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1 Using DOM Explorer to Inspect your Office App in Visual Studio
2 Setting up your Windows Azure Site during Web Site creation in Visual Studio 2013
3 Localize Your Windows Phone 8 Application : Simplified
4 How to open Browser compatibility mode in IE 11 ?
5 Identifying the SignalR Transport Medium
6 Applying default styles quickly to your Windows Phone 8 application in Visual Studio
7 Deminify the Minified JavaScript Easily in IE 11
8 Changing the XAML Designer UI in Visual Studio
9 Drag and Drop XAML Controls from Toolbox to Document Outline
10 Moving the XAML Code Block – Visual Studio 2013
11 Go To Resource Definition – XAML Code Editor – Visual Studio 2013
12 Go To Definition in XAML Code Editor – Visual Studio 2013
13 Automatic Tag Update for XAML – Visual Studio 2013
14 This Month on Daily .NET Tips
15 5 Internal things that you should know about IIS Express
16 Enabling SSL with IIS Express in Visual Studio
17 3 Powerful Customization Tips for ASP.NET Calendar Control
18 Accepting Kinect Speech Commands after a specific level of confidence
19 Workstation GC Vs Background GC
20 Implementation of TransactionScope on C# Code without Database
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