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Accessing your Xbox Cloud Storage save games when you can’t access Cloud Storage

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So if cloud storage is down or your internet connection to your Xbox is down, in most cases you can still play games you saved to Cloud Storage. Note: This only applies to the Xbox that you last played the game on since it is relying on cached data. If you try it on some other Xbox then it may not work at all or may present you with older data (e.g. you are only level 22 when you really had gotten up to level 24 and you don’t have all those cool items you found).
From the dashboard, go to “Settings”. Choose “System”. Choose “Storage”. Choose “Cloud Saved Games” (yes it’ll say something like “Offline”, just ignore that text). Find the game you want to play (e.g. “Borderlands 2”) and choose it. For each item (many games only have one file per player but some have more than one file), choose it, then choose “Copy”, and then as a destination choose either your hard drive or a memory unit (e.g. a USB thumb drive that’s formatted for use with...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft Explained: Making Sense of the Microsoft Platform Story

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At least once a year, I try to walk the Microsoft platform and do a roundup of all the products and technologies, especially focused on the developer side.   (Here is an example – Mapping Out the Microsoft Application Platform.)  It helps me see ahead, anticipate changes, challenges, and opportunities, and really get a balcony view of the company from a platform perspective. This year, I was challenged as I was trying to walk the story from my usual paths.  Normally, I walk, MSDN, and TechNet.  I know my way around so I can usually pull the pieces
I need to figure out the platform and get a fast balcony view. I realized that this time, in order to make sense of the platform, I really needed to step back.  I needed to really understand the bigger story and the backdrop.  To walk a friend through, I basically recapped some of the most important messages: 3 Screens and a Cloud – This is really a clients and clouds story, acknowledging little screens, like on a phone, medium screens, like tables and laptops, and bigger screens, like the ones that fill a wall or...(Read whole news on source site)

ASP.NET Bundling/Minification and Embedded Resources

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                    If you want to share your application resources(like css, javascript, images, etc) between different projects then embedded resource is a great choice. Embedded resource is also good for component/control writers because it allows component/control writers to distribute all the application resources with just a single assembly. A lot of vendors are already using this approach. It will great for component/control writers if they can leverage the ASP.NET bundling and minification for improving the performance. So, in this article I will show you how to write a very basic component(helper) which will use the ASP.NET bundling and minification feature on embedded javascript/css files.
First of all create a new Class Library project and install the Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc, WebActivator and Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework 1.1.0-alpha1(make sure to include the -Pre parameter in Package Manager Console) nuget packages. Next, add a reference of System.Web assembly. Then, create your control/component/helper. For demonstration purpose, I will use this sample helper,
public static class HtmlHelpers { public static MvcHtmlString NewTextBox(this HtmlHelper html, string name) ...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone Trivia #1 to #10

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Q&A #1 – What are the Standard Hubs available in Windows Phone? Q&A #2 – What is the name of the Design Language / UI used in Windows Phone ? Q&A # 3 – What are the prerequisites to start developing Windows Phone Apps? Q&A #4 – What are the sensors supported in Windows Phone? Q&A #5 – Different points of Hardware Inputs in Windows Phone Q&A #6 – What is XAP? Q&A #7 – What are the templates available for developing Silverlight for Windows Phone Applications? Q&A #8 – What is the version of Silverlight used in Windows Phone?
Q&A #9 – What is the full form of XAML? Q&A #10 – What are the Layout Containers available in Windows Phone?...(Read whole news on source site)

XQuery Lab 67 - Reading blog data exported from in TSQL using XQuery

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I have been helping a few people to migrate their blogs from to  As part of this, I had to deal with the XML export file generated by which contains information of all the posts, comments etc. I wrote a number of TSQL queries using XQuery to read various pieces of information from the XML data file. I thought of sharing some of those queries in the XQuery labs series so that people who may want to do something similar may find it helpful. For the purpose of this demonstration, I am presenting
a cleaned-up version of the XML document which contains only the information we are interested in. When you look at a real file, you may find it much more complicated than the example presented below. However, the TSQL query given in this lab is found to be working on a few different version of the XML file I generated from Sample Data AddThis Social Bookmark Button
I recently posted about how quick and easy it was to set up a WordPress blog on Azure. My blog site has been running for over 3 months on this platform and it really has been great. One of the key reasons I am on Azure is because I have a high confidence in the platform and that if something goes wrong I can recover. So far that’s proved true and if anything, the problems I did encounter have only reinforced my confidence that if something does go wrong that I can recover quickly. Which is ultimately what I care

Creating a complete ASP.Net MVC 4.0 application with Visual Studio 2012, C# , EF 5.0 (Code First) - part 1

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I have been using ASP.Net MVC, Visual Studio, C# , Entity Framework, JQuery, CSS to build web sites and applications. I have been teaching ASP.Net MVC to people from all walks of life with different experience in Web development. I have decided to write a series of posts on how to write a small ASP.Net MVC 4.0 application.I will develop this application step by step and I will explain everything that you need to know in order to develop ASP.Net MVC 4.0 applications.There are some other posts in my blog, regarding ASP.Net MVC. You can find them
mce_href="">here, here . Please have a look at those posts to get a feeling for ASP.Net MVC.I will repeat some of the content found in those posts in the posts that will be part of this series. If you are an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer, maybe you mus go on and read something more advanced. I will talk about advanced things later on though.This series is aimed at developers that start learning ASP.Net MVC.I assume that you have some working knowledge of HTML,CSS. It will be great if you programmed before with C# or used Visual Studio.Αs...(Read whole news on source site)

How To Make Your System Slower With WMI

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With the new Windows Performance Toolkit you can now identify bottlenecks in your system which did not show up in any profiler. Lets e.g. query for some system properties via WMI. static void Main(string[] args) { var sw = Stopwatch.StartNew(); string[] queries = new string[] { "Win32_Processor", "Win32_Printer", "Win32_ComputerSystem", "Win32_VideoController", "Win32_PhysicalMemory", "Win32_LogicalDisk" }; foreach(var wmiColl in queries.Select(x=> new ManagementObjectSearcher(new SelectQuery(x)))
.Select(query => query.Get())) { foreach(var prop in wmiColl.Cast() .SelectMany(x=>x.Properties.Cast())) ...(Read whole news on source site)

Scrolling & column resizing features added to DevExpress ASP.NET TreeList (v2012.2)

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The new features of the DevExpress ASP.NET TreeList control make it even easier to use: Scrolling + Fixed Height/Width Problem: How do you set a fixed height and width for the TreeList? Solution: The new Horizontal and Vertical Scrollbar properties allow you to easily set up scrollbars for the DevExpress ASP.NET TreeList control. And get the ability to set a fixed height and width for the TreeList control too. Now, you’re TreeList will not push you content down, unless you want it to. Try the feature online now:

(Click the image to see an online demo) Watch the webinar about these new Treelist features here:
Mehul Harry shows you DevExpress ASP.NET TreeList’s new features
  Resize Columns Now you can allow you end-users to easily resize columns by dragging the appropriate column header. Just set the TreeListSettingsBehavior.ColumnResizeMode Property to the ColumnResizeMode. The three options allow you full control over column resizing: Try the online...(Read whole news on source site)

Propping Up WordPress on Azure

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Recently I moved my blog to Azure’s cloud services. I had some free credits for Windows Azure since I have an MSDN subscription, so I figured why not give it a shot. This move meant 3 big changes for me: Microsoft’s Azure platform, ClearDB‘s  MySQL services, and making sure I understood the costs in advance.  It has been 3 months and overall I’m thrilled with the platform for my blog. This post will show how quickly you can get a WordPress blog up and running. Azure does a heckuva lot more than host a web site that uses WordPress. But to