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An Introduction to Meteor

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The goal of this blog post is to give you a brief introduction to Meteor which is a framework for building Single Page Apps. In this blog entry, I provide a walkthrough of building a simple Movie database app. What is special about Meteor? Meteor has two jaw-dropping features: Live HTML – If you make [...]

Advice is for Winners

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One of the best books I've read recently is Advice is for Winners, by Raul Valdes-Perez.   It's all about how to get advice for better decisions in work and life.  I’ve written a deep review on it: Book Review: Advice is for Winners It's a great book whether you are an advice seeker, or serve in a trusted advisor role.   It helps you with either role, because the author shares an in-depth look at what holds back people from taking advice, as well as the qualities that make an advisor more effective.
On a personal note, I've had to learn how to seek advice with skill, back when I first joined Microsoft.  I started out in Developer Support and it really was a team sport.  It was rare for any individual to have all the knowledge to address the complex issues that came our way.  Instead, the key was to be very good at finding the answers and expertise around the world.   It’s true that two-heads are better than one, and there is a lot of power in the collective perspective – if you know how to use it. When I...(Read whole news on source site)

Free Text Editors for Windows

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This article will explore some of the free text editors available for Windows apart from WordPad and Notepad. By default , the Windows operating system comes with Notepad and WordPad which are basic text editors . There are plenty of free text editors that are available for Windows . These text editors provides some advanced functionalities when compared to notepad etc. In this article , we will explore 4 free text editors for Windows operating system. Free Text Editors for Windows Notepad2 If you are a frequent user of Notepad and at some point of time felt that you need
some more features in your text editor , then Notepad2 is for you . Notepad2 is a fast as well as light weight which also includes syntaxt highlighting. You dont have to install anything to get started with Notepad . It is just a simple executable . Know more about Notepad2 and Download Notepad2 here jEdit Jedit is another text editor for windows which offers additional features with the extensions or Plugins . The Jedit has the tabbed interface and supports syntax highlighting etc. jEdit has excellent features which is comparable to some of the commercial tools available , jEdit...(Read whole news on source site)

Putting my IronMQ experiment under stress

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Two weeks ago, I shared my first impressions of IronMQ. Last week, I looked at some infrastructure to facilitate pulling from IronMQ. This implementation worked, but I hadn't put it under stress yet; "First make it work, then make it fast", and all of that.

I arranged a simple scenario for testing: one message type - thus one queue, where there are eight queue consumers that simultaneously pull messages from that queue, and dispatch them to a handler which sleeps for one second.
public class MessageSleepForOneSecond { } public class MessageSleepForOneSecondHandler : IMessageHandler {
public void Handle(MessageSleepForOneSecond message) { Thread.Sleep(1000); } } To establish a baseline, I foolishly set the polling interval to only 100ms, and pulled 2000 messages from the queue one at a time. With this configuration I processed all 2000 messages in 2 minutes and 20 seconds, with an average throughput of 14.3 messages per second. In theory you would expect the throughput to be higher though.
The constraint in this story is the CLR's thread pool. Every time a queue consumer's internal timer ticks, the callback which...(Read whole news on source site)

Where to put custom Knockout Binding Implementations

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The other day I was creating my first Knockout Custom Binding which was pretty straight forward.  But I was a bit stumped as to what was the ‘best’ practice for where to put this custom binding.  Of course I did not want to put it in my view model as that would defeat the purpose/idea behind creating a custom binding, which is to provide a global, reusable way to perform an action.  My gut told me to put the binding in its own file but I thought I would ask twitter for its advice and below are some of
the responses I received, this told me I was on the right path. Since the conclusion was to put all custom Knockout bindings in their own file the only thing left to do was to implement this.  Here is what I did. Create CustomKnockoutBindings.ts file In my case I am using Typescript (in case .ts extension threw you off) So I needed to implement the code below: If you look at the implemented code you should understand 2 things We are going to create...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): DLL got promoted

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When I first started working on WCF three years ago, it was an entirely new paradigm for me. I had earlier worked on VB6, C# WinForms and ASP.NET to some extent. I had created some DLLs as well. But working with WCF was entirely a new thing. On top of it there were so much to do at configuration end (web.config), that I was completely lost. For a long time I was blindly following what my peers used to do or what I was told to do, namely, create a WCF Service Library Project. The projects have
decorations WebService, WebMethod etc. I used to follow the laid away path and didn’t bother to think why I am doing what I am doing. One fine day I realized that its high time I should understand what I am doing and started digging on WCF. In this blog, I am just documenting my understanding of WCF.   WCF is nothing but a DLL project that implements Windows Service Model. In short, DLL got promoted to run as a service (executable through proper environment) instead of staying as application extension, that cannot execute by itself....(Read whole news on source site)

פיתוח משחקים ב JavaScript - מבוסס על משחק סופר 8 - חלק 4

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בפוסט הקודם חלק 3 – פיתוח משחקים ב – JavaScript דיברנו על איך להזיז את הדמות במרחב המשחק ואיך לשנות את כיון התמונה שתתאים לכיון שהדמות הולכת אליו. בפוסט הזה נדבר על יצירת אווירה (רקע ואלמנטים נוספים) למשחק, לא סתם איך להוסיף תמונות רקע נדבר על איך לגרום לרקע לנוע יחד עם הדמות עלל מנת ליצור תחושה של תנועה מתמשכת.
href=""> בפוסט זה נשתמש בספריה נוספת שנקראת – PreloadJS, שגם שייכת לסט הספריות של CreateJS. (עד עכשיו השתמשנו ב – EASEJS שגם משתייכת לשם) ספריית PreloadJS, מאפשרת טעינה של קבצי מוסיקה, תמונות ברקע ומאפשרת לנו לשלוט מתי כל חלקי המשחק נטענו בהצלחה. נוסיף לדף שלנו את הקריאה הבאה, אשר תאפשר לנו להשתמש ביכולות הטעינה של PreloadJS. כעת נוסיף פונקצייה חדשה בשם start ונוסיף אליה את הקוד הבא: function start() { ...(Read whole news on source site)

All about ENUM

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Enum, like class, creates a new data type. Hence, enum is at the same level as a class, struct or interface. namespace AllAboutEnum { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Result r = Result.PartialSuccess; } } enum Result { Success, Failure,
PartialSuccess, Error } } In the above code we have created a new data type named 'Result'. It has four members, namely, Success, Failure, PartialSuccess, Error. Some basic features of enum are: enum can have only members (comma separated). Members are public static by definition. enum members are auto indexed based on its position [default index base: 0], unless explicit values are mentioned for the members. enum can not have any fields, properties, methods. Just like class, enum cannot have two members...(Read whole news on source site)