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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Windows 8 Game Development...

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...but didn't know to ask. OK, perhaps not everything...but certainly all the options for developing great games on Windows 8. Bob Familiar, who manages some of my fellow Technical Evangelists on our East Region team, managed to find time between updating SharePoint and emailing Excel files to do some really thorough research on the state of game development for Windows 8, and shares his results on his blog: A very nice tour of the available technologies and frameworks, as well as some that have been recently announced. Bottom line...whether you program in HTML and JavaScript,
C#, XAML, or C++, there's something for you on Windows 8 for developing amazing games. From casual to hardcore, it's all available. Check out Bob's post to see the options. Oh, and Bob is also a prolific musician, and contributed some of his tunes for my colleague Dave Isbitski's Space Cadet game, which you can download from Codeplex. And don't forget to sign up for Generation App. Go from idea to app in 30 days....(Read whole news on source site)

Daily Windows 8 Development News 20 Sept 2012

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Windows 8 Development Snack: A better architecture diagram Different ways to access Control Panel in Windows 8 You may also find interesting our Daily Windows Phone Development News 20 Sept 2012. You can also subscribe to our Windows 8 Dev News feed or follow us on Twitter @winphonegeek . (We list the latest Windows Phone 7 development activities.) We would be grateful if you fill our 30 second #wpdev Survey (just 3 questions). ...(Read whole news on source site)

Daily Windows Phone Development News 20 Sept 2012

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by WindowsPhoneGeek Daily WP Development News 20 Sept 2012: Latest Updates in the WPGeek Component Marketplace (Windows Phone) Determining Angle in Windows Phone Comparison: SkyDrive vs Apple vs Google vs Dropbox Subscribe to our News feed or follow us on Twitter @winphonegeek . (We list the latest Windows Phone 7 development activities. We would be grateful if you fill our 30 second #wpdev Survey (just 3 questions)

September 2012 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit

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I’m excited to announce the September 2012 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit! This is the first release of the Ajax Control Toolkit which supports the .NET 4.5 framework. We also continue to support ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET 4.0. With this release, we’ve made several important bug fixes. The Superexpert team focused on fixing the [...]

5 LINQ for JavaScript Library

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Below are few collections of JavaScript Library that allows you to query JSON objects with the syntax similar like Syntax . 1. LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) LINQ to JavaScript is an implementation of LINQ to Objects for JavaScript. It provides the developers with the options to query against the JavaScript Arrays. Know more about LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) and download from codeplex 2. JLinq JLinq is a 100% JavaScript library which allows the developers to perform LINQ queries on JSON arrays. Another interesting feature of JLinq is the extensibility. Know more about JLinq and download here 3. Reactive Extensions for
Javascript (RxJS) The RxJS enables the developers to use Rx operators in JavaScript. Know more about Rx for Javascript here 4. linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript implements close to 90 methods and all .NET 4.0 methods and supports Intellisense support for Microsoft Visual Studio. It comes in 2 versions – one for JavaScript (linq.js) and other for JQuery (jQuery.linq.js). Know more about linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript and download from codeplex 5. $Linq $linq is a Javascript version of .NET’s LINQ to Objects and implements most of the corresponding .NET LINQ to Objects methods like...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Live - Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

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Among the features I love about Gmail is to be able to access multiple accounts w/o signing out and signing in. I’m late to learn this, but apparently you can do the same thing with Windows Live IDs. Same idea, straight forward. The bonus is that you can control access to your account like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Very neat.

cURL to Scrape Data

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I ran into a situation today when one of our microsites that was developed by a 3rd party is no longer… manageable. To be less politically correct, we don’t have access to the data anymore. Nothing significant, but annoying. The only way to see the data was through the web site. Yet data was paged, with about 40 pages. This is where curl was really helpful. Apparently, you can parameterize URLs (thanks to Sameer’s post) passed into the command, as well as the output. Here’s an example: curl.exe -o page#1.html[1-40] Where page#1.html will be populated
by the current index and index is set from 1 to 40. Awesome trick!...(Read whole news on source site)