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Free Windows 8 Training & App Store Opportunities

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The RTM of Windows 8 has recently just been announced and MSDN UK are looking to help UK companies, brands and individuals to get their applications into the Windows 8 App store ahead of the OS being available for general release.  If you have been working on some innovative, useful and informative applications but don’t yet know how to extend these to make the most of Windows 8 then the Windows 8 Camps are the place to be! You can work on your own projects with assistance from Microsoft staff aka Windows 8 experts, network with others and
also have the option of attending short tutorial sessions on Windows 8 related topics. The Windows 8 Camps will cover an introductory overview session as well as a range of short tutorial sessions. Short tutorial sessions will include topics such as the basics of the OS and interaction with the OS, Metro style UX with examples in Store apps, The Store and the developer opportunity, the high level view of the platform – i.e. WinRT and the choice around implementation technology, and the tooling – the role of Visual Studio and Expression Blend. In addition, you...(Read whole news on source site)

The SharePoint Pinterest-style Image Library

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A picture is worth a thousand words.   In the latest version of, I created a separate Knockout Template and bind the Images library (BaseTemplateID 851) to it.  Then I inserted a simple jQuery Plugin Wookmark The end result is that when we have pictures, they are displayed in an awesome layout. As an added bonus, I'm calculating the thumbnail image from SharePoint, so instead of rendering: http://spg-dev-jl/PublishingImages/wallpaper_08.jpg Original: 78K I'm rendering http://spg-dev-jl/PublishingImages/_w/wallpaper_08_jpg.jpg Thumbnail image generated by SharePoint.  Which is a far smaller file - 16k.   Next update, I'll try to resolve those pesky SharePoint users and get the
correct user name and picture.  So we don't have Mr. Bill Gates staring back at us! ;-)...(Read whole news on source site)

The importance of temporary indexes for ad hoc queries

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In RavenDB, when you make an query without explicitly specifying which index you want to use, the query optimizer will select one for you. If none is found that can satisfy your query, the query optimizer will create one that matches your query, but it will do so on a temporary basis. That index will function normally, but if it isn’t used, it will be removed after a while. If it is heavily used, it will be converted to a real index. I was reminded of this today when I realized that I had a bug in our code
that caused a value to be misspelled. There were just a few such documents, and I went into the studio and fixed them manually. I had to use a dynamic query to do so, and I was amused to realize that this is the exact scenario for which we built them. An admin doing ad hoc operations, probably to resolve some bug or issue. Sometimes, just having things work out the way you planned make for a great day. And hey, this is what I was avoiding: ...(Read whole news on source site)

What Windows 8 Developers Should Know About The Cloud

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source: blogs.msdn Client-side developers do need to embrace the cloud. The increasing popularity of connected devices like tablet computers and smartphones is having a direct effect on the adoption rate of personal cloud services. You can expect both connected devices and cloud services to grow together. This trend has been accelerating over the past couple of years. Mobile and portable devices have limited internal storage and rely heavily on cloud services.  .....Read more

Windows 8: Overriding Metro app resources

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source: Once you’ve installed Visual Studio and explored the default templates one of the first things you’ll want to do from a design point of view is changing the application brush resources. Usually this will be to alter the teal or purple selection colour (depending if you’re using a Dark or Light theme) on most of the controls. The most common answer to this problem is re-template your control referring to your custom colours. The simpler approach we’ve used at Marker Metro is the following, we’ll create a Colours.xaml resource dictionary, this’ll contain
the Colour and Brush resources specific to the app we’re developing.  We typically reference this resource dictionary from the App.xaml.
.....Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

CSS Font Size Testing

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By Ian Haynes Font sizes can vary on different devices because of the display pixel densities. You can get round this by using relative sizes (ems or rems). It’s easy enough to build a test page for this but it’s something you probably never find time to do.  Kevin Pederson has saved us the trouble with his test page at Simple but useful. Author Bio
Ian Haynes
Microsoft MVP for Expression Web Ian is a front end/back end developer currently focusing on HTML5/CSS3 and mobile responsive design. He's a regular poster on the Expression Forums and Gallery.

Pretty pictures don’t always tell the whole truth

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I published a graphic last week that tried to put habitat figures from the UK National Ecosystem Assessment into some kind of understandable context. It has got a fair bit of attention since then, largely because Mark Easton kindly tweeted about it, resulting in the BBC website linking to it in various high-profile places. As [...]

#601 – The RoutedEventHandler Delegate Type

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In the example showing the implementation of the ButtonBase.Click routed event, you’ll notice that the Click event is declared as a standard CLR event whose type is the RoutedEventHandler delegate type. If we look at RoutedEventHandler, we see that it has this signature: In WPF, many routed events have this signature and others declare a new delegate type that passes [...]