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SharePoint XSLT Web Part

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After my previous post on XSLT processing, what else could follow? Of course, an XSLT web part for SharePoint! Here I want to solve a couple of problems: Allow the usage of XSLT 2.0; Have a more flexible parameter passing mechanism than ; Make the XSLT extension mechanism (parameters, functions) more usable. Similar to XsltListViewWebPart and the others, this web part will query SharePoint and return the results processed by a XSLT style sheet. I am going to built on top of the classes introduced in the
target="_blank">last post. Here is the SPCustomXsltWebPart (please, do give it a better name...):

The Morning Brew #1839

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Software Namespace Renamer – Rory Primrose shares a little utility which makes it easier to rename namespaces in your .NET projects. Information What is the unchecked keyword good for? Part two – Eric Lippert continues his look at the use of the unchecked keyword in C#, as well as answering some questions from the comments […]

VS Online Update - April 10th

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We are deploying our sprint 80 results this week.  You can read the release notes on  There are some very nice improvements for both the Agile tooling and Git.   This is an unusual deployment.  First it's delayed a week and second it's going to take a couple of weeks before all the instances of VS Online are updated.  As I write this, only the internal "Canary" and European instances have been updated.  Today we are starting 2 US instances.  Later this week we hope to start the largest instance - and we expect that will take 4 days to
upgrade.  Why so strange?   A couple of reasons.  First, we are working to get ready for the TFS 2015 release candidate and there's quite a lot of high priority work to wrap that up.  That just causes some time slicing.  Second, we are deploying Team Project Rename as part of this deployment.  It won't be publicly enabled yet but the bits will be there - and the accompanying schema changes are what's making the upgrade take unusually long.  In fact, this morning, we renamed one of our Team Projects "VSOnline" to "VSO" - we could do this because our account is...(Read whole news on source site)

Yet Another Podcast – Reboot!

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Yet Another Podcast (YAP) had quite a run in its first iteration.  We had (among many others), Scott Guthrie, Miguel de Icazza, Scott Hanselman, Charles Petzold, John Papa, Laurent Bugnion… the list is too long. Reboot The last show, however, … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at