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New Article – Backbone.js at a Glance

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Yesterday, DotNetCurry magazine published an article that I wrote. The article introduces Backbone.js, a front-end MVC library, that I used in various of successful projects. While I’m using other MVW libraries/frameworks as well (AngularJS and Knockout.js for example), I’m always happy to return to Backbone.js and use it in projects. Here is were you can […]

Get started with Xamarin

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So you are ready for the next mobile revolution and want to learn more on Xamarin… why not start with a few videos ? Here is my selection of recent videos to jumpstart your Xamarin learning:

Cross Platform Development With Xamarin
Top 3 Features of Xamarin 3 In Under 3 Minutes!
Developing Native iOS, Android, and Windows Apps with Xamarin
A Xamarin.Fo​rms Deep Dive

Technical Presentation Tips and Tricks

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The very first technical presentation I gave was in the mid-nineties for a supply chain management company. Prior to that presentation my only experience had been giving an instructional talk about hacky-sack to fellow students for a speech class. I still remember standing in front of the room and completely forgetting everything I was about to say. Some of the people in the front row actually had looks of concern and pity on their faces as they saw me mumble and stumble through my introduction. I eventually was able to get moving and pull it off but it wasn’t exactly
a stellar experience for anyone involved. Warning: Long Post Ahead! This is a large collection of thoughts so my intention is to gather them all here so you have a post you can come back to reference as needed. I encourage other presenters to share their own thoughts, feedback, tips, and tricks in the comments so this can evolve as a resource for aspiring presenters. Although I later started a fitness business that involved conducting workshops and speaking at large seminars, this still didn’t prepare me for technical speaking. The added complexity of writing and demoing code...(Read whole news on source site)

Single Page Applications? Bah Humbug!

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I know that the title of this post may be a bit of link bait, sorry about that. But having been in this business quite a while now, I am noticing a trend. A trend that worries me. The Single Page Application (or SPA) moniker is one I’ve always disliked (as you’d know if you follow me on Twitter). But it’s not the technology I have a problem with, it’s the moniker and the implications of the moniker. The Technology Behind the Moniker I started doing web development in the ‘90s on ASP (no, not ASP.NET). This was a
treasure trove of open database connections, imported headers, and clunky HTML. I never thought we’d get to where the web was a mature platform to develop upon. In the past few years, technologies like Knockout, AngularJS, BackboneJS and the like have all contributed to a richer client-side experience. No longer were we dependent on post-backs or page requests to get the job done. Things are good. They are really good. What these technologies have in common is an application model on the client. They go about it in different ways, but the real revolution is the ability to build up...(Read whole news on source site)

Playing with Roslyn

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We do a lot of compiler work in RavenDB. Indexes are one such core example, where we take the C# language and beat both it and our heads against the wall until it agrees to do what we want it to. A lot of that is happening using the excellent NRefactory library as well as the not so excellent CodeDOM API. Basically, we take a source string, convert it into something that can run, then compile it on the fly and execute it. I decided to check the implications of using this using a very trivial benchmark:private static void CompileCodeDome(int
i) { var src = @" class Greeter { static void Greet() { System.Console.WriteLine(""Hello, World"" + " + i + @"); } }"; CodeDomProvider codeDomProvider = new CSharpCodeProvider(); var compilerParameters = new CompilerParameters { OutputAssembly= "Greeter.dll", GenerateExecutable = false, GenerateInMemory = true, IncludeDebugInformation = false, ReferencedAssemblies = { ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1684

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Software Git Diff Margin 2013 extension – & laurentkempe/GitDiffMargin – Laurent Kempe Information Prepare web.config for HTML5 and CSS3 – Mads Kristensen ZeroMQ #5 : Sending From Multiple Sockets – Sacha Barber Notification Patterns in Rx, Part I: Introduction, Notification Patterns in Rx, Part II: Creating a Stream, Notification Patterns in Rx, Part III: Lossless […]

My second session at KulenDayz 2014

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Organizers of KulenDayz contacted me and asked for one more presentation. Their choice takes you to the engine on SaaS-based portals running on Windows Azure. As this presentation is based on real-life experiences I think it’s valuable source of information for those who are planning something more complex on Windows Azure. Here’s the short overview of this presentation. The post My second session at KulenDayz 2014 appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

August updates – what’s new from Mindscape?

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Take a look at what we got up to in August. In particular, we’ve added several more integrations and providers to our error reporting service. Raygun Raygun4Net now supports WindowsStore applications. Raygun4Net now supports WebApi projects. Xamarin.Mac exception reporting + 64-bit support. Choose when to get your daily digest emails. Integrate Raygun with Asana. […]