure Mobile Services Preview Walkthrough–Part 1: Windows 8 ToDo Demo Application (C#)
post of 9/8/2012 covered tasks 1 and 2. This walkthrough describes the process for completing task 3: Registering your Windows 8 app at the Live Connect Developer Center Restricting permissions to authenticated users Adding authentication code to the front-end application Authorizing users with scripts The walkthrough is based on a combination of the Get started with authentication in Mobile Services and Authorize users with scripts tutorials. It has additional and updated screen captures for many operations. A...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone 7.8 with more new features, Microsoft asks developers what features they want

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by WindowsPhoneGeek So far the only officially confirmed feature in Windows Phone 7.8 is the new start screen.  However, we noticed the following message posted by a member of the Windows Phone team: "As you know, Windows Phone 8 is a generational shift in technology, which means that it will not run on existing hardware. BUT we care deeply about our existing customers and would like to know SPECIFICALLY what features you would like to see on 7.8 and vote INDIVIDUALLY for the one that you want most (vs. one large grab bag of features)." This
means that Windows Phone 7.8 will probably bring more than one new feature. So,go to the User Voice forum to vote or suggest features! ...(Read whole news on source site)

A Different Panoramic Effect in Windows Phone - Inverted Panorama

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source: In this article i will present an alternative way for Panorama instead of using classic way.i call this: Inverted Panorama Inverted Panorama
The inverted panorama works up-to-down and opposite way just like classic Panorama works left-to-right and right-to-left.This type of app can be made very easily using Blend tool.If you trust your XAML knowledge you can do it in Visual Studio 2010.  Lets start!
Create a new Panorama Project in Blend, then choose LayoutRoot and spin it to left or right: Here you
have an inverted panorama but you need to edit some other settings such as removing Panorama headers and scaling the sizes of the Panorama according to the PhonePage.You can use Textblocks instead using Panorama Headers and by adding Grids to the PanoromaItems you've achieved your goal for inverted panorama. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)