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How To Write Unmaintainable Code (or how to sell yourself workable coding standards)

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Originally posted on: essay ‘How To Write Unmaintainable Code’ is an excellent article on how not to write code. I suggest every Dot Net developer read through it! It will convince you to use Visual Studio (Pro and above) together with ReSharper and StyleCop, to automate a workable coding standard. (Yes there are other standards, but StyleCop provides a coding standard that is very ergonomic.)
Passionate about
team">Automated C# & VB.NET code formatting and sharing code styles in your team
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#1,182 – Using RenderSize Properties in Custom Elements

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When writing rendering code for a custom element that derives from FrameworkElement, you can use the ActualWidth and ActualHeight properties to know how to render the element.  These properties indicate the desired final size of the element, after all layout calculations have been done. If a custom control derives from UIElement, it won’t have access to the ActualWidth and ActualHeight properties, but can […]

The Morning Brew #1718

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Software Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RC now Available – John Montgomery announces the release of the Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 Release Candidate which includes a number fo fixes, improvements and new features. Visual Studio and TFS 2013.4 (Update 4) Release Candidate – Brian Harry highlights the Team Foundation Server aspects of the Update […]

Chance to Connect(); on What’s Coming Next, November 12th and 13th

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On November 12th, we'll be hosting an online developer event called Connect();.  Connect(); will be a chance to have a conversation with developers about what’s coming next for developer tools, developer services and application platforms across Microsoft.  Check out the Connect(); event page for the agenda and other details.   
Connect(); builds upon where we’ve been, and the work we’ve been doing over the last year.  As we prepare for next month’s event, I thought I would share a recap of some
of the highlights from the last year. 
Where We’ve Been
A year ago, we launched Visual Studio 2013 and announced the availability of Visual Studio Online.  Developers have been adopting both at a great rate with over 7 million downloads of VS2013 and over 1.7 million registered accounts in Visual Studio Online so far.    
Following through on our commitment to a faster release cadence, in the year since those launches we’ve released 3 major updates to Visual Studio 2013 and 15 updates to Visual Studio Online, with the majority of developers taking advantage of these new...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft Ignite 2015 Announced

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Microsoft has announced the dates for its enterprise technology conference Microsoft Ignite 2015 which is scheduled to be held from May 4 – 8 at  Chicago , McCormick Place. Few months back , Microsoft had announced that it will be bringing together the best of the previous individual events like TechEd , Project , SharePoint [...]

Microsoft Build 2015 Conference Announced

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Microsoft has announced the Build Conference 2015 which is scheduled to be held from April 29 – May 1 at  the The Moscone Center , San Francisco, CA. The Microsoft Build Conference is one of the premier Microsoft conference where developers will get an opportunity to know more about the latest of the Microsoft platform [...]
2014 in Bangalore
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Visual Studio and TFS 2013.4 (Update 4) Release Candidate

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It’s time!  The Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013.4 and Team Foundation Server 2013.4 is here. Download Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RC Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 KB article I’ve written some posts about the CTPs along the way.  But I’ll give a high-level recap of the ALM improvements and talk about a few of the new things showing up in this RC. Work item tracking and Agile project management improvements – This update includes a ton of “smallish” improvements to work item tracking.  Things like
trend charts, area path search, better embedded url support, performance improvements, full screen support and more.  No single thing is likely to blow your socks off but, in the aggregate, it’s a very nice set of improvements. Stakeholder license – Update 4 includes the licensing changes I announced a while back that enables people who just need access to basic work management capabilities and project status tracking to do so at no charge. Pull requests – Support for Git based pull requests/code reviews. Additional improvements showing up in this Release Candidate include: Bugs on the...(Read whole news on source site)