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Connecting Windows 8 applications with services Part 4: Tile interactions in Windows 8

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Welcome to what is already part 4 in this article series on working with services from Windows 8 applications. We started out this series by looking at how Windows 8 apps can integrate with services, including WCF, REST and ASMX services. In the previous part, we've started our detour by looking at how we can upload and download external data using the background transfers in Windows 8. In this very article, we continue our little detour by looking at how tiles can interact with the outside world. This way, they can show up-to-date
information and engage the user to start your application more often. The need for updating tiles In a previous article (that can be found here) we've taken an extensive look at how tiles work and how we can update them from code. That means that for the update...(Read whole news on source site)

Make money form Windows Phone: Paid or Free app, which strategy to choose?

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by WindowsPhoneGeek It is arguable wheatear it is more profitable for developers to have free ad-based apps or paid ones. It depends on the type of app, marketing , quality, target market size and lots of other things.  In this post I will share some tips that could help you choosing what is the right revenue model for your next app. 
Paid or Free app, which strategy to choose? Target market size The first thing that you should do is to make a simple assumption
of the number of impressions you expect the app to generate for a particular period. For example, if you have a "News" type of app or a mass consumer app (engaging enough), the assumption is that users will use the app daily by a large number of users, so there is a good probability for your app to generate a significant amount of impressions daily. The more impressions the app generates the more money you can get from advertising and vice versa. So, if your target market is big enough then offering the app for free with ads might be...(Read whole news on source site)

Register now for: 'How to Create a Powerful ASP.NET MVC Web Application' webinar

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Join me this Thursday, October 4th, at 10am PST for the '' webinar. You'll learn about how we built the new "Clinical Trial" demo app using ASP.NET MVC and DevExpress MVC extensions: Register Now: Register for this GotoMeeting webinar here: Level: Beginner (100) Platform: ASP.NET Controls Description The new DevExpress "Clinical Trial" demo app is simply loaded with functionality. In this webinar, DevExpress ASP.NET Product Manager, Mehul Harry will show you how it was built using the ASP.NET MVC framework and DevExpress MVC extensions. You will learn
about the specific DevExpress MVC extensions used to build the user interface and how they fit into the MVC framework. We’ll also dive deep into test-driven development and web architecture. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how a powerful and rich ASP.NET MVC website can be created by using DevExpress MVC.  MVC beginners are encouraged to attend! Clinical Trial Demo Test drive the demo online now to see a powerful application that leverages many of the DevExpress MVC extensions. DevExpress MVC Clinical Trial Demo  

Navigate to an URL in Windows Phone using HyperlinkButton

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Generally , We use the WebBrowserTask in Windows Phone to Navigate to an external URL . Alternatively , one could also use the HyperlinkButton to navigate to an external URL too. Just set the TargetName =”_blank” and then specify the NavigateUri property of the HyperlinkButton like the below sample sourcecode If you dont set http:// before the URL , you will get the error “Cannot navigate to locations relative to a page”. If you dont set the TargetName=”_blank”  , you will get the Navigation Failed error with message
“System.ArgumentException: Navigation is only supported to relative URIs that are fragments, or begin with ‘/’, or which contain ‘;component/’. Parameter name: uri” ...(Read whole news on source site)

CSS3 for Windows Store Apps: Animations

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CSS3 has brought much goodness to the web developer community.  The feature that potentially steals the show is CSS3 Animations – which can also be used when developing applications for the Windows Store via JavaScript. If you are not familiar with animations, the name itself is practically self-explanatory.  Animations can deliver very appealing “eye-candy” in a variety of ways including object movement, resizing, transforming, fading, style changes, and much more.  Because animations have been around awhile, there is plenty of information out there to help you get started, such as the
title="animations ie 10" href="" target="_blank">animations topic at the IE 10 Guide for Developers and Hands On: Animations on IE Test Drive.  Our focus here is more on how to use animations in the context of writing apps for the Windows Store. Animations Simplified A chronic worry when developing content for the web is how our creative work will render in multiple browsers.  For example, the following CSS rules define an animation for bringing an element in from above the screen:@-webkit-keyframes drop-in { 0% {top: -100px;} 100%...(Read whole news on source site)

Never Buy TATA Docomo ! Everything they will do with you is cheat ?

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From last few months I have a phone that is used by my family. When I recharge and put some balance in my phone. Then It’s gone very soon. Sometime I feel it’s a issue. They claim that someone play a game on my mobile.   Wow ! on a locked mobile how it’s possible that Zombie can play a game. They send me spam on phone every day. When I activate DND they even have not stopped it. Now send me spam like click on   I really don’t know that if I even
got spam after doing activate DND that what it make changes for me. Just the type of message change and I still got spam.   During these months I talk many time with customer care but never respond me. Refuse to show me bill and charges they made against my phone. When you told them that you can move to another provider they will give you your money back but cheat you again. When I search online I found dozen people talk same as mine.   The company never repspond on Their twitter account....(Read whole news on source site)

VMWare performance with USB drives

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As a SharePoint developer a wise choice is to run your Virtual Machines on a separate drive (separate from your OS drive). That way you gain some performance as two different operating systems are not contending for precious read/write times on the disk and, after all, the disk is the biggest bottleneck. If you're using VMWare with an external USB drive and are plagued by the dreaded 5+ minute black screen as your guest OS shuts down, then here's a potential fix.
Locate the config.ini file for VMWare. On Windows 7 you should find it under C:\ProgramData\VMWare\VMWare Workstation
the file and add the following lines to it:
prefvmx.minVmMemPct = "100"
mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE"
mainMem.partialLazySave = "FALSE"
mainMem.partialLazyRestore = "FALSE"
Save the file and restart your VM
Shut down and the home screen should come up in a matter of seconds instead of minutes
So what are these settings for? minVmMemPct = "100" tells VMWare to fit the memory in the VM into your system RAM (using 100 as 100%). Try to avoid anything other than 100% or else you'll have a lot of file swapping going on here. The useNamedFile property is intended to be set to FALSE...(Read whole news on source site)

More data portal enhancements for CSLA 4.5

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I just checked in a series of data portal enhancements that have been on the wish list for a while. Mostly focused on pre- and post-processing behaviors. The big one is that you can now provide an IInterceptDataPortal provider on the server to get Initialize and Complete notifications for every data portal call, allowing for logging/tracing and IoC scenarios. The logging/tracing is probably obvious, because these methods get a lot of detail about each data portal server invocation and you can do what you’d like with that data. The IoC scenario may be less obvious, but the Initialize method
should provide you with a consistent way to create or retrieve your server-side IoC container so it is available for the duration of the server-side processing. I suspect most people will put the container instance in Csla.Application.LocalContext to ensure it is easily and consistently available to all code regardless of runtime environment (ASP.NET, pure .NET, WinRT, Silverlight). The existing pre- and post-processing calls now all get a lot more data than they did before, so they should be more useful by far. The primary focus was on the Invoke, InvokeComplete, and InvokeException methods in factory objects, where the previous implementation...(Read whole news on source site)