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#mvvmlight V4RC available on #nuget

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I just published the MVVM Light V4 RC packages to Nuget. Note that this is still technically a preview, so the main package is still V3. The V4 packages are available here: Package with libraries and content:
When you install this package into a “virgin” application (i.e. an application without ViewModelLocator, preferably a brand new application), it installs a new ViewModel folder with a MainViewModel, ViewModelLocator and adds an entry into the App.xaml file to intialize a the ViewModelLocator in the global resources.
/>Do not use this package if you want only the libraries, this will add content files! Package with libraries only:
This installs and references only the libraries. Both packages are available for Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5, .NET3.5SP1, .NET4, Windows Phone 7.0, Windows Phone 7.1 and Windows 8 (WinRT). That last one is brand new! :) Nuget prerequisites Follow the steps to install Nuget (if needed): In Visual Studio 10 or 11, select the menu Tools, Extension Manager. ...(Read whole news on source site)

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