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Learning Visual Studio Code

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Do you develop with Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Docker, Python, Gulp, or ASP.NET? Do you work on a Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows? Today’s developers work with a variety of languages and platforms, so a good tool is super important. I use an editor for most of my development and have tried Brackets, Atom, Sublime and others, but since the preview of Visual Studio Code (aka Code) was released I’ve been using it increasingly as my go-to editor. I’m excited to announce that you can now watch and learn with my Visual Studio Code course on Pluralsight, released this week. Visual Studio Code is an editor. It is not Visual Studio and it is not

The Ultimate Personal Productivity Platform is You

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“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” ― Stephen King The ultimate personal productivity platform is you. Let’s just put that on the table right up front so you know where personal productivity ultimately comes from.  It’s you. I can’t possibly give you anything that will help you perform better than an organized mind firing on all cylinders combined with self-awareness. You are the one that ultimately has to envision your future.  You are the one that ultimately has to focus your attention.  You are the
one that ultimately needs to choose your goals.  You are the one that ultimately has to find your motivation.  You are the one that ultimately needs to manage your energy.  You are the one that ultimately needs to manage your time.  You are the one that ultimately needs to take action.  You are the one that needs to balance work and life. That’s a lot for you to do. So the question isn’t are you capable?  Of course you are. The real question is, how do you make the most of you?

Is your project's best estimation method Agile or conventional?

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Is your project's best estimation method Agile or conventional?

This article elaborates the importance of good estimation practices. It
shows and categorizes a set of estimation techniques. It provides a high
level comparison between Agile and conventional techniques and finally
recommends some general estimation tips. Estimation can be an efficient
practice with better awareness and collaboration.

#Windows 10 preview build 10532 released for Fast Ring users

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Microsoft released Windows 10 preview build 10532 for Windows Insiders. If you are one of the fast ring beta testers, you might have already received the build notification via the Windows Update Service. It is the second public preview build after the release of Windows 10 RTM. There are few bug fixes and interesting features in this build. This post will cover what’s new in build 10532. The post will also cover a small list of known issues.   According to Gabe Aul in his official blog post mentioned that, this build version 10532 of Windows 10 for
Windows Insiders in fast ring focuses mainly on bug fixes and few improvements over the last build version 10525. In this new build, Microsoft improved the UI of the menus as asked by insiders over the past to keep it consistent everywhere. The changes are still in-progress and you will find more improved versions in the next builds. As per Gabe Aul: We’ve heard feedback about the consistency of menus within Windows 10, so we’ve made some changes to improve these and give them a modern look at and feel. We are still working on it, but you’ll see...(Read whole news on source site)

VS Online/TFS Feature timeline – the UserVoice version

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As a follow up to my post yesterday on the Feature timeline refresh, I took a few minutes this morning to walk through our UserVoice site and summarize how the work we are planning over the next several months relates.  This is a different granularity cut (because it’s based on UV suggestions) that what I published yesterday. I’m not promising that I caught every single one.  And I’m not promising that everyone I’ve listed here will get done this fall (my crystal ball isn’t perfect).  But, based on what I know now, this is a pretty good approximation
of the plan.  I stopped when I got down to UV items with less than 100 votes – not because they aren’t good nor because we aren’t doing any of them – only because there’s a ton of them and I had to draw the line somewhere or I’d spend hours more on this exercise. A few of these are longer term investments and we’ll make significant progress on them this Fall but we won’t complete them until sometime next year.  There are others we are working on but I chose not to list because I don’t expect significant...(Read whole news on source site)

Concurrent max value

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For a feature in RavenDB, I need to figure out the maximum number of outputs per document an index has. Now, indexing runs in multiple threads at the same time, so we ended up with the following code:
var actualIndexOutput = maxActualIndexOutput; if (actualIndexOutput > numberOfAlreadyProducedOutputs) { // okay, now let verify that this is indeed the case, in thread safe manner, // this way, most of the time we don't need volatile reads, and other sync operations // in the code ensure we don't have too stale a view on the
data (beside, stale view have // to mean a smaller number, which we then verify). actualIndexOutput = Thread.VolatileRead(ref maxActualIndexOutput); while (actualIndexOutput > numberOfAlreadyProducedOutputs) { // if it changed, we don't care, it is just another max, and another thread probably // set it for us, so we only retry if this is still smaller actualIndexOutput = Interlocked.CompareExchange( ...(Read whole news on source site)