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My Christmas holiday project postmortem

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Somewhere over a year and a half ago I discovered the music of Dire Straits, which has sparked a fanatical love and fascination for the guitar in me, and basically for every piece of music Mark Knopfler has ever touched (*). A year ago, I finally had the courage to pick up the guitar myself. Not sure if I'd stick with it, I made an uninformed purchase of a rather inexpensive Squier Jazzmaster, just because it somewhat resembled the real object of desire, a Fender Stratocaster. Three months ago, I got rid of the Jazzmaster, and
bought myself a tango red Mexican Stratocaster, and I'm in love with it. Yet, I have also become very fond of the sound of a Les Paul these days. Having just bought the Strat, I thought I could maybe find a cheap used Les Paul online.

I set out to find one on the most popular Belgian online secondhand marketplace (600k visitors daily), so I started browsing their listings daily. This turned out to be rather cumbersome and inefficient: constantly repeating the same process, items were already sold before I could make a bid, there were no new...(Read whole news on source site)

Semantic Tags in HTML 5

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In December 2012, W3C has published the complete definition of HTML 5 specification. Already most of the browser vendors have implemented support for HTML 5 and you can expect future versions of browsers will have complete support of the specification. In the introduction of HTML 5, web developers faced some challenges to support their markup in non-HTML 5 browsers. This added some cost to web development. Now web developers can expect better browser support and all the browser vendors already announced their commitment to this standard. In this article I am going to mention about the semantic tags
introduced in HTML 5. The introduction of semantic tags is to make your markup meaningful. When an HTML document is presented to people, they are seeing how the document is presented in the browser. So for people, Markup is not that important. So definitely adding meaning for markup doesn’t meant for those who are looking for the presentation of the document. But there are other couple of types of users is there who are interested in your markup. The first one, is the search engine crawlers. They need to identify what is the content of the indexed page...(Read whole news on source site)

Nuget Packages for Typescript Definition Files

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If you have been using TypeScript you should be aware the definition file repository maintained by Boris Yankov called DefinitelyTyped.  This repository is awesome because it saves so much time and effort when working with 3rd party libraries with Typescript. However, as great as this repository is it has always been painful getting the actual d.ts files for each library.  You would have to go to the site, navigate to the file, save the file and add it to your solution…. this sucked.  If only there was a tool to help automate this?  Oh wait there
is, it is called Nuget.  I got the bright idea to start creating some Nuget packages around the d.ts files I am using so I posted them here.  The only problem with this is I was only creating the packages I cared about but more importantly I was creating these by hand and that is time consuming and I am lazy. But yesterday I received some awesome news from Jason Jarret (aka @staxmanade) on twitter as seen below This is awesome news.  Now all the d.ts files hosted...(Read whole news on source site)

Architecture Linkage, Business Linkage, and Alignment Linkage

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Your company's foundation for execution will make or break your survival in the market for the long haul.  How can you incrementally build and shape the foundation, while executing projects?  How do you connect and align IT with your business vision, while shaping your foundation for execution? You can use three linking mechanisms to build and shape your company's foundation. In the book, Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution, Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, and David C. Robertson write about three linking mechanisms that help you build and shape the company's
foundation. Why You Need Good Linking Mechanisms Linking mechanisms are the key to building and shaping your company’s foundation for execution.  You can incrementally shape the foundation as you drive projects.   You can also inform your company’s foundation as you learn from your projects.  Ross, Weill, and Robertson write: “Good linking mechanisms ensure that projects incrementally build the company's foundation and that the design of the company's foundation (it's operating model and enterprise architecture) is informed by projects.” 3 Linking Mechanisms that Build and Shape the Company's Foundation According to Ross, Weill, and Robertson, the...(Read whole news on source site)

HTML editor enhancement in visual studio 2012

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In this post I am going to explain about HTML Editor Enhancement in visual studio 2012. I have been writing few post about Visual studio 2012 new features and this post will also be part of that. You can read whole series at following link. Visual Studio 2012 feature series Tag highlighting in Visual Studio 2012: In visual studio 2012 You can highlight the start and end tag of a particular HTML element. One you click on starting tag of HTML element it will have other
part highlighted just like following. Automatic Tag Update in Visual studio 2012: This feature will help you when you change HTML in Visual studio 2012. When you modify start tag of HTML element it will update end tag automatically. You don’t have to worry about it. For example in above picture we have
tag and now if change this to

it will automatically update like following. Full HTML5 tag support: Visual studio 2012 now supports all the HTML5 tag and provide intellisense for that. So You can develop HTML5...(Read whole news on source site)

MIcrosoft AppFest – Students Opportunity to Code for Windows

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Microsoft is hosting AppFest across 50+ locations in India specially for the students to help students to decode their dream into a reality app. On February 26, 2013, one such of the AppFest will be held at Delhi College of Engineering in Delhi and GL Balaji Institute of Technology in Greater Noida for developing apps for Windows platform. During the AppFest , the students and developers will code their app with the guidance of Microsoft mentors , trainers , MSP and experts which will help the students to get their app to the store. Microsoft will also be providing students
with free softwares for developing Windows 8 store apps like Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 Free Windows Store registration codes via Microsoft Dreamspark etc. More details about the event can be found at Microsoft AppFest website If you are a student residing in Bangalore , don’t miss out on attending the AppFest on 26th February , 2013 to be held at SJB Institute of Technology, #67, BGS Health and Education City, Uttarahalli Main Road, Kengeri, Bangalore South- 560060, Karnataka . To register for the Bangalore event , visit the event page  ...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 Charts

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Project Description
The main perpose for this is to build a set of reusable controls for Windows 8 Modern UI Development.
Main Controls : Pie Chart ColumnChart  Line Chart 
With support of Multi Series and Stacked Charts.