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Back To Basic – Can we use both C# and VB Project within a single Visual Studio Solution ?

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This is one of my favorite question during interview as a part of .NET Framework fundamental, and I generally received very mixed response. Can we have both c# and visual basic project in same solution ?.  The response  I used to received “No, it is not possible”, “Yes. we can do it for web project” etc. [...]

Interactive ASP.NET Resource Linking and Editing with Westwind.Globalization

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One of the most effective ways to improve localization workflow in an application is to have easy access to resources from within a running application. It’s useful to see your resources, and then be able to click on the resource content and jump directly to editing that resource. Further it’s pretty nice to be able to switch an application into a specific language easily to see the results of localizations immediately. I’ve been putting the final touches on the next version of my Westwind.Globalization library and one of the last pieces that were rebuilt have been the interactive resource
linking features. Westwind.Globalization is a localization library for .NET that allows storing resources in various kinds of databases (MS SQL, MySql, SqLit, SqlCe) which makes it much more dynamic to create, edit and generally manage resources. Because the resources are in a database they can be easily edited and the resource linking feeds into this by making it possible to directly link your Web content to the localization resource administration form and the in-context resource. This allows not only for localization, but also for basic CMS like features that allow for admin editable user content in the page. Together with...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1868

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Information Event sourcing revisited – Gabriel Schenker continues his series revisiting various technology approaches with a discussion of Event Sourcing and how he applies this pattern to building Line of Business Applications A different copy-paste error – Eric Lippert discusses a recently identified error in the C# Specification, the meaning of the error and how […]