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Dear #WinDev and #WPDev, DevCenter is now a life time Subscription

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A big news just shared by Microsoft today for all the developers in Windows Platform. Yes, it’s for both Windows Phone and Windows developers. Dev Center account is now a life time membership and that means, you don’t have to renew your account every year. If you are a dev, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to build for any or both the Windows platforms. Read to find out more on this topic.  Earlier Microsoft made the changes in the subscription to club both the accounts under one universal account. That means, if you register for either one
of this developer account by a nominal yearly  subscription fee, you are good to go to build and submit apps for other platform. And now, a little more change to benefit the developers to retain their account for lifetime. This means no expiration notice, no renewal headache every year and no chances of removal of your existing apps from the store if you don’t continue. 

No more yearly renewal fees for Windows Developer Center accounts

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Good news, Microsoft has removed the one year renewal fees ($19), which means that Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 developers can keep their apps in their respective stores for as long as they want.So having both a Windows and Windows Phone developer account is now a one-time lifelong Dev Center registration fee!Then you are able to submit apps to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store for as long as you want with no annual renewal fee.

Survey on API Consumption and Tooling

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APIs lie at the heart of our cloud-first, mobile-first strategy. In order to provide you with the best-in class tooling for consuming our wide variety of APIs - VS Online, Office 365, Dynamics, Azure, Xbox, Bing, to name just a few - we would like to learn more about your experience. Which APIs provided a particularly pleasant experience to develop against? Which tools do you use on a regular basis? Where do you see room for improvement? No matter whether you just started using your first API or are an experienced developer, whether you are using Microsoft or other services,
we are looking for your feedback. This survey can take as little as 5 minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous. Your feedback will help shaping a set of new developer experiences, inside and outside of Visual Studio. If you are willing to participate in further user studies or discuss your experience with us in person, be sure to check the opt-in box and provide your email address, we will then follow-up with you on feedback sessions. Please also pass the survey on to other developer who you think may want to provide input.   Thanks!
Heinrich Wendel
Program...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio Toolbox: Python Tools for Visual Studio

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Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) is a free, open source plugin that turns Visual Studio (including Express!) into a Python IDE. In this episode, I am joined by Steve Dower, who shows how PTVS provides Python developers all of the goodness of Visual Studio, including IntelliSense, local and remote debugging and more. He also discusses why developers who have not used Python before might want to give it a try.

What is new in RavenDB 3.0: Query diagnostics

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We talked a lot about the changes we made for indexing, now let us talk about the kind of changes we are talking about from the query side of things. More precisely, this is when we start asking questions about our queries. Timing queries. While it is rare that we have slow queries in RavenDB, it does happen, and when it does, we treat it very seriously. However, in the last few cases that we have seen, the actual problem wasn’t with RavenDB, it was with sending the data back to the client when we had a large result set
and large number of documents. In RavenDB 3.0, we have added the ability to get detailed statistics about what is the cost of the query in every stage of the pipeline.
RavenQueryStatistics stats; var users = session.Query("Orders/Totals") .Statistics(out stats) .Customize(x => x.ShowTimings()) .Where(x=>x.Company == "companies/11" || x.Employee == "employees/2") .ToList(); foreach (var kvp in...(Read whole news on source site)

AngularJS Snippets for Sublime, Visual Studio and WebStorm

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It is nice to have some help to follow your own patterns. That is why I created some simple file templates and snippets that follow my AngularJS Style Guidelines. You can find a series of file templates and snippets for the various editors and IDEs that I use. These include Sublime, Visual Studio and WebStorm. (I may add others over time). Here are templates and/or snippets for some of the web development editors and IDEs. Sublime Text AngularJS snippets that follow these styles and guidelines. Download the Sublime Angular snippets Place it in your Packages folder Restart Sublime In a

O’Reilly Deal on Performance Titles to 05:00 PT 18 September 2014

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Originally posted on: celebrate the Velocity conference, at, O’Reilly are offering 50% off a number of titles. High Performance Browser Networking “How prepared are you to build fast and efficient web applications? This eloquent book provides what every web developer should know about the network, from fundamental limitations that affect performance to major innovations for building even more powerful browser applications—including HTTP 2.0 and XHR improvements, Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSocket, and WebRTC. ” Even Faster Web Sites “Performance is critical to the success of any web site, and yet
today's web applications push browsers to their limits with increasing amounts of rich content and heavy use of Ajax. In this book, Steve Souders, web performance evangelist at Google and former Chief Performance Yahoo!, provides valuable techniques to help you optimize your site's performance.” High Performance Web Sites “Want your web site to display more quickly? This book presents 14 specific rules that will cut 25% to 50% off response time when users request a page. Author Steve Souders, in his job as Chief Performance Yahoo!, collected these best practices while optimizing some of the most-visited...(Read whole news on source site)