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Sign up for Telerik Q2’12 Webinar Week and Win a License and Great Discounts

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The Telerik Q2 - 2012 Webinar Week is approaching! As always, Telerik is organizing this week-long event packed with hour-long webinar sessions to walk you through all the awesome things they have been working on during the past four months. If you’re eager to be among the first to learn how the Q2 bits can enhance your productivity, follow the post and book your seat now.   Webinar Week will be held June 18-22, 2012. And you know the drill, one lucky attendee at each webinar will win more than $2,000 worth of software. This time, as a
token of appreciation Telerik is also granting each Webinar Week attendee with a discount code valid towards a next Telerik purchase, upgrade or renewal! For more details, read the complete post.     Sign up for Release Webinar Week – a 5-day event, packed with hour-long webinar sessions on the coolest new features shipping with Telerik’s Q2 2012 release for each product. Release Webinar Week will be held on June 18–22 (the......(Read whole news on source site)

Large-scale multithreaded applications with PostSharp Threading Toolkit

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We are excited to announce the latest addition to our product family: the PostSharp Threading Toolkit. It will help your team building multithreaded applications not only with less code, but with higher reliability. The toolkit is available on NuGet: look for the package PostSharp-Threading-Toolkit. As its young brother the PostSharp Diagnostics Toolkit, it’s source code is available on GitHub. Yes, the toolkit is free and open source. Note that you will need a commercial/trial license of PostSharp (and Windows and Visual Studio, optionally) to use it, since selling PostSharp is what we make a living of.
Feature Quick List The current version of the toolkit provides the following features: Deadlock detection Actor threading model Reader-Writer Synchronized threading model (with dynamic verification) Thread Unsafe threading model (with dynamic verification) Dispatching of methods to GUI thread Dispatching of methods to background thread But the toolkit does not just provides features. It implement a consistent and disciplined approach to multi-threading – solutions that scale with large object models. Read on. How NOT to...(Read whole news on source site)

Ready for a Windows Azure roadtrip?

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A while ago, Michelangelo van Dam (a hardcore PHP guy), François Hertay (a hardcore Java guru) and myself (a .NET guy) were asked if we wanted to write about some of our experiences with the Windows Azure platform. Starting today, you’ll find about 3 blog posts and/or videos on Windows Azure (both a getting started level as well as some fun advanced posts) on a freshly released website: I have the honour of kicking off a series of blog posts on .NET, starting with a level 100 one: the
what & why of Windows Azure for .NET developers. Let’s knock at an open door: Windows Azure is a cloud platform. It’s a group of services offered by Microsoft that enable you to build your applications using the typical characteristics of a cloud platform: everything is self-service, on-demand and pay-per-use. You are the one demanding resources like virtual machines or storage and you pay for what you use, depending on how much you use for how long. No contract periods – well, there is one: you always pay for at least one hour if...(Read whole news on source site)

Article: Leaving Old IE Behind

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By Ian Haynes Having been working on mobile-first designs recently it occurred to me briefly that if I didn’t use respond.js, browsers not supporting media queries would see the mobile view. Looking for something else on the net I then found that designer Joni Korpi had taken this idea and used it to specifically to cater for IE6-IE8. His article ‘Leaving Old Internet Explorer Behind’ explains all. Author Bio
Ian Haynes
Microsoft MVP for Expression Web Ian is a front end/back end developer currently focusing on HTML5/CSS3 and mobile responsive design. He's a regular poster on the Expression Forums

Developing an extended Drag And Drop TreeView control in C# .Net

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This blog post talks about developing an extended Drag and Drop TreeView control in C#.  I say extended because the .Net framework already provides simple drag and drop functionality, but the visual feedback during the drag operation is somewhat lacking.  I found a number of TreeView extensions on CodeProject, some of which work quite nicely.  [...]

Rendering ASP.NET MVC Views to String

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It's not uncommon in my applications that I require longish text output that does not have to be rendered into the HTTP output stream. The most common scenario I have for 'template driven' non-Web text is for emails of all sorts. Logon confirmations and verifications, email confirmations for things like orders, status updates or scheduler notifications - all of which require merged text output both within and sometimes outside of Web applications. On other occasions I also need to capture the output from certain views for logging purposes. Rather than creating text output in code, it's much nicer to use
the rendering mechanism that ASP.NET MVC already provides by way of it's ViewEngines - using Razor or WebForms views - to render output to a string. This is nice because it uses the same familiar rendering mechanism that I already use for my HTTP output and it also solves the problem of where to store the templates for rendering this content in nothing more than perhaps a separate view folder. The good news is that ASP.NET MVC's rendering engine is much more modular than the full ASP.NET runtime engine which was a real pain in the butt to coerce into...(Read whole news on source site)

#569 – Setting Transforms from within Blend

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You can set both layout and render transforms for an UIElement from within Blend. To configure a transform, just select the user interface element and then find the Transform area of the Properties panel.  You’ll see that you can set properties for both layout and render transforms. You can configure a number of different transforms. A Translation moves [...]

Dynamic backgrounds in Windows 8 apps

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source: Don’t be afraid to create crazy backgrounds for your managed metro apps. This is a quick post on how to do just that using some of the techniques I’ve been posting about. For this post ill stay simple BUT the next post I promise to go crazy with the colors, textures, geometries and especially the animations. Idea The idea is simple, you have your DirectX layer underneath your XAML layer and you render dynamic things on the Dx layer. These dynamic things for this demo are simple geometries, colors and radial gradients. ...Read more
href=""> ...(Read whole news on source site)