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1 ServiceStack dynamic Route Attribute creator Administrator
2 Windows Service Template Administrator
3 Arguments to DTO Parser for Console Applications Administrator
4 Freelance C# .NET and Web Developer in Cambridge Administrator
5 Cambridge .NET C# Web Freelance Developer Administrator
6 TryParse Extensions Administrator
7 Caching Set and Get Expressions Administrator
8 HttpContext with mock IPrincipal Administrator
9 Model Binding using Expression Trees Administrator
10 .NET OSS Web Scraper / Spider / Crawler Administrator
11 Redgate ANTS Performance Profiler Administrator
12 A DateTime provider to help unit test DateTime Administrator
13 .NET dynamic JSON XML serializer deserializer Administrator
14 Salt and hash a password in .NET Administrator
15 Serialize plain clean XML in .NET Administrator
16 Convert Dynamic to Type and convert Type to Dynamic Administrator
17 IQueryable Dynamic Expressions Administrator
18 Multipart form using WebRequest Administrator
19 Using FluentValidation with FubuMvc Administrator
20 Install NuGet packages from the command line for a solution Administrator
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