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Develop your app for everyone–localize your UI

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Being more involved in the engineering process of a product I had the chance to participate in the design of various features instead of just the ones that I’m responsible for delivering.  One of those areas was the way we would enable developers to produce localized applications.  Before this process I have to be honest and as an app developer never really paid much attention to providing localized versions of any app that I wrote.  I had absolutely no good reason for coming to that decision, just never bothered.  In helping to design and understand localization a bit more I
can say that it is easy to do this in your app and there shouldn’t be any excuse for any app developer to create their application in a way to make it localized at any given moment.  Note I didn’t say localized immediately, but rather I mean to create your app in a way that would make it easy to provide a localized version in a fairly quick turnaround. As I do some app development for Windows 8 I wanted to share my thoughts around localization and what it really means to me to provide a ‘world-ready’ application.  The...(Read whole news on source site)

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