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As the user’s put it: Insight into the RavenDB design mindset

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I have been blogging for a long time now, and I am quite comfortable in expressing myself, but I was still blown away by this post to the RavenDB mailing list. Mostly because this thread sums up a lot of the core points that led me to design RavenDB the way it is today. Rasmus Schultz has been able to put a lot of the thought processes behind the RavenDB design into words. Back when I took my education in systems development, basically, I was taught to build aggregates as large, as complete and as connected as
possible. But that was 14 years ago, and I'm starting to think, what they taught me back then was based on the kind of thinking that works for single-user, typically desktop applications, where the entire model was assumed to be in-memory, and therefore had to be traversible, since there was no "engine" you could go back to and ask for another piece of the model. I can see now why that doesn't make sense for concurrent applications with large models persisted in the background. It just never occurred to me, and looked extremely wrong to me, because that's not how...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Labs, Information and Resources for you

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At this year’s Microsoft Management Summit, the building excitement around Microsoft private cloud and Microsoft System Center 2012 reached new heights as Brad Anderson announced the General Availability of Microsoft System Center 2012. With System Center 2012 comes a host of opportunities for Microsoft partners including the way they can create dedicated cloud environments to transform the way they deliver IT services to customers to expanding their businesses with many new IT management opportunities. If you have not read it yet, Julie Bennani has a great set of partner opportunities with Microsoft System Center 2012 in her blog
post. In that post, Julie also talks about the Microsoft value proposition for System Center and how partners can prepare for and utilize this in their engagement in the MPN Systems Management and the Virtualization competencies, which will be combined as a single Management and Virtualization competency in June. (Read the Management and Virtualization Competency Guide for more information on this) One part of Julie’s blog post I want to call out specifically is how Microsoft partners can start using Microsoft System Center 2012 today: Eligible MPN competencies or the Microsoft Action Pack...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1093

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Software Json.NET - Download: Json.NET 4.5 Release 4 - The Json.NET team announce the release of Json.NET 4.5 Release 4. This release adds a Portable Class Library build, further customization of the JsonConverter, improved error messages in Json Reader and Serializer, along with some new attributes for controlling serialization and the usual fixes. Information Visual Studio Fakes [...]

UX London 2012

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Last week I attended the UX London 2012 conference. This was my first public foray into the world of User Experience and it proved to be both educational and thought-provoking. Having read his book, Sketching User Experiences, I had high expectations of the opening presentation from Bill Buxton (@wasbuxton) and he didn’t disappoint. He introduced [...]

SQL Source Control – Why buy the DB products and go through their Webinar

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  Before I go into the contents of this post I would like to give a quick disclaimer – I have been asked to give review of the SQL Source Control webinar, my payment of the review is a free license of SQL Source Control from Red Gate. It’s great to have the license but I have no need for it as my company has already purchased a license of SQL Toolbelt from Red Gate which includes SQL Source Control. I might come across as a bit of a Red Gate fan boy, but it is because their tools
have saved my bacon a few times instead of me getting the free license… Why SQL DB Products from Red Gate We had a mini disaster a few months ago when we rolled something out to production and a core component of the system just didn’t work. We ended up having 3 senior developers huddled around a monitor trying to determine the cause of the issue – we had already burned an hour or two on trying to debug the issue but could see what was wrong. We had a hunch that it had something to do with...(Read whole news on source site)

Bare Minimum JS – Part 2 – Scoping

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Scoping Things Out In our last post, we talked about ways to create objects in order to keep our code tidy and organized.  The next concept we’re going to explore is also a way to keep our code tidy and out of the way of each other; Closures and Scoping. The Old and Busted way Here’s [...]

Why VisualStudio is taking a huge time to Load Components while debugging?

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Today while debugging a Silverlight application, I noticed that, my Visual Studio 2010 was taking too much time to load the referenced assemblies and the browser was freezing for some time while loading the XAP. First I thought that it is due to the solution file but after doing some investigation I noticed that it is happening for all Silverlight application.   Finally I found the solution and thought to share with you. In case you come across same situation, this post will help you to resolve it easily.   What was the Issue?
After doing investigation of the issue I noticed that, it was due to a settings that I enabled yesterday. So, what was that settings changes? Ok, let me tell you that, I enabled the “Microsoft Symbol Server” to cache dependent assemblies in a local directory while debugging and it was causing the issue.   Here is the issue that I was facing:     You can see that, here the assembly symbols are loading one by one......(Read whole news on source site)

Dynamic Search with LINQ, the Entity Framework and Silverlight – Part 2

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After my previous blog post, I realized that using SQL strings is not a great way to do things. Sometimes we start blogging too quick and then realize our mistakes after. But, no big deal, live and learn... I am going to now rewrite this application and use some lambda expressions to solve the problems inherit with concatenating strings to SQL statements; namely escaping a single quote and SQL Injection attacks. I am going to use the same search screen shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: A search screen where the user can select an operation and a value for the
searching on multiple fields. Read the first blog post to see the calls to the WCF service. However, I want to know show the revised code to build a dynamic WHERE clause. C#
public List GetCustomers(string cname, string cnameOperator, string email, string emailOperator)
  AdventureWorksLTEntities db =
    new AdventureWorksLTEntities();   var query = from cust in db.Customers select cust;   if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(cname) == false)
    switch (cnameOperator.ToLower())
      case "equal to":
        query = query.Where(cust =>
      case "starts with":
        query = query.Where(cust =>
      case "contains":
        query = query.Where(cust =>
  if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(email) == false)
    switch...(Read whole news on source site)

Broken Windows Phone Marketplace

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Recently the Windows Phone Developer Team posted an article about how App Insights work and specifically how Free, Top, and New apps work. It’s all accurate, a good read, and (to an extent) will help you improve your app’s ranking in the Marketplace list. However there continues to exist a few underlying problems with the Marketplace, specifically for independent app and game developers, that has yet to be fixed. This isn’t the first time someone brought this and I blogged about it over a year ago when the Marketplace had about 10,000 apps. There’s even a user
voice item to show trial apps that you can vote on. While I hate being a “this is broken” it seems that if you don’t call people out on things, they just let them linger and hope someone else fixes them. This is somewhat like the broken windows theory that breaking a few windows in a building and not repairing them leads to more disrepair which then spreads to other areas. The idea is to fix a broken window when you see it and keep things fresh and working. To me, most of these broken windows have...(Read whole news on source site)