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The SharePoint Team is listening - make your voice heard

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There’s a lot of stuff happening right now at Microsoft, they innovate, create great software and services, the new CEO accepts and wins almost all challenges and the SharePoint and Office team is listening! This is the Microsoft that I like and this is how I want Microsoft to continue to be. But Microsoft and the SharePoint team can’t just listen in blind – they listens to us out here in the real world, customers, clients etc. and we need to make our voice heard. This can be done in several ways, we can talk to our
Microsoft representatives, we can whine on our blogs and on social networks OR we could make ourselves heard at UserVoice. Microsoft and different divisions and groups within Microsoft has started to use UserVoice pretty extensively lately. UserVoice is a great service where you can set up your own channel, listen for feedback and questions, and answer them and most importantly act upon them. Just recently the SharePoint team had a blog post called “UserVoice driving improvements to SharePoint API” which shows just this. From the feedback they received on UserVoice and with direct and indirect customer contact...(Read whole news on source site)

Perceived strengths and weaknesses of Docker

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Perceived strengths and weaknesses of Docker

the idea of delivering an entire system as a deliverable

Docker as a "native interface" that developers code against vs. an implementation for a platform (how it's used in Openshift, Cloud Foundry and, indeed, how dotCloud used Docker's predecessor when it was still a PaaS provider)?

anyone looking at Docker with an interest in having something to compare with might want to look at Apache Mesos, which is the lightweight container system that powers Twitter. Omega, the container system that Google
actually uses for its own stuff, is described in a research paper....(Read whole news on source site)

Selenium Conf 2014 – Official Selenium Conference in Bangalore

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Selenium Conf 2014 , the official Selenium Conference is scheduled to be hosted in Bangalore from Sep 4-6th 2014. This is the 4th edition of the Annual Selenium Conference the goal is to bring together the Selenium developers and ethusiasts and provide an opportunity to network , socialise and discuss more about selenium. This is a paid event and the registrations have already begun . Some of the sessions that are currently finalized includes Getting Started with Selenium by Dave Haeffner Fix a Bug, Become a Committer by Simon Stewart Opensource Mobile Testing by Julian Harty Get your Grid up
and Running by Dima Kovalenko Selenium: State of the Union by Simon Stewart Embrace and Extend: How the Selenium Project Convinced the World’s Largest Closed-Source Company to Participate Design Patterns beyond the Page Object: An investigation into the design patterns used while building page objects. Designing selenium webdriver scripts in an effective manner to reduce script rework Migrating the herd – How Salesforce is migrating 35,000 Selenium RC tests Perils of Page-Object Pattern Scaling and managing Selenium Grid Case Study – QTP/UFT to Selenium Migration – 80% reduced execution time Clojure for functional testing of Mobile and Web apps Allure...(Read whole news on source site)

Office 365 API Tools Summer Update Preview Released

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Few days back , Microsoft had released a preview of its Office 365 API tools Summer Update .  Chakkaradeep Chandran , program manager , Visual Studio team has blogged about the summer update in Office Blogs. What is Office 365 API Tools Summer Update Preview ? Office 365 API Tools Summer Update Preview is an update to the Office 365 API tool for Visual Studio 2013  . The current update includes the Office 365 API client libraries for .NET applications and java script for multi-device hybrid applications and also some of the feedbacks and bug fixes from the previous release.
Some of the Tooling Updates in the Current update includes Updated flow Support for managing redirect URIs in ASP.NET web application projects. Support for Windows Phone 8.1 projects in Visual Studio. Changes to Office 365 API authentication library. Updates to multi-device hybrid Cordova applications. and more…...(Read whole news on source site)

Random Link Roundup

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Happy Friday!  Here are some random, useful links I have come across over the last couple of weeks.  If you follow the standard of using ViewBag.Title to set page titles in ASP.NET MVC, you have probably run into an annoying problem that occurs when you combine Editor Templates with view models that contain a “Title” property.  Here’s a workaround: I needed to quickly see what the maximum scale was for all the decimal columns across all tables in a database: Humanizer has become one of those things I
add to just about every project these days.  It can do awesome things like normalizing Pascal and Camel case to both normal and title case, it can convert enums to strings using Description attributes, and it can easily handle pluralization when you want to say “1 unit” or “2 units.”   Check it out! Need to know what properties have changed when you are saving changes with Entity Framework? If you are doing mobile web apps, you MUST read this:  Using 'translate3d' instead of 'left' for animating with AngularJS makes a...(Read whole news on source site)

The C# Coding Guidelines are now open-source!

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The ability for an organisation to request the original Microsoft Word files and adapt them for internal use has always been an important recommendation of the C# Coding Guidelines. Since I first published the PDFs on CodePlex in 2009, I have received numerous requests for that, but the process has always been a bit cumbersome. Hence my decision to convert the guidelines into MarkDown and to push them to a new GitHub repository. The corresponding license, based on one of the template licenses provided by Creative Commons, allows you to fork, adapt and distribute that
modified version within your organization as long as you refer back to the original version on GitHub. It's not required, but you would make me a very happy man if you credit me as the original author. And if you have any great ideas, recommendations or corrections, either submit an issue, or even better, fork the repository and provide me with a pull request. Notice that I decided to use some of the features provided by Markdown Extra because that allows me a bit more control on the generated PDF that I will ultimately publish back...(Read whole news on source site)