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Open Source @ Microsoft

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IntroductionThis post is based on the presentation I did for Porto Tech Hub 2015, Microsoft ♥ Open Source, slightly revised and augmented.TL;DRI intent to demonstrate that Microsoft’s involvement with open source is not exactly new.So, the big news is:
Microsoft is embracing/supporting/producing/using open source software: Microsoft & Open Source Software!
Lots of APIs are now open source, others will follow!
Applications are being considered for release as open source!
But, let’s think for a moment… is this actually new?A Bit of HistorySo, let’s take a walk down the memory lane
and remember some of Microsoft’s positions on this subject…
2001Hmmm… this doesn’t seem good for open source, does it?
2005Enterprise Library 1.0 released!First version!
2006AJAX ControlToolkitreleasedNice! At the time, AJAX Control Toolkit offered some cool features that would integrate nicely with ASP.NET!
2007Microsoft Will Support ODF If It Doesn't 'Restrict Choice Among Formats‘ Open Office XML formats!
2009Microsoft counted as key Linux contributor -- for...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1889

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Software Vorlon.js 0.0.15 is out ! – Etienne Margraff announces the release of Vorlon.js 0.0.15, the result of two months work, 66 pull requestes, 78 issues and 547 commits, providing an even better debugging experience for your client side JavaScript remotely, including a new XMLHttpRequest monitor panel, network monitor, and AngularJS monitor. SSDT June 2015 […]

New Azure Billing APIs Available

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Organizations moving to the cloud can achieve significant cost savings.  But to achieve the maximum benefit you need to be able to accurately track your cloud spend in order to monitor and predict your costs. Enterprises need to be able to get detailed, granular consumption data and derive insights to effectively manage their cloud consumption. I’m excited to announce the public preview release of two new Azure Billing APIs today: the Azure Usage API and Azure RateCard API which provide customers and partners programmatic access to their Azure consumption and pricing details: Azure Usage API
– A REST API that customers and partners can use to get their usage data for an Azure subscription. As part of this new Billing API we now correlate the usage/costs by the resource tags you can now set set on your Azure resources (for example: you could assign a tag “Department abc” or “Project X” to a VM or Database in order to better track spend on a resource and charge it back to an internal group within your company). To get more details, please read the MSDN page on the Usage API. Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers can...(Read whole news on source site)

What is ASP.NET console application?

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One mystery in ASP.NET 5 that people are asking me about are ASP.NET 5 console applications. We have web applications running on some web server – what is the point of new type of command-line applications that refer by name to web framework? Here’s my explanation. The post What is ASP.NET console application? appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

DevExpress VCL v15.1: the old spreadsheet has gone

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One of the breaking changes we neglected to mention with the release of DevExpress VCL v15.1 yesterday is that the old spreadsheet control, deprecated when we released the new spreadsheet control a year ago, has been completely removed from the install. If you still are using that control, you will have to reinstall v14.2 and continue to use that until you migrate your apps to use the new control. Our assumption was that since the new control was vastly superior to the old – there’s really no contest – our customers needing a spreadsheet would have spent some
time over the past year to migrate to the better one. It seems that we were overly optimistic in that regard, so I apologize on behalf of the team and the company to all those customers who installed v15.1 only to be surprised by the sudden disappearance. Of course, I was positive I had mentioned it in a previous blog post, but alas it appears I was wrong there too (for proof, see the picture of my chair): I can find no mention of our timetable to remove the older control after a year of being deprecated. Again, please accept...(Read whole news on source site)

Big Scrum: Are you doing mechanical Scrum

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Are you doing mechanical Scrum? Also called flaccid Scrum, amateur Scrum, or by-the-book Scrum; all are equally ineffective. If you are not able to ship twice the features in half the time that you used to, then you are probably doing mechanical Scrum. The post Big Scrum: Are you doing mechanical Scrum appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.