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Windows 8 Metro: Dealing with new metro controls

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The challenge for a completely new user experience, based on the touch-based interaction in metro style applications, requires a complete set of new controls that simplify developer's life. This is the reason why, compared with Silverlight and WPF, Metro offers some the controls that implement this new kind of interaction, giving a lot of features and customization points. GridView, ListView and FlipView togheter makes a new deal for developers because they have a higher level of perception over the commonly used Controls in xaml. In this article I would like to explore this level and go deep on some of the
fundamental aspect of this triumvirate. Understand those three The first met with GridView, List View and FlipView is not so easy like someone can think. The problem is that they appear to be not so much like an ItemsControl - as they are effectively - but they behave is...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1131

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Software Mighty Moose Free - Greg Young announces the new that Mighty Moose, the continuous Testing tool for .NET will now be a free product, discussing the reasoning behind the decision, as well as talking a bout the history of the project. Information How we got rid of the database - ;part 5 - Gabriel Schenker continues his [...]

Announcing the June 2012 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit

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I’m excited to announce the June 2012 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit. You can download the new release by visiting or (better) download the new release with NuGet: Install-Package AjaxControlToolkit The Ajax Control Toolkit continues to be super popular. The previous release (May 2012) had over 87,000 downloads from and over 16,000 [...]

Functional JavaScript with LiveScript, Mocha, and ExpectThat

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I’ve been playing with LiveScript a bit lately and have really been enjoying it! If you haven’t heard of LiveScript, it’s a “…fork of Coco, which is in turn derived from CoffeeScript…”  (LiveScript Overview Page). It provides more features than Coco and CoffeeScript including several that assist in writing code in a more functional style. [...]

The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive

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I wrote another book review: The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive I've been reading a lot of books lately, looking for ones that I can use at Microsoft.  Microsoft is a challenging environment that pits your skills against some tough challenges.   When you're working in an arena that supports the world, the game gets tougher.  As you move up the stack, there is no shortage of traps, pitfalls, and challenges to stretch and grow you in new ways. The way I stay on top of the game is primarily through
three things: Books People Practice I read a lot of books, anything from project management, to business skills, to personal development, to leadership and strategy.  It's not like you can ever be too good, and the game is always changing.  Learning the right methodology, method, or technique can be the difference between success and failure.  Some of the best tools are new ways of looking at the world. People can show you things fast.  Like “monkey see, monkey do”, great habits can rub off on you, if...(Read whole news on source site)

F# Depth Colorizer for VS2012 now available

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The F# Depth Colorizer for VS2012 makes it easy to see the nesting-depth of your F# code and ensure that control constructs are properly indented.  Compare: The left screenshot shows how code appears by default.  Are the ‘try’ and ‘with’ keyword aligned?  It can be hard to tell at-a-glance.  The right screenshot has the F# [...]

Video on Architecture and Code Quality using Visual Studio 2012–interview with Marcel de Vries and Terje Sandstrom by Adam Cogan

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Find the video HERE. Adam Cogan did a great Web TV interview with Marcel de Vries and myself on the topics of architecture and code quality.  It was real fun participating in this session.  Although we know each other from the MVP ALM community,  Marcel, Adam and I haven’t worked together before. It was very interesting to see how we agreed on so many terms, and how alike we where thinking.  The basics of ensuring you have a good architecture and how you could document it is one thing.  Also, the
same agreement on the importance of having a high quality code base, and how we used the Visual Studio 2012 tools, and some others (NDepend for example)  to measure and ensure that the code quality was where it should be.  As the tools, methods and thinking popped up during the interview it was a lot of “Hey !  I do that too!”.  The tools are not only for “after the fact” work, but we use them during the coding.  That way the tools becomes an integrated part of our coding work, and helps us...(Read whole news on source site)

How To: Bing Maps Custom Tile Overlay - Google Maps

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I got a question from a friend who wanted to replace Bing Maps Tiles with Google Maps Tiles.
You might ask yourself why? If you want Google Tiles just replace Bing Control and work with Google Maps…..  In this case I want to work with Bing Map Control because the benefits I get in Metro Applications in Windows 8 for C#, C++, VB.NET and JavaScript. 
And I also want Google Maps language support. Download Demo Project Currently Bing Maps doesn't support any language except English, and I
want to display the map with the user natural language. Google \ Bing Preview Google - Hebrew Google - English Bing – Only English ...(Read whole news on source site)

Will new features make Windows Phone 8 more user and developer friendly

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source: On Wednesday, Microsoft provided a glimpse of the new Windows Phone 8 devices shipping this fall. GigaOm's Kevin Tofel noted recently in a blog post that the changes to come are precisely what Microsoft needs to help kickstart its Windows Phone sales. For users, increased personalization and features will be a major selling point. For developers, Kevin believes the shared core code between Microsoft's mobile and desktop platforms will result in not only better hardware choices, but also a stronger application ecosystem and unified experience among phones, tablets and Windows computers. VisionMobile, a
market analysis and strategy firm, recently surveyed developers and reported that nearly 60% said that they plan to develop for the Windows Phone platform. As you can see in the graphic below, there is a stronger interest amongst the developer community to develop apps for the Windows Phone platform than iOS and Android. Current Windows Phone 7 users and developers may be quite disappointed to learn that their devices will not be upgraded to the new OS; however, according to Paul Thurrott they will get a new start screen, tile customization, and a new method for receiving updates...(Read whole news on source site)

Smooth splash screen transition for Windows Phone panorama apps

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source: I was trying to finally get into some coding today and decided to create a simple stopwatch application for Windows Phone using the panorama control. However, as I'm much more comfortable with Photoshop, I immediately set out to create a good-looking splash screen for the app. I wanted an effect similar to what Apple recommends for iOS apps, which is using a mockup of the actual user interface as the splash screen to provide a seamless app-launching experience. Here's the result:   ...Read more