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Daily .Net Tips - .NET Tip a Day, Keeps painkiller

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1 How to refactor and make static class code testable? Administrator
2 How to Identify the Kinect Sensor Capabilities ? Administrator
3 How To Check Default Language Version In Visual Studio ? Administrator
4 How to change Menu Bar Style in Visual Studio 2015 ? Administrator
5 Automatically place the ‘System’ directives first when ‘Sorting Usings’ option in Visual Studio Administrator
6 Simplest way of creating custom exceptions in .NET using Visual Studio 2015 Administrator
7 Top 10 Most Popular .NET Tips of the Year Administrator
8 Create your own development environment View – Custom Windows Layouts in Visual Studio 2015 Administrator
9 Initialization of Dictionary – Dictionary initializer in C# 6.0 Administrator
10 Null – Conditional Operators in C# 6.0 Administrator
11 Using nameof Operator in C# 6.0 Administrator
12 Conditional Exception Handling – Exception Filters in C# 6.0 Administrator
13 Using await in a catch or finally block – in C# 6.0 Administrator
14 Expression – Bodied Methods in C# 6.0 Administrator
15 Initialize Auto-Property and Getter Only Auto-Property in C# 6.0 Administrator
16 Easily format strings – String interpolation in C# 6.0 Administrator
17 Simplify Static Member Access – Using Statement With Static Classes in C# 6.0 Administrator
18 How to use Microsoft Word for Blogging Administrator
19 5 cool things about Windows 10 that you need to know Administrator
20 Automatically uninstall and then reinstall Windows 8.1 App package while start debugging Administrator
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