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Tips and Tricks for Federations from TechED 2012 - Orlando

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Finally made it to Orlando this morning. 11K attendees form 90 countries are also here… Amazing! I delivered a session this year on best practices for Federations. I covered both the design time and admin tips and tricks that made easier for everyone in our implementations. Here is the quick overview of the topics I covered; Tips and Tricks Design and Development with Federations Picking Federation Model & Key Picking Reference Tables Generating Unique Keys without bottlenecks Coding Fan-out Queries
Database Administration with Federations Configuring Federation Layout DMVs for Where and When to Split? Deploying & Upgrading Schema Monitoring Federation Members   Just follow this link for the video;   -cihan
...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio 2012 / TFS 2012 Links

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If you’ve been following the progress of Visual Studio 2012 closely chances are you’ve already downloaded the recently released Release Candidate.  If not, then I’ve provided a handy list of links below to get you started.  I’ve also included some handy reference and guidance links as well. Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate Visual Studio 2012 RC downloads home page Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 RC Visual Studio Premium 2012 RC Visual Studio

How to Get a Developer License for Windows 8 App Development

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If you have installed Windows 8 Release Preview and Visual Studio 2012 RC, you might want to develop your first Windows 8 Metro Style Application. Unlike other version of Visual Studio, you need a Developer License to build your Win8 Metro apps. Without a developer license you won’t be able to deploy the app in your Windows 8 machine or Windows 8 simulator.   This blog post will help you to understand it better and will guide you to get a Free Developer License for Windows 8 Metro application development. Continue reading to get your developer license.
  Can I develop Windows 8 Metro Apps without Developer License? The straight forward answer to this is “No”. You can’t develop and deploy your Windows 8 Metro applications in your Win 8 environment or Win 8 simulator unless you have a Developer License synched with the PC. If you try to deploy the app without the license, you will get the error “Error: DEP0100: Deployment failed due to a Developer Licensing issue.”......(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 mail app

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My first impressions of the windows 8 mail application ... Accounts : The mail app seemed to work straight away with my @live account, and looks like it will offer good synchronisation with multiple accounts however I am unable to get the “accounts” charm to stay open when running in a VMWare VM, so haven’t tested multiple accounts. The @Live account seemed to cause synchronisation issues for Outlook on another machine which was only resolved by deleting the local ost file. Likes: Live tiles indicating how many unread emails.

Has a clean look Dislikes: No apparent security: internet pictures are automatically downloaded, and you can’t set it to read html mails in text mode etc.
    Navigation when docked is difficult.  It’s not intuitive to navigate from store, to list of items to an actual email item. Could really do with some breadcrumb or similar to show you where you are
    Can’t display two emails...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8, actually.

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The North American TechEd videos are online now. The keynote from Day 2 is about Windows 8 and is worth watching.

Actually, whilst watching the day 2 keynote see if you can count the times “actually” is used, actually        I guess it’s better than “So...” Biggest moment of irony in the video is when the desktop is demo’ed with windows docked to 50% of the screen. It’s a real pity you can’t window a Windows RT app to do the same.

Spring is over

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OK, so maybe I didn’t need to tell you that.  Or maybe, you observe that it isn’t quite true because summer officially starts in about a week.  But then that’s not really what I mean. I’ve written little tidbits about our transition from an organization shipping a box product every couple of years to one still shipping a box product but also shipping a cloud service every 3 weeks.  There have been changes to virtually every aspect of how we work.  One of those aspects is planning. For our cloud cadence work, we have moved to a 6
month planning cycle.  We roughly draw out our vision in 6 month phases.  We still maintain a priority ordered backlog and pull things off in 3 week increments but the 6 month cycle provides some overall direction that we use to help prioritize our backlogs and decide what order we are doing things in.  One 6 month period is Jan 1st – June 30th (called “Spring”) and the other is July 1st – December 31st (called “Fall”).  I guess we only have 2 seasons – but hey, if you’ve got to pick two seasons in my neck of the woods,...(Read whole news on source site)

Nightly news, 15 Jun 2012

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WPF Elements Fixed an issue with typing small numbers starting with “.0″ in the numeric text box controls Fixed a couple of bugs in the axis arrangement code Fixed a visual bug when rendering a stacked bar chart with only 1 data point Fixed a bug in the generic PercentageTextBox style Fixed a bug in [...]

Create iPad-style Web Apps using DevExpress ASP.NET with DXperience v12.1

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Check out the new "DevExpress Tablet Web Application" file project template and wizard that help you create stunning iPad friendly web projects in just a few clicks: Leverage Your .NET Skills & Tools I've heard from several enterprises that they want to have a mobile tablet experience without: 1. Losing their existing investment in ASP.NET. 2. Trying to find new talented resources to create native app experiences. 3. Or retraining their developers for a specific app platform (iOS, Android, etc.) With the new DevExpress file
template, you can have a functional iPad website in minutes. In fact, we've added fake data in the file template to help you get started by showing you how to data bind the controls.
Creating Applications for the iPad with DevExpress
iOS Guidelines & CSS Styles Apple has specific guidelines for building and styling apps for their platform. When creating this template, we adhere to follow the Apple iOS guidelines so that you can get started fast. And because this is an ASP.NET project, you can simply upload and deploy it to your IIS web server...(Read whole news on source site)