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Jesse Liberty

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221 Yet Another Podcast #89–Laurent Bugnion on MVVM and Windows 8 Administrator
222 Yet Another Podcast #88–Chris Bowen on Game Development for Windows 8 Administrator
223 Yet Another Podcast #87–Rob Eisenberg and Caliburn Administrator
224 Windows 8 Theme Transitions Administrator
225 Windows 8–Conference Buddy. Reading JSON From A File Administrator
226 Windows 8 GridView, ListView and SnapView Administrator
227 Yet Another Podcast #86–Azure Mobile Services with Josh Twist Administrator
228 Windows 8–Grid View Administrator
229 Windows 8 Persisting Conference Buddy JSON To A File Administrator
230 Windows 8: Storing JSON Data for Conference Buddy Administrator
231 Windows 8: Adding An AppBar to Conference Buddy Administrator
232 Yet Another Podcast #85–Fritz Onion of pluralsight Administrator
233 Windows 8 and Spell Check Administrator
234 Evolving Simple Wireframes With AppMock Administrator
235 Yet Another Podcast #84–Chris Eargle Discussing Advanced C# and LINQ Administrator
236 Creating A Win8 App From Scratch–A Scrolling Home Page Administrator
237 Windows 8 and Geolocation Administrator
238 Intel Ultrabook–Wrapup Administrator
239 Yet Another Podcast #83–Jon Galloway on Azure and ASP.NET–What’s New. Administrator
240 Yet Another Podcast #82–Guy Smith-Ferrier on Internationalization Administrator
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