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Visual Studio Toolbox: More XAML Designer Less XAML Typing

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In this episode, I am joined by Jon Chu to explore how good the Visual Studio XAML Designer and Blend are these days. My New Year's resolution is to spend less time typing XAML and more time using the designers. Jon shows several examples of how you can build a XAML app and not have to type the XAML. Resources Windows Dev Center ( UWP samples ( Sample app used in this episode ( Guide to customizing the sample app (

Which actual Windows 10 apps I use

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This Neowin article asks people whether they use many actual Windows 10 (WinRT or UWP) apps. I knew I used quite a few, but decided to make a list of the ones I use on a regular basis (all at least once a week, but many of them several times a day). Of course I have a lot more installed, but I don’t actually use them often, or at all. Someday I should do a purge of old stuff I installed to try and then never used again… Here’s my list of apps that I use on a regular/consistent basis (not in any
particular order): Cortana - my indispensable digital assistant (Siri is like her dullard older sister)
Clipboard - share anything to the clipboard - indispensable utility app
PowerBI – watch my VSTS and GitHub repos, plus Magenic business dashboards
Email and Calendar (yes, they are finally quite good apps)
OneNote (the touch version is better than the Win32 version on a Surface - by far)
MyRadar - useful on every device everywhere!!
Tweetium - excellent twitter client - I love it!
News - the msn/bing news app - I use it on my iPhone too -...(Read whole news on source site)

Playing with key generators

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For the past 6 years or so, Hibernating Rhinos is using a licensing component that I wrote after being burned by trying to use a commercial licensing component. This licensing scheme is based around signed XML files that we send to customers. It works, but it has a few issues. Sending files to customers turn out to be incredibly tricky. A lot of companies out there will flat out reject any email that has an attachment. So we ended up uploading the files to S3, and sending them a link to it. Dealing with files in this manner also means
that there is a lot of relatively manual steps (take the file, rename it, place it in this dir, etc). With all the attendant issues that they entail. So we want something simpler. Here is a sample of the kind of information that I need to pass in the license: Note that this is a pure property bag, no structure beyond that. An obvious solution for that is to throw it in JSON, and add a public key signature. This would look like this:
{ "id": "cd6fff02-2aff-4fae-bc76-8abf1e673d3b", "expiration": "2017-01-17T00:00:00.0000000", "type": "Subscription", "version":...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2030

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Software Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 RC 1 is available – Brian Harry highlights the release of the TFS 2015 Update 2 RC 1 and VS 2015 Update 2 CTP1, focusing on the announcement of the TFS 2015 Update 2 RC1 Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP – Similarly John Montgomery shares a look […]

SQL Server System Views: The Basics

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When maintaining or refactoring an unfamiliar database, you'll need a fast way to uncover all sorts of facts about the database, its tables, columns keys and indexes. SQL Server's plethora of system catalog views, INFORMATION_SCHEMA views, and dynamic management views contain all the metadata you need, but it isn't always obvious which views are best to use for which sort of information. Many of us could do with a simple explanation, and who better to provide one than Rob Sheldon?

Moved to the Cloud?

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Are you thinking about the cloud yet? Redgate is conducting some research into cloud adoption to better understand both the drivers and the blockers. Whether or not you’ve taken the plunge yet, they would love to hear from you. Participate in the survey and be entered into a draw to win an Amazon gift card worth $100.


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