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The next BIG Thing in RavenDB 1.2

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Is something that you probably wouldn’t even notice, to be perfectly honest. We are going to work on our map/reduce implementation. This is freakishly complex, because we need to do updatable, persistent map/reduce. It got so complex that I decided that I can’t really implement this on my own in the RavenDB solution and moved to spiking the solution in isolation. If you care, you can look at this here. There would be additional optimizations to worry about in RavenDB, but it is pretty much all there, in less than 400 lines of code. I couldn’t find anything
out there which was nearly as useful. Most of the map/reduce implementations are about distributing the work load and scheduling it. None of them really deal with the notion of updatable map/reduce results. Note that the Storage layer there is both only there for the sole purpose of actually showing we can persist and restart from any point and also has critical behavior in its behavior (for example, scheduling). I’ll probably do a set of posts about this, but for now, here is the source, have fun poking at it: whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1165

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Just discovered that today’s edition hadn’t published successfully - must have closed my laptop lid too quickly Software jQuery 1.8 Released - The jQuery Team announce the official release of jQuery 1.8. This release adds significantly to jQuery, including significant re-work of the Sizzle selector engine, animations, the auto application of CSS vendor [...]

#622 – The Source of a Keyboard Event

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The source of a keyboard event is the control that had keyboard focus when the key was pressed, referenced by the KeyEventArgs.Source property in a keyboard event handler.  You can consider the source as–the control where the keyboard event is taking place. The source can be different from the sender of the event, which is the control to [...]

Windows 8 XAML Tips - Settings Demo

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source: In my previous blog post I explained how you can use the PaneThemeTransition from the Animation Library to show a task pane. In this blog post I want to use this technique to open my Settings and About task panes from the Settings Charm. I will try to make it easier by introducing a TaskPanePopup helper class. TaskPanePopup You construct an instance of the TaskPanePopup class using a task pane, in most cases this will be a user control. In the constructor a Popup control is created and initialized with the Child
(the task pane) and the ChildTransitions (PaneThemeTransition coming from the right). The Width of the task pane must be set to calculate the position of the Popup. The task pane will be shown in a Popup using the animation when you call the Show() method on the instance... Settings Charm To demonstrate the use of my class I have created a sample appliation. This app must have a Settings and About command in the Settings Charm. Therefore I have subscribed the app on the CommandsRequested event of the current SettingsPane (line 30). .....Read more

Two tools that make localization of your Windows Phone apps easy

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source: Today I want to show you two small tools that will help you to make localizing your apps easier. Localizing in-app strings The first tool I want you to know about is a tool called "AppTranslator", made by Xda-Member singularity0821. To provide the language settings, you need to name the strings in your app. I recommend to use format "x:name", as sometimes without the "x:" your strings will not be accessible. Then you have to create a .resx file for your "neutral" language. You can find a good tutorial here at
href="">MSDN. Once you have done this, you have to translate all strings and put them in a separate .resx file. Doing this manually in Visual Studio can really be an awful job. This is where the "AppTranslator" comes into the game. You can download the tool here at xda. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Zenbook UX31 as a Windows 8 laptop

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I've written two previous reviews of a Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook. Short summary: I really like the form factor, build quality performance, and battery life. Here's a final review with a look at Zenbook as a longterm Windows 8 laptop. Installing Windows 8 I installed the latest public release of (Windows 8 Release Preview). As with every Windows 8 install I've done, this was a very fast install. I opted for a pave / reinstall because everything I cared about was already being sync'd via Skydrive or was in source control. Yay clouds! After a few minutes, it was
installed and I was ready to log in. I've got Windows 8 installed on some other computers, so it already had my desktop and other settings set up. The Zenbook came preinstalled with Windows 7 and a bunch of utilities including an ASUS Update manager thing. My initial reaction was that it was a bit much. They'd obviously put some thought and expense into the unbox / first run experience, and the utility overload thing was really the only thing I encountered that marred that experience. So when I started with a fresh install on Windows 8, I was...(Read whole news on source site)

Great Time at Gwinnett .NET Users Group

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I headed up to the Gwinnett .NET Users Group last night had we talked all about mobile web development using ASP.NET! If you were there, thanks for attending and here are the slides and code as promised! Code Slides (pdf) If you had any questions that you didn’t get to ask at the talk, just comment below.
If you liked this article, see Shawn's brand new workshop: The Web Workshop: a 3-day class that features...(Read whole news on source site)

“Unplugged” LIDNUG online talk with me on Friday (August 10th)

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Tomorrow, Friday August 10th, I’m doing another online LIDNUG session.  The talk will be from 2pm to 3:30pm (Pacific Time).  I do these talks a few times a year and they tend to be pretty fun.  Attendees can ask any questions they want to me, and listen to me answer them live via LiveMeeting.  We usually end up having some really good discussions on a wide variety of topics.  Any topic or question is fair game. You can learn more and register to attend the online event for free here. I’ll update this post with
a download link to a recorded audio version of the talk after the event is over. Hope to get a chance to chat with some of you there! Scott P.S. In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at: whole news on source site)