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The Morning Brew #1168

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Exciting day today with the RTM release of Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5 and Windows 8 making their way onto MSDN for Subscribers. I suspect the release will start to show up once the west coast of the US wakes up and gets to work pressing the button. Information Out parameters and LINQ do not mix [...]

Microsoft Deal of the Week to 23:59 PT Aug 21 - SQL 2012 E-Books

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At, Microsoft Press are offering 50% of a series of e-books on SQL Server 2012

"Whether you're a database administrator, developer, or certification candidate, Microsoft Press has the focused information you need to master the exciting enhancements and new capabilities engineered into SQL Server 2012."

Windows Phone Dev Center: App publishing temporarily on hold

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source: windows phone developer blog Since August 3 Microsoft  has been deploying the Windows Phone Dev Center, which includes a completely rebuilt backend infrastructure.  However, a problem with the app publishing to the new dev center has just been announced: "This week we discovered an issue with our new digital certificates that's caused us to temporarily stop publishing new apps. As my colleague Mazhar mentions in his related post, the issue impacts only phones that upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 from an earlier version of the operating system and only apps published in the last couple
of days." Some customers who try to download a new app may see an error message. If they're attempting to update an existing app, they might repeatedly be prompted to retry the update. We don't recommend that people uninstall these apps because they might not be able to download and use them again until we deploy our fix. According to Microsoft the problem is already identified and will be fixed as soon as possible. via: windows phone developer blog ...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone 8 SDK available before 7th Sept

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by WindowSPhoneGeek Earlier today we blogged about a possible date for the official release of Windows Phone 8 SDK:  Rumor: Windows Phone 8 SDK to be released on September 7th? However, according to our latest findings Microsoft has officially announced a Windows Phone 8 Camp in Russia which will be held exactly on 7th of September. So, it turned out that the official release of the Windows Phone 8 SDK should be way before that.  source: Microsoft Russia

Windows 8 app dev for the PhoneGap developer–Location

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In my previous post about PhoneGap to Windows 8 migration, I used the location API as comparison point about how similar the programming approaches were. In this post I’m going to examine location in a bit more detail. Location information in Windows 8, as in PhoneGap, can be accessed either in single requests, or can be subscribed to as the device moves around. The location information is the same in both platforms (latitude, longitude, altitude, etc) so that’s an easy match. Another interesting point about location data in a Windows 8 JavaScript app is the fact that you
can either use the WinJS library to get the location, or if you want to stick strictly to HTML, you can use the W3C Geolocation API available in HTML5. For this post I’m going to show the WinJS technique. To get continuous updates of the device’s location, rather than PhoneGap’s callback model of geolocation.watchPosition, Windows 8 uses an event handler model. Thus, the PhoneGap line
var watchID = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(onSuccess, onError);
var loc = new Windows.Devices.Geolocation.Geolocator();
loc.addEventListener("positionchanged", onPositionChanged);
When you no longer want to receive location updates,...(Read whole news on source site)

How To Read Blogs More Effectively

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Too many blogs, not enough ROI?   Is your backlog of posts to be read, wearing you down? No more. I’ll keep this post short or it defeats the purpose, so let’s cut right to the chase … There is a secret to reading blogs more effectively, and it’s not reading faster.  It’s adding a strategic lens on top, so that you get back the most value, from the reading time you put in.   The strategic lens helps you trim your blog list down to size, and focus on the blogs that give you the most bang for
your buck. I’ll summarize the steps to do so, but I’ve elaborated here at How To Read Blogs More Effectively The short answer is: Identify your strategic objectives. Build your portfolio. Review your portfolio. If you want the details, and to improve your ROI from blogs for life, check out: How To Read Blogs More Effectively You’ll even see how I pare down Michael Hyatt’s blog posts and turn insight into action.  (Note – and if you really just want...(Read whole news on source site)

Out parameters and LINQ do not mix

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I am back from my annual vacation in beautiful southwestern Ontario; before I get into the subject of today's post, check out this shot I took with my Windows Phone camera from the plane on the trip home. We are at 37000 feet, just outside of Billings, Montana, a few minutes before sunset: The whole thing was chock full of immense lightning arcs which unfortunately I did not capture in the image. This is certainly the largest isolated thunderstorm I've ever seen from the outside. Notice the characteristic anvil shape; as I've described before, we've got
a huge heat engine here that is extracting the latent heat from the gaseous and liquid water, and then using that heat to power the updraft that sucks more warm water vapor upwards. Quite beautiful. Well, enough chit-chat about the weather. Today: what's wrong with this code? var seq = new List { "1", "blah", "3" };
int tmp;
var nums =
  from item in seq
  let success = int.TryParse(item, out tmp)
  select success ? tmp : 0; The intention is pretty clear: take a sequence of strings and produce a sequence of numbers by turning the elements that can be...(Read whole news on source site)