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Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta has shipped! WCF RIA Services v1.0 SP2 is installed out-of-box with Visual Studio 11 Beta.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta has shipped! WCF RIA Services v1.0 SP2 (version 4.1.61406.0) is installed out-of-box with Visual Studio 11 Beta (Professional SKU +). By using this version of WCF RIA Services, the design time scenarios that have been supported for Visual Studio 2010 continue to work on top of Visual Studio 11, including the support for Silverlight Business Application, WCF Silverlight Class Library template, Domain Service class template and Authentication Domain Service template. By default, the templates will be targeting Silverlight 5. Enjoy!    

Replay of MPN Live now available discussing “Cloudification” with Jon Roskill, WPC12 speaker announcement, and preferred seating giveaway

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Thank you again to all of you that joined us for this week’s MPN Live session that Jon Roskill and I hosted along with our Microsoft partner guests: In-Person Partner Guests: Ric Opal (@RicOpal) - Vice President, Peters & Associates. Chicago, Illinois Derek Drennan (@dcdrennan) - Regional Director PacWest, Neudesic. Seattle, WA Tim Huckaby (@TimHuckaby) – Founder/Chairman, Interknowlogy. Carlsbad, CA
Virtual Partner Guests: Ulises Aguilar Nahle (@uaguilar) – CEO, e-Nfinito. Mexico Laura Thomas (@laurapthomas) - Vice President of Sales, Antares Technology Solutions, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA It was a fantastic conversation about “Worldwide Cloudification” across Microsoft solutions and within partner businesses, as well as hybrid cloud, the future of on-premise. In addition to the incredible insights and...(Read whole news on source site)

Now officially MSc. in Computer Sciences

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After having a long journey into deep research and analysis of Performance Evaluation Systems with specific focus to academic institutions, I have successfully completed and defended my Master Thesis title in Computer Sciences at South-East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia. My master thesis was compound of theoretical deep research into the field and practical implementation of real-world application that helps in automating processes in performance evaluation of academic staff. The practical implementation of the project is a web-based application built on top of Microsoft latest technologies.

Why not automatically infer constraints?

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Suppose you have a generic base type with a constraint: class Bravo where T : IComparable { ... } If you make a generic derived class in the obvious way: class Delta : Bravo { ... } then the C# compiler gives you an error: error CS0314: The type 'U' cannot be used as type parameter 'T' in the generic type or method 'Bravo'. There is no boxing conversion or type parameter conversion from 'U' to 'System.IComparable'. Which seems reasonable; every construction of Bravo is required to meet the constraints on T and we have no evidence whatsoever that the
type supplied for U will meet those constraints. But that's only one way of looking at the problem; another way of looking at it is that we do have evidence that the person who declared U expected that U meets the constraints of T, since they used it as T. Given that evidence one might reasonably then expect the compiler to simply silently place the same constraint upon U. U would then meet the constraint on T; any error then would not be on the declaration of Delta's base class, but rather, upon any code which constructs Delta such that...(Read whole news on source site)

Three weeks until Orlando Code Camp

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The 7th annual Orlando Code Camp is coming up in 3 weeks and we have an awesome event planned.  The entire team has been working really hard for the last 4 months and they’ve put together an awesome website, great speaker lineup and sessions.  As always, we have some amazing sponsors that allow us to keep this event free, while at the same time everyone getting prizes, lunch from Lou, and the legendary Code Camp t-shirt:
Here is the latest communication on the event:
href=""> See you there!
...(Read whole news on source site)

Daily WP7 Development News 9 March 2012

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by WindowsPhoneGeek Daily WP7 Development News 9 March 2012:
Igor Ralic: the best open source components for Windows Phone Windows Phone 7 Ad Rotator added to the Top Windows Phone Dev Tools Integrating HTML5 and Javascript with Windows Phone 7 Understanding the Portable Library by Chasing ICommand (1 of 3) You can also subscribe to our News feed or follow us on Twitter @winphonegeek . (We list the latest Windows Phone 7 development activities.)

Igor Ralic: the best open source components for Windows Phone

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source: I am a big fan (and user!) of open source components for the Windows Phone platform development. There are many (hundreds?) of them available on CodePlex, but I use some of them in almost every project I create. Why? Simply because it means that I can do more in less time. I can create better experiences, better design, better functionality. And so could you. You probably know about some of these, or perhaps even all, but they are so good that they're worth mentioning to every Windows Phone developer. I even created a small presentation
about Windows Phone and open source for purposes other than this blog article, but they deserve to be shared. :) MetroGridHelper Screenshots ReviewBugger Coding4Fun Toolkit WriteableBitmapEx Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit Licenses ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Safer passwords with SqlCredential

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Introduction Many users of SqlClient with SQL Server Authentication have expressed interest in setting credentials outside of the connection string to mitigate the memory dump vulnerability of keeping the User Name and Password in the connection string. Starting with .Net Framework 4.5, we have introduced the ability to set the credentials outside of the connection string via the new SqlCredential Credential property of SqlConnection. Now the developer can create a SqlCredential object with a UserId and a SecureString Password to hold the credential values of a connection when connecting to a server. This helps mitigate the threat of
credentials being leaked out to the page file in a page swap or being evident in a crash dump. Use Case Example System.Windows.Controls.TextBox txtUserId = new System.Windows.Controls.TextBox(); System.Windows.Controls.PasswordBox txtPwd = new System.Windows.Controls.PasswordBox(); using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Server=myServer;Initial Catalog=myDB;")) { SecureString pwd = txtPwd.SecurePassword; pwd.MakeReadOnly(); SqlCredential cred = new SqlCredential(txtUserId.Text, pwd); conn.Credential = cred; conn.Open(); } Alternatively we can use the new SqlConnection constructor overload which takes both a connection string and credential object: SecureString pwd = txtPwd.SecurePassword; pwd.MakeReadOnly(); SqlCredential cred = new SqlCredential(txtUserId.Text, pwd); using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Server=myServer;Initial Catalog=myDB;", cred)) { conn.Open(); }
SqlCredential Class More information about the new SqlCredential class can be found at:

Explodz – A Webkit DOM Visualizer

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A little while ago Colin showed me a tool for inspecting the visual tree of a Silverlight/WPF application (Snoop thanks Colin!). The bit I remember was a 3D view of the app, where an element’s on-screen depth represented it’s depth in the visual tree. I thought it could make a good stress test of -webkit-transfrom [...]