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Madhivanan's TSQL Blog

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41 Agent_datetime function from MSDB database Administrator
42 Creating DATETIME value from integer DATE and integer TIME Administrator
43 Simpler way of calculating Time values stored as numbers Administrator
44 Datatype convertion error - Findout problamatic data Administrator
45 File paths in SQL Server Administrator
46 Question of the month June 2012 - Explain the result of Date+Date Administrator
47 Swap Values of Column - Puzzle from Pinal Dave Administrator
48 SET Vs SELECT - Multiple values and wrong result Administrator
49 Converting Julian Date into Date Administrator
50 CHAR vs VARCHAR - Trailing spaces Administrator
51 NULL, NULL, NULL and nothing but NULL Administrator
52 Use system functions cleverly Administrator
53 Compare numbers stored as characters seperated by space Administrator
54 Question of the month May 2012 - How does direct usage of column alias work in ORDER BY clause? Administrator
55 Question of the May 2012 - How does direct usage of column alias work in ORDER BY clause? Administrator
56 Sum up digits of a number Administrator
57 Temporary table and dynamic sql Administrator
58 Removing unwanted characters - Part 3 Administrator
59 Question of the month Apr 2012 - Why does SQL Server allow only one NULL value on unique constraint? Administrator
60 Storage of table variable Administrator
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