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Podcasts worth checking out

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Almost 3 years ago I write a post about which developer podcasts I was listening too at the time. Some have stuck and I’m now listening to more local content and even a few more non-technical shows. Here’s what’s currently on my phone (via Podcaster); Techie ones The Ministry of Geek – wide range of geek topics from a couple of talkative Kiwis – sometimes funny, sometimes informative, usually rambling, always worth a listen.
NZ Tech Podcasts – really good wrap up and perspectives on local and international tech stuff .Net Rocks – while not usually deeply technical Carl and Richard are great interviewers and know, from 10 years and 776 podcasts, how to run a show. While they do cover a range of topics there is certainly a Microsoft slant. The Hanselminutes Podcasts  - good range of topics, not always Microsoft focused, even has his wife...(Read whole news on source site)

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