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That is a symbolic milestone: Last week, MVVM Light reached the bar of 120’000 downloads on, the site that has been hosting source and installers since the beginning of the project (100'000 downloads) and on Nuget, the popular package manager for .NET (20'000 downloads). More information about Nuget and MVVM Light.

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  MVVM Light started its “career” on Codeplex in October 2009. Back then it was intended as a set of classes I could use when blogging about MVVM, to avoid having to repeat the same concepts over and over again. These ideas were born from discussions on the WPF disciples mailing list (now renamed to “XAML disciples”), a group of friends who talks about everything and anything and occasionally about coding. In fact in some cases some code was even stolen borrowed with appreciation from some of the individuals on this list. Since then of course, the...(Read whole news on source site)



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