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source: One of my biggest frustrations with Windows Phone has been getting an image to zoom somewhat smoothly in an app, as well as behave the way a user would expect it to. Attempts have been made to remedy this problem, most notably the MultiTouchBehavior, which is available on codeplex. However, none of the attempts proved, based on my judgement, satisfactory (until now of course). In my rampant search to find a "good" image zooming implementation, akin to what is experienced in the Windows Phone web browser and other native apps, I stumbled upon the
IndexOutRange blog, where another dev has taken what I consider a successful stab at the problem. How I missed it before? I don't know. But once I saw it, I used it as a jumping off point and made zooming even easier to work with. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

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The goal of this blog entry is to describe the Promise class in the WinJS library. You can use promises whenever you need to perform an asynchronous operation such as retrieving data from a remote website or a file from the file system. Promises are used extensively in the WinJS library. Asynchronous Programming Some code [...]

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              Recently while working on an application I ran into an client side validation issue. The issue was that ASP.NET MVC 3 application ignoring the cancel class(which is used to disable the validation of a particular submit button), when you use unobtrusive ajax(for example, Ajax.BeginForm helper). This issue is also present in ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta at two places. Ben Reich raised this issue at In this article, I will show you the issue and a quick solution.   Description:                To understand this issue just add s Ajax.BeginForm helper with a submit button in your ASP.NET MVC 3(or
ASP.NET MVC 4) application. Set the submit button class to 'cancel'. Run this application. You will find that the application is ignoring 'cancel' class(which is used to disable validation). Similarly, add a submit button with 'cancel' class inside new Login popup of ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta application, you will get the same issue. To resolve this issue just open AjaxLogin.js file(for only ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta) and replace this,   .submit(formSubmitHandler)            with,   .submit(formSubmitHandler) .end() ...(Read whole news on source site)

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Meine kleine User Group Tour im letzten Sommer unter dem Motto “UI/UX für Entwickler und andere Nicht-Designer” hat mir viel Spaß gemacht – so viel Spaß, dass auch auch dieses Jahr wieder unterwegs sein werde. Die Planung dazu ist noch im Gange, die folgenden Termine stehen für meinen neuen Vortrag “UI Patterns - Kochrezepte für die Gestaltung von GUIs” bereits fest: 28.02.2012 Bonn (Infos, Anfahrt)
  28.03.2012 Koblenz (Infos demnächst online, Anfahrt)

  02.07.2012 Dresden (Infos ab Juni online) Ich mache auch gerne noch in anderen User Groups Halt (ggf. gerne mit einem “Medley” beider Vorträge) – bei Interesse mich einfach kontaktieren.
  Hier der offizielle Ankündigungtext: UI Patterns - Kochrezepte für die Gestaltung von GUIs Bei "UI" und "Patterns" mag mancher an MVC (Model View Controller) oder MVVM (Model View Viewmodel) denken, doch nicht nur in der technischen Umsetzung, sondern auch bei der Gestaltung von User Interfaces gibt es - im...(Read whole news on source site)

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Yury wrote a great post on Agile Results in Russian.    The post is titled, Agile Results - a new approach to personal effectiveness. Description of the basic techniques and principles, and it's on a Russian productivity blog -- What I like about the post is that Yury gave a simple description and then walked some of the big ideas and enumerated the values, the principles, and the practices.  In my experience, one of the best ways to share any system is to focus on sharing the principles, the practices and the values.  
The principles help guide and focus on outcomes rather than have a rule for every occasion.   Practices are a great way to share “techniques”, especially if you give them fun or memorable names.   For example, I tested different names and went with things like Rule of Three, Monday Vision, Daily Wins, Friday Reflection, and Hot Spots.   The values help bring like minds together and that helps the system grow.) My Related Posts Now Available: Getting Results the Agile Way on Kindle Getting Results the Agile Way – Top 10 Best...(Read whole news on source site)

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I recently needed to retrieve the results from a TFS tree query using .NET code, via calls to the TFS API. It was easy to find examples for retrieving a set of work items from a flat query, but I couldn’t find any information about how to retrieve a tree. I did find a few people talking about some ways to do it, but they said it was too slow. In this blog post I’ll show you a very fast way to retrieve a tree of results. Let’s start with the query I’m using:
FROM WorkItemLinks
Source.[System.TeamProject] = @project
AND Source.[System.WorkItemType] IN ('Product Backlog Item', 'Bug')
...(Read whole news on source site)



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