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Dynamically Generate Form with jQuery and ASP.NET MVC

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Hopefully it’s obvious that you probably won’t need to do this very often, but when it’s needed, it’s nice to have available. I thought I’d share this little helper to dynamically create a form, append it to body, and submit it...without AJAX. First I'll show you how I'm converting my view model to a parameter list and a query string. Basically I've created an extension method that loops through properties and checks if it's an IEnumerable or not. If it is, then I loop through the values of that property. Otherwise, I just add the value. This method
does not work with complex types. Typically view models are flat, so this works well most of the time. The ToQueryString method just calls the ToParameterList, adds a ? to the front and then just selects what it needs from the parameter list. public static class ObjectExtensions
public static List> ToParameterList(this object o)
var parameters = new List
var properties = o.GetType().GetProperties();

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CSLA data portal changes in version 4.5

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I want to summarize some of the more major changes coming to the data portal in CSLA 4 version 4.5. Some of these are breaking changes. I’ve done four big things with the data portal: Added support for the new async/await keywords on the client and server Merged the .NET and Silverlight data portal implementations into a single code base that is now common across WinRT, .NET, and Silverlight
Removed the public virtual DataPortal_XYZ method definitions from Silverlight, because it can now invoke non-public methods just like in .NET. Also, all local Silverlight data portal methods no longer accept the async callback handler, because they now support the async/await pattern Remove the ProxyMode concept from the Silverlight data portal, because the RunLocal attribute is now available on all platforms All four have some level of breaking change. ...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Open and Edit PDF files in Microsoft Word 2013?

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I have installed and started using the Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview. The Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview offers exciting features like Metro UI etc. Another interesting feature that Microsoft Office 2013 offers is the possibility to Open and edit PDF files in Microsoft Word 2013. Just Open the PDF file like the way one opens the Word document and start editing and save the PDF file within Microso Read More....

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 7/30/2012+

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A compendium of Windows Azure, Service Bus, EAI & EDI,Access Control, Connect, SQL Azure Database, and other cloud-computing articles. Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections: Windows

MCTS: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Development (70-506) Certification Guide

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Finally the “MCTS: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Development (70-506) Certification Guide” book authored by Johnny Tordgeman is available in the market. I was the Technical Reviewer of this book along with Evan Hutnick, who works as a Developer Evangelist at Telerik.   In short, this book will provide all that you need to know to pass the Microsoft Silverlight 4 dev exam (70-506). Find more about this book and publisher link to buy it online.   How this book will help you? The 290 pages of “MCTS: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Development (70-506) Certification Guide”
covers everything that you need to prepare for your Silverlight 4 Exam with great content and screenshots. Code of samples are available for you to download and run in your PC.   This book will help you to learn how to layout a user interface in Silverlight using concepts such as panels, content controls and navigation. This will help you to discover how to enhance your UI by manipulating visuals,......(Read whole news on source site)

Using AutoMapper to build base class for mappers between domain classes and models

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It is often good idea to isolate our domain model from consuming applications by using service layer and data transfer objects (DTO) or application specific models. Using DTO-s means that we need two-way mapping between domain classes and DTO-s. In this posting I will show you how to use AutoMapper to build generic base class for your mappers. AutoMapper AutoMapper is powerful object to object mapper that is able to do also smart and complex mappings between objects. Also you can modify existing and define your own mappings. Although it is possible to write way faster
lightweight mappers still AutoMapper offers very good performance considering all the nice features it provides. What’s most important – AutoMapper is easy to use and it fits perfect to the context of this posting. Why mapping? To those who have no idea about the problem scope I explain a little bit why mapping between domain classes and application specific models or DTO-s is needed. Often domain classes have complex dependencies between each other and they may also have complex dependencies with their technical environment. Domain classes may have cyclical references that makes it very hard to serialize...(Read whole news on source site)


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With this last post, our trip to Italy has come to an end. We have spent these last few days practicing several indispensable tourist activities: testing the ice cold lake water, to wriggle between other sunbathers on the packed beach right after, exuberant eating and drinking, reading fiction, and sauntering between prullaria shops.

Fortuitously, one of our last evenings here was upgraded by fireworks over an already moonlit Lake Garda. This outlying location gave the fireworks show an extra notch. With each firework rocket, the pitch dark beach was illuminated for a few seconds. With each bang, the sound
echoed over the mountains, making the water ripple to strand in the pebble beach eventually.

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Time Management Tips # 10 - Set Limits

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I hate quotas.  For me, I'm about quality, not quantity.  And yet quotas have consistently helped me get the ball rolling, or find out what I'm capable of. Time management tips # 10 – set limits.  When we set a quota, we have a target.  It helps turn a goal into something we can count.  And when we can count it, we build momentum. In my early days of Microsoft, my manager set a limit that I needed to write two Knowledge Base articles per month.  I
did that, and more.  Way more.  It turned out to be a big deal.  Before that limit, I didn't think I could do any or would ever do any. A few years back, I set a limit that my posts would be no longer than six inches (yeah, that sounds like a weird size limit, but I wanted to fill no more than where the gray box on my blog faded to white.)  My blog ended up in the top 50 blogs on MSDN, of more than 5,000 blogs, and my readership grew exponentially that month.  The reason I...(Read whole news on source site)

Some valuable testing guidance

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The Rangers have been hard at work lately putting together guidance for good practices for organizing real world test efforts and how our tools can help.  If you’ve got a significant test effort and are using the Visual Studio tools, I recommend checking this out. Test Release Management – covers guidance on managing test practices and artifacts around release boundaries. Test Tooling Guidance – covers guidance on how to organize coded UI tests for large apps, helping you componentize your UIMap so that it is not too unwieldy. Hopefully you will find them useful.