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Sending emails using MvcMailer

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MvcMailer is an interesting component that you can use for sending emails in ASP.NET MVC Framework. The very great thing is that it uses Razor view engine views as email templates and is pretty easy to setup and use. In this article you will see how to install it, setup email templates and send emails… 1. INSTALLATION - First of all, create new ASP.NET MVC project (or use one you are already developing…) - The next thing is to install the component. The component can be installed using NuGet Package Manager (PowerShell console or NuGet Packages Dialog)
or you can get the source code directly from the Github repository here. Installing using NuGet Package Manager If you want to install it using NuGet Packages Manager Dialog, you can find it on Visual Studio.NET 2010 in Tools –> Library Package Manager –> Manage NuGet Packages… and then search for MvcMailer By clicking Install, the NuGet will do all the job for you. On the other hand (as I always prefer to do), if you use NuGet PowerShell Console, just run the following command: ...(Read whole news on source site)

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