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DevLabs: C++, Cloud Services, and You

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I’m excited today to announce a new DevLabs project: Microsoft Codename “Casablanca”.  You can learn more about the project and download the bits from the DevLabs site. I’ve previously discussed some of the major trends that have influenced the direction we’ve taken for developer tools, with a key example being applications that connect devices to continuous services running in the cloud.  In order to develop such applications efficiently, developers need productive, high-level programming models and APIs for connecting to and interacting with services.  Similarly, in order to build those services in a scalable manner, developers need productive models that
compose well and that are fundamentally asynchronous. Take .NET as an example.  C#, Visual Basic, and F# developers all have a robust and scalable networking stack, which has been made all the more productive with .NET 4.5 advances such as HttpClient, language support for asynchrony, and an ASP.NET Web API framework for easily building HTTP services.  Or take Node.js, which, with the Windows Azure SDK, enables you to easily build fast and scalable network applications for the cloud using JavaScript. Historically, we’ve lacked such simple tools for developers using C++.  While there are multiple relevant native networking APIs (e.g. WinINet,...(Read whole news on source site)

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