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Why Am I Excited about Windows Phone 8 SDK?

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Today Microsoft is finally releasing the new Windows Phone 8 SDK. As I've been updating my Windows Phone book for this new incarnation of the device, I am excited that the SDK is finally going to be available for public consumption. Even though the new phone has completely changed the underlying operation system to use the same WinRT sub-system that powers Windows 8, the basics of how to build apps on the phone is primarily the same. This means if you have experience building XAML-based projects, you should be right at home with Windows Phone 8. A
lot has been talked about the new Operating System and it's new tile layout and other features. But what I want to explain are the new developer features that I am excited about (in no specific order): 1. Backward Compatibility The new OS runs existing apps with no changes. This means that older apps that don't get updated will continue to run. The OS will auto-scale those apps to the newer, higher resolution devices without any changes. This means that the big collection of apps out there already work with the pone. 2. Visual Studio 2012 The ability to...(Read whole news on source site)

Introducing the new Windows Phone 8 Map control

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The time is finally there: the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 is out, and now we can finally talk about all the great news things for developers that this new SDK brings, and I’ll start that right now. And I don’t think it will surprise anyone who knows me that the first thing I did was looking at the much-rumored new maps control. I was not disappointed. In general, just two words: super slick. The very embodiment of fast and fluid. What Windows Phone 8 brings to the mapping table made by geo hart skip and
is nothing short of dramatic. Think the Nokia drive map on your Windows Phone 7. On steroids. As a control. For you to use in your apps. With downloadable maps for use offline. Without a Bing Maps developer license. I have seen it run on actual hardware and for me as a GIS buff, used to the fact that maps stuff usually take a lot of processing power and doesn’t necessary always go super fast, this was a serious nerdgasm. So I created a little app to show off the very basics of this map control. It allows you...(Read whole news on source site)

Data binding shapes to the new Windows Phone 8 Map control (and more)

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A little historyWhen I accepted the invitation from MADNbe to talk about Maps and MVVM on September 20 early in the summer (or what was supposed to be the summer) of 2012 the actual release date for the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 was still a mystery. As it gradually became clear the SDK would not be available at the data my talk was schedule, I devised a plan B and in stead talked about Windows Phone 7 mapping and how to port this code and knowledge to Windows 8. I also wrote
a blog post I wrote about it. Now the funny thing is - the Windows Phone 8 mapping control and the Windows 8 Bing Maps control show some remarkable similarities. So if you read this article and think “Huh? I’ve read this before” that’s entirely possible!  So world in general, and Belgium in particular, meet the new Hello World, Windows Phone 8 style! Windows Phone 7 map binding recap Not going to happen - I am not going to repeat myself for the sake of content ;-). In the the Windows 8 article I give a short...(Read whole news on source site)

My Windows 8 App in Windows Store

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Finally, you have a good reason to upgrade to Windows 8! My Brain Eaters app was just accepted into the Windows Store. Just in time for Halloween! The Brain Eaters app is a sample app from my soon to be released book Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript. The game illustrates several important programming [...]

Surface, Windows 8, and Apps, Oh My!

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Yes, I will admit that I was the 9th person in line at 6 a.m. on Friday morning to get my hands on a new Surface tablet. I won't lie... I was excited about getting my hands on the new tablet, but Microsoft had sweetened the deal by offering a free $99 XBOX Music subscription to the first 100 people in line. Living in a city like St. Louis, I figured the odds were pretty high of getting one. I was right. There were about 40 of us hard core geeks standing in line at the Microsoft Store kiosk in the
Galleria Mall. I got my hands on my new Surface at 7:30 and planned to get some "real work" done that day, but was still playing with it at 2 p.m. I had to mentally force myself to put it down, I found it so addicting. (Please note that this is actually the first tablet I own. I didn't want a tablet of such a diminutive size as the Kindle or Nook, and I didn't want to buy into the whole Apple ecosystem of iPad, iTunes, iPhone, iPod, etc. etc. And I just plain despise the Android OS. Worst. OS. Ever....(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 Wednesday schedule for October 31 in ATL

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Once again it’s about to be Wednesday, so that means it’s about to be Windows 8 Wednesday, another opportunity to come discuss app and game ideas, get help with your app in development, talk about monetization strategies, and more. Join me in the Alpharetta Microsoft office between 11 AM and 2 PM on Wednesday, October 31. And since it’s Halloween, if you come in wearing a costume and get your picture taken with a Windows 8 machine (with hopefully your app running) I’ve got a special gift for you!