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EF4.3.1 and EF5 Beta 1 Available on NuGet

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Today we are pleased to announce the release of two new versions of the EntityFramework NuGet package. The 4.3.1 version includes some bug fixes for the 4.3 package we released a few weeks ago. We are also making the first beta of EF 5 available as a pre-release package.   What’s in 5.0.0-beta1 This is the first preview of EF 5 and includes all the features and bug fixes in EF 4.3.1 in addition to a number of new features that are available in applications targeting .NET Framework 4.5. (You will
need Visual Studio 11 Beta to work with the .NET Framework 4.5) Enum support allows you to have enum properties in your entity classes. This new feature is available for Model, Database and Code First. Table-Valued functions in your database can now be used with Database First. Spatial data types can now be exposed in your model using the DbGeography and DbGeometry types. Spatial data is supported in Model, Database and Code First. The Performance enhancements that we recently blogged about are...(Read whole news on source site)

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