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Back to Basic – Building Solutions in Visual Studio – Build Vs. Rebuild

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“Build Solution” and “Rebuild Solution” are the most commonly used features in Visual Studio.  As a developer you writes code, build the solution and run the application in Visual Studio.  Very often you also used “rebuild solution” , or “clean and then build solution”.  Have you ever wonder why there are different options ? When [...]

Continual Delivery of an AngularJS ASP.NET MVC Web API Entity Framework SQL App to Amazon AWS using Visual Studio Team Services

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I know, that title is a mouthful. But that’s exactly what it is! A team at my company, iVision, has been working on an app using the AWESM stack for almost a year now. The app is structured like this: A SQL Database, tracked in source control as a database project A repository layer based on Entity Framework A REST-based web services layer built as an ASP.NET Web API project A shared security library that allows sign-on from various sources and uses JWT to transport authentication and authorization information then rebuild the custom IPrincipal and
IIdentity using a DelegatingHandler An... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
...(Read whole news on source site)

CC BOS 2015: “Good to Great Scrum Master”

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As promised, here are the slides from the Top 10 Ways to Go from Good to Great Scrum Master talk that I did last weekend at Code Camp Boston 2015. Here’s the abstract: The Scrum Master role in an organization can be difficult. You live between a rock and a hard place. You’re influential but you [...]

Git Cheat Sheet for TFS Users

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More and more of my TFS consulting customers are interested in Git.  If you’re used to a centralized version control system like Team Foundation Server Version Control (TFVC), it can be a little tricky to make the move to Git — not because it’s all that hard — mostly because the terminology is completely different.  So, [...]

The Morning Brew #1975

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Software Azure PowerShell 1.0 – David Justice announces the release of Azure PowerShell, available for install from the Web Platform Installer and featuring a number of improvements and new features across the whole Azure stack. Latest Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2015 – Nicole Bruck highlights the release of Update 1 for the […]

Azure SQL Database - Transparent Data Encryption

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Transparent Data Encryption offers the ability to encrypt content of the database, its transaction logs, as well as backups while at rest. Encryption and decryption are performed in real-time, at the individual page level, as the database is being written to and read from storage, without necessitating changes to applications accessing their data. Marcin Policht reviews the feature.

Microsoft Developer Roadshow Sweden with Active Solution

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Originally posted on:   This december we at Active Solution team up with Microsoft Sweden to deliver a full day of Azure and Internet of Things (IoT) goodness in 4 different cities around Sweden: Malmö – Dec 1 Göteborg – Dec 2 Umeå – Dec 8 Stockholm – Dec 9
This is a unique opportunity for devlopers, startups and students that want to learn more about what Microsoft Azure has to
offer and how you can implement IoT solutions together with Azure. The day will be a mixture of sessions, discussions and hands-on labs where you will have the chance to try out these technologies in practice, just bring your Windows 10 laptop with Visual Studio 2015 and the Azure SDK installed,
and make sure that you also have an active Azure subscription (an evaluation subscription will be fine) From Active Solution, myself and Robert Folkesson will host the second part of the day, where we will guide you through the hands-on labs....(Read whole news on source site)