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This post will be part of Visual Studio 2011 feature series. I have been playing with Visual Studio 11 beta recently and everyday I am amazed with new features of it. Today I have found one more very useful feature Extract to User Control feature. In large projects, we are having large pages and its always good to user control(.ascx) but sometimes we are so lazy to create user controls and we remain
with the whole page and even we can’t reuse that code. In similar kind of situation ‘Extract to user control’ can be quite useful. Suppose we have long HTML mark up and we need to convert one div to user control and then we can do it very easily with Visual Studio 11 beta Extract to User Control feature. You just need to select code you want there in user control and then you need to right click and click ‘Extract to User Control’ like below. And once you click on ‘Extract to User Control’...(Read whole news on source site)



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