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Today being the second Tuesday of the month is Patch Tuesday and it promises to be a busy one.


According to the above report, the Microsoft patches to be released today include a critical one for Microsoft Media Player on Vista and below. (For Windows 7, it is merely important.) Whether critical or just important, you should ensure the patches are applied sooner rather than later to all Windows desktops.

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The year's best hardware, software, and cloud services | Cloud computing - InfoWorld:

There's certainly no place like Amazon Web Services, a turnkey supercomputer available to anyone with a credit card. Hadoop, too, appears here in all of its glory (making the leap fromBossies fame)

CakePHPand Web2py have been adding features that make it simpler to build and deploy PHP and Python applications to the cloud or, for that matter, to any machine. We also took notice of application platforms Heroku and CloudBees

The explosion of handheld power
is tightly linked to cloud-based services. We gave awards to bothPhoneGap and Rhomobile Rhodes for simplifying the creation of mobile applications that run smoothly on iOS, Android, BlackBerry

...(Read whole news on source site)

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This is a review of the Northwind Starter Kit project, this review revision 94815 from Dec 18 2011. I like to start reviewing applications from their database interactions. That it usually low level enough to tell me what is actually going on, and it is critical to the app, so a lot of thought usually goes there. In good applications, I have hard time finding the data access code, because it isn’t there. It is in the OR/M or the server client API (in the case of RavenDB). In some applications, if they work against legacy databases or
without the benefit of OR/M or against a strange data source (such as a remote web service target) may need an explicit data layer, but most don’t. NSK actually have 5 projects dedicated solely to data access. I find this.. scary. Okay, let me start outlying things in simple terms. You don’t want to do things with regards to data access the way NSK does them. Let us explore all the ways it is broken. First, in terms of actual ROI. There is absolutely no reason to have multiple implementations with different OR/Ms. There is really not a...(Read whole news on source site)



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