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Telerik RadControls for Windows 8 Metro Beta is now Available

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During TechEd 2012 Telerik announced their first control library set for Windows 8 Metro application. I blogged about it few days ago and if you didn’t read it yet, you can find it here “First Look to Telerik RadControls for Win8 Metro”.   Earlier this control library set was for few developers through invitation only as it was in Early Adopter Mode. Telerik now released the first beta set of this controls for public download. You can now use these controls to develop your Windows 8 Metro applications. As it is in beta stage, the library is available
for free download and once they release the final binaries, we will come to know about the pricing. Till then, try out the controls and read the complete post to find out the downloadable link and other resources.   Telerik RadControls for Windows 8 Metro is the first commercial library for building Metro apps that run on tablets and large screens no matter if you are using the XAML or HTML/JavaScript technology. Both......(Read whole news on source site)

#600 – Registering a Routed Event

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When you implement a routed event in a class, you end up creating an instance of the RoutedEvent type. Instead of explicitly creating the RoutedEvent instance, you create it indirectly by calling EventManager.RegisterRoutedEvent.  This method accepts some information about the routed event that you want to create and returns an instance of a RoutedEvent, which you typically store [...]

Building Tip Calculator Hands On Lab for Windows Phone

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source: blogs.msdn This is the basic instructions for the demo I did as part of the Mobile App Development throwdown at the CS & IT Conference July 10th, 2012, ... Your design screen should look something like this: Now we want to add some images to the image objects. First we add some images to our project. I used an up arrow and a down arrow image like these. From the Project Menu I selected Add Existing Object and browsed to where I had saved the Image files and added them to me.
Now that these images are associated with out project we can add them to the image boxes we have on the screen. We will do this from the source property in the property box.   ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Breaking Change with Facebook Authentication on Windows Phone

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source: Last week Facebook deprecated the wap display modes of their mobile dialogs including authentication and allow. This change may break Facebook dialogs on some Windows Phone apps. Below you will find a few important settings you must have configured correctly for your application to function as expected. As a bit of background for those interested in what is happening - until recently all Windows Phone apps were automatically shown the wap version of the Facebook dialogs. This was an override on Facebook's servers to prevent untested clients such as Windows Phone from using
the touch dialogs. Regardless of which display mode you set Facebook would always show the wap version to Windows Phone clients. With the change last week, Facebook now shows the touch version of the dialogs to every mobile client and has removed the wap version. This means that if your application is not configured correctly it may now be broken. If you are using Facebook authentication on Windows Phone either through the Facebook C# SDK or otherwise there are two important changes you need to make to ensure your application keeps working. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Good errors

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I am trying out the new Encryption support in RavenDB 1.2 (written by Dor), and the very first thing I got was a failure: The Raven/Encryption/Key setting must be set to an encryption key. The key should be in base 64, and should be at least 8 bytes long.
You may use EncryptionSettings.GenerateRandomEncryptionKey() to generate a key. If you'd like, here's a key that was randomly generated: I like this!